What Is The Best Wedges For Beginners To Buy In 2021?

Golf can be an interesting and challenging game for those who understand it and know the importance of each Club. For those who are new and are yet to get a grip of the game, a wrong selection of the clubs possibly put an end to your golf venture. It is for this reason that we intend to give you all the details and help required in picking the Best Wedges For Beginners.

The Most Recommended Wedges For Beginners: Detailed Reviews

Here is a detailed review of five of the Best Wedges For Beginners, available in the market today:

Last update on 2022-07-18 PST - Details

1. Callaway Mack Daddy 3

Designed for every condition, this wedge can come in handy for various shots. With three different grinds, every player can use this wedge irrespective of their playing or swing style.

  • Highly versatile to suit different swing styles of the players
  • The S grind is highly versatile and can be used on varied turf conditions, be it soft, firm or normal
  • Progressive groove optimization helps in a smooth transition from your irons to wedges
  • Performs very well in the sand and on the greens as well
  • The sole is wide and gives a good bounce on impact
  • The wedge is solid and produces a mild thud on impact
  • Does not dig deep on impact, the divot created is only medium in size
  • The four holes in the sole not only make the wedge look stylish, but also successfully remove the weight from the sole.
  • The weight has been moved higher up the head of the club, to get a better control of the trajectory
  • It is not very forgiving.
  • One has to have a good grip over their shots to get the best out of this wedge.
  • For a beginner, swinging it the right way can be a high expectation
  • These wedges are not priced low, hence may not be accessible by many players

2. Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0

With three sole grinds, this wedge gives every player an option to choose from for various gaming needs. With a lot of spin and distance, these wedges are good for any beginner who is not able to hit the distance yet.

  • The grooves go deeper and the Rotex face is micro-milled.
  • This gives more roughness to the surface, thereby allowing you to enjoy more friction on contact with the surface and ball
  • A large cavity at the back provides a large sweet spot, something every beginner needs.
  • No one can hit well from the start and a wedge that forgives the mishits can increase the confidence level of any beginner.
  • The slim blade and beefed up cavity offers style and class to the appearance of these wedges. 
  • This would suit those who are concerned about not just the game but the appearance as well.
  • The ball gets a good spin on contact and covers a consistent distance.
  • Thus improving the game of any player.
  • The shape of the blade and the weight distribution requires the player to hit the ball well.
  • Not suitable for those players who are still learning the tricks of the game and are looking for a wedge that can mask all their mistakes and produce some miracles.
  • This wedge requires you to have a fairly good game
Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Cavity Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge, Left Hand, Steel, 56-Degree, Black
Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX 2.0 Cavity Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge, Left Hand, Steel, 56-Degree, Black
Forth generation Tour Zip Grooves feature larger walls and sharper radii than ever before; Fine tunes the micro-roughness for more consistency and texture across the face

Last update on 2022-07-18 PST - Details

3. Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge - Best Lob Wedges

The new Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge is not your average golf club. This wedge is designed to help the high handicap golfer get the ball into the air without those dreaded mis-hits. The Smart Sole has added bounce at the leading edge, a center of gravity very close to the face of the wedge, and an extra-wide three-tiered sole.

The combinations of the technology included in this Smart Sole wedge make it the most forgiving wedge on the market. You can purchase this wedge in three different lofts: 42, 50, and 58. The 42 degree wedge would very likely replace your pitching wedge.

Cleveland did this because many golfers can hit a pitching wedge for a full shot but cannot use it to help themselves around the greens. The Smart Sole makes those shots around the green much easier to get in the air and stop quickly.

The Cleveland Smart Sole 4 has aggressive milled grooves to help the high handicappers gain some extra spin and stop the ball when needed. This wedge also makes the bunker play simple. No need to open your sand wedge and try and figure out a way to fly the ball out of the bunker, just let the Smart Sole do the work for you.

This is a brand new club, so the pricing is slightly higher than some of the other models on the market, but it is not high enough that price should be a deciding factor with this wedge.

