What Is The Best Sand Wedge Ever In 2020?

Buying the best sand wedge doesn't have to be as scary as it appears if you start with the right kind of information. 

What is the best Sand Wedge Ever?

Why do you need sand wedges? 

What are the best sand wedges in the market? 

What should you look for when you buy a sand wedge? 

These are the kind of questions that you should get clarity on to get a good start. This would ensure that you do not get confused with the wide variety that you find in the market.

Top 5 best Sand Wedge On The Market

1. All-round performer-Callaway Golf Men's Chrome Mack Daddy 4

Featuring a performance-oriented design, this is the perfect club for the beginners and pros alike. In this, you get to choose both lower loft ranges and higher ones above 54degree. In the former situation, you would need better spin and the latter demands accurate control given the power delivered. Therefore, the brand uses a 20D groove on smaller loft variants and 50D on the higher lofts.

There are 4 grind options – C, S, W, and X. There are different bounce options as well, and you can choose a combination that suits you. The possibilities are relatively less for the left-handers, and this is something that we did not like.

  • The tour-inspired shape makes them suitable for the tour players to get the hang of the real game before they step on the field.
  • The location of the center of gravity on this makes the club convenient to handle.
  • There is good interaction with the turf as well as the impact on the ball.
  • The performance is excellent, and the impact feels solid, but there is a slight shallow sound that you hear when you take the shot, which is a bit of a turn-off.

2. Cavity backed wedges with better feel- Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's CBX Wedge

Last update on 2020-01-12 PST - Details

One strong trait that we would like to put forthright at the beginning is the intuitive positioning of the CG on this one. It is located roughly at the center of the club rather than closer to the heel as with most other wedges which make it challenging to attain the sweet spot.

Coming from the brand known for its wedges, in particular, this one is among the best-recommended choices for forgiveness in the short game. The overall design and the load balancing on this all make sure that you can tackle that sweet spot no matter how experienced you are. The design is not that eye-grabbing in a lineup of classy looking wedges which is something that we like the least about this wedge.

  • This is a good beginner wedge to start fine-tuning your sand wedge performance if you are a mid or high handicapper
  • Short game experience on this is one of the best in the sand wedges segment.
  • This one doesn't give a lot of options for those who are looking for a wedge with a low bounce.

3. Lightweight performer for long shots-TaylorMade Golf 2018 Milled Grind Satin Nickel Chrome Finish Wedge

Machine ground to perfection these chrome finish milled wedges look slick. Long shots feel solid and also deliver nice spin to the ball. The impact delivers along with the solid sound, makes the shots easier to understand for the beginners.

The lightweight also provides better control and freedom to work on your swing speed. The elegant chrome finish keeps the club looking as good as new for days, but then we found the surface to attract unwanted glare in the game while playing on sunny days.

  • This one too features CG positioning moved more towards the center of the clubhead, making it easier for the beginners to get to the sweet spot.
  • The carbon steel clubhead is durable and doesn't show signs of wear and tear even after days of practice.
  • The lack of lower loft options on this one is a little discouraging given the price point.

4. Consistent impact feel- Mizuno Golf Men's T7 Blue Ion Wedge

These are chic looking wedges that are suitable on the greens and the sand alike. Taking the popular T-series up a notch this wedge with the teardrop clubhead design comes with plenty of loft options to suit your requirements all through the game.

The quad cut grooves provide good traction and therefore an accurate lift. It is one of the most versatile additions to your golf bag.

  • Cast wedges like this one are known for their long life.
  • The wedge feels well balanced and more forgiving
  • The steel shaft makes it possible to feel like you are in full control of the shot, and there is a nice solid feel in each swing.
  • You do not get many color options to choose from in this sand wedge model. 

5. Good choice for short games-Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Coming from a company that revolutionized the concept of sand wedges, this one comes as a good addition to those looking to refine their short game. You get to choose from chrome and black chrome finishes. The hyped about sole design on this is characterized by a heel that is narrower than most in this segment.

For the women, there is a lighter variant with a graphite shaft and a comfortable grip. However, we did not like the grip on the men's wedge. This is a rugged all-weather material, but it feels a bit uncomfortable and slippery at times. This makes it slightly more difficult for beginners who have still not mastered their grip.

  • It comes with an unbelievably low price tag for the kind of performance and solid feel it gives.
  • The polished finish on this one resists the appearance of scratches when you hit on rough sand.
  • You would be able to open up the clubface better and also with ease.
  • The narrow design of the heel makes a deep dig and also slows down the club when you exert a higher swing speed on this.

With all these options available, how should you choose a sand wedge? Before we get there, why do you need a sand wedge?


These are some of the best options for those looking for a higher bounce on their wedge. This angle makes it possible to go deeper and get the ball higher. It comes handy when there are obstacles or when you have to lift the ball from a shallow bunker.

These are versatile clubs that can deliver good spin even on the greens as on the sand bunkers.

For short games, this wedge can go a long way in delivering you precision in the short distance.


As you know now that the sand wedges are a worthy addition to your golf bag and that there are plenty of choices available, how do you choose the best one?

Here are some features to look into-

Where would you be playing?

Sand wedges are for the sand bunkers but would it be grainy loose sand or