Another thing we love about Cleveland wedges is that they generally offer their more forgiving wedges in a graphite shaft. If you play graphite throughout your entire set, there is no reason to stop for the wedges.

Trust us; we know the Smart Sole wedge does not look like your traditional wedge. If you are a bit proud of the golf clubs in your bag and only want something that is shiny, black, and could be in the bag of a tour pro, the Cleveland may not be for you.

We highly suggest putting the ego aside and learning how to use this wedge. Does it really matter who has the better-looking wedge or, the better-looking scorecard?

  • Brand new and conforming design
  • Easy to hit from turf or bunker
  • Available in three lofts
  • Aggressive milled grooves for added spin
  • Not a traditional shape
Smart Sole 4.0 C 42 St RH
Smart Sole 4.0 C 42 St RH
Package length: 5.588 cm; Package width: 10.16 cm; Package height: 90.17 cm; Product Type: GOLF CLUB

Last update on 2022-07-18 PST - Details

4. Ping Golf Glide 2.0 Men's Wedge - Best Sand Wedges

These custom made wedges are designed to suit short games. Made to suit all players, these wedges are very versatile and suit all playing styles. The grooves are designed to add more spin to the shots, thus enabling the beginners to play better and like a pro.

  • It has four different soles to choose from.
  • Hence any player can make a choice based on their game requirements
  • It has been engineered right from the grip till the sole to suit various needs of different players
  • This wedge is highly versatile and will work in various turf conditions as well as swing styles
  • The grip has markings to help a beginner hold it properly.
  • When the wedge is held right, the shot is delivered better and the precision is also higher
  • These wedges are the most consistent in this line of wedges and have a lot of bounce to it
  • The chrome based moisture repelling finish creates extra friction which aids a better spin to the ball
  • The finish enables the wedge to perform consistently in all conditions, be it a firm turf or even a wet turf
  • The added bounce and loft optimization may suit many beginners who are still getting a grip of the game and learning more about their own gaming style.
  • Not everyone might be comfortable with the specifically designed grip.
  • One who is still learning to hold their irons properly and get the right grip to get the perfect swing may find it difficult to change their style as per the change in grips.

5. TaylorMade EF

Made of soft carbon steel body, these wedges are light and easy to use for any beginner who is still learning to get the right hold of all the clubs in the kit.

  • The nickel cobalt grooves provides a spin that is long lasting
  • The PVD finish reduces the glare, thus making it easier to use in the bright sunlight
  • The traditional design is sought after by many players who are both new and old to the game.
  • This designing adds to the appeal of the wedge
  • The designing of the shaft enables a trajectory that is just right for a wedge shot
  • It looks stylish in finish and vintage in style, making it a worthy addition to your golf kit
  • The finish tends to wear over time, thus making the wedge look dull and marked.
  • For a premium wedge, the spin level is only average when compared to many other wedges in the market
  • It is a little difficult to get the ball off sand bunkers, hence this may not be the best choice for those beginners who pay on sandy turfs
TaylorMade TP EF Wedge Chrome 56 12 Bounce Tour Grind Left Hand Wedge Flex
TaylorMade TP EF Wedge Chrome 56 12 Bounce Tour Grind Left Hand Wedge Flex
Soft 1025 carbon steel body; Glare reducing dark smoke PVD finish; Kbs Tour wedge shaft

Last update on 2022-07-18 PST - Details

What Are Wedges

When you are playing golf, the ball tends to get into the wrong places, and you may not be able to get a clean shot. To get a good shot or to get the ball closer to the next hole, you may have to lob it a little, till you get the right angle. Wedges are used for this kind of lob shots.

What Are The Types

They are broadly classified into four types – the pitching wedge, the sand wedge, the gap wedge and the lob wedge. These irons come in handy when the ball is stuck in some tight spot or even in the sand. It is designed in such a way that it can dig the ball out of some soft lies.

Pitching Wedge – When the ball is stuck in a rough spot, and the player needs to bring it out to the green, or if there is some distance to be covered, this wedge can help. The ball can be played from the bunker too, with this wedge. It can provide more distance than the Sand Wedge.

Sand Wedge – What would you do when the ball is stuck in the sand? It is not easy to get it out and make it go some decent distance. This is where the sand wedge comes in and specializes in sand play. It can be used in sand bunkers and other soft lies too.

Gap Wedge – These are the second highest lofted wedges. This iron helps the beginners to get a better range with their shots. As a beginner, one has neither mastered the right swings nor the techniques required to hit the ball a desired distance. Hence a Gap Wedge that can give a better range can improve both the confidence level of the player and the game itself.

Lob Wedge – When the ball is required to be carried a short distance before another iron can be used to launch it high and far, the lob wedge can be used. This iron can be very useful when the ball is stuck in a tight spot, where one cannot really hit the ball. Though it can be used with a full Swing, it is more commonly used with a chip shot when the ball is quite close to the green.

How To Choose These Wedges?

So, now that you know how important a wedge can be to your game, be it a beginner or even an experienced player, and how do you choose what’s right for you? Here are a few points to remember while choosing the Best Wedges For Beginners.


This measures the angle of the face of the wedge. This angle is calculated between an imaginary vertical line and the face of the wedge. The more this angle, the wedge is said to have a higher loft. More the loft, higher is the elevation of the shot, thus resulting in your ball going higher and covering lesser distance.

Professional players generally carry about 3 or 4 wedges with different lofts, to increase their options while playing. While choosing the set of wedges, one must ensure there is not much difference between the lofts, meaning there must not be a big gap between the lowest loft and the first wedge. This is because only minor variations in the angle will be needed to get the perfect shot while playing.


This refers to the area of the wedge that hits the ground, thus bouncing the club under the impact of hitting the ball. The bounce consists of five elements as part of the sole design - the bounce angle, sole width, the leading edge, rocker and camber of the wedge.

The bounce angle is the most important element, which refers to the angle formed between the leading edge and the point where the sole meets the ground. Though wedges are assumed to sit flat, they actually have an angle that prevents it from digging into the surface due to the momentum.

  • Low Bounce – These wedges have a bounce angle ranging from 4 to 6 degrees. If you are one who sweeps the ball, this wedge help in taking the ball from a sand bunker or firm turf areas.
  • Mid Bounce – These wedges have a bounce angle ranging from 7 to 10 degrees. This will suit a variety of play options, thus covering a wider choice of turfs and swing styles.
  • High Bounce – The wedges have a bounce angle that is more than 10 degrees. In this wedge, the leading edge is high when the sole is placed on the ground. This is suitable for those players who dig the turf on impact, leaving behind deep divots.
Sole Grinds

Manufacturers these days grind the wedge to enable the player hit better. This is the additional shaping offered to the sole to suit different turf conditions.


Golf is not just about the techniques, the appearance of your clubs set is also important. It is for this reason that different finishes are offered to suit different tastes.

While chrome and nickel finish last long and look nice, the raw finishes will wear over time and give a better spin to the ball. Though the dark finishes look great initially, the paint will get better over time.


Golf can be an absorbing and challenging game that can get the best out of you. While appearance is imperative in this classy play, the performance of the clubs in that Kit Bag of your is also imperative. When you are a beginner, it is easy to get confused and carried away with others’ choices of wedges, which can play havoc with your game and style.

Of the five Best Wedges For Beginners Reviewed above, the Cleveland Golf Men's 588 RTX Muscle Back Standard Bounce is our clear choice for a beginner. With its versatility and pattern, this wedge is not only good to look at but great to play with as well.

The ball can go the distance every time and has a good spin to it, thanks to the rough surface and the friction created thereof. For those who want style in appearance and the game, this could be the one you are looking for. Though a little expensive, this wedge is high on performance too. Enjoy and improve your game with these wedges without having to compromise on your budget or style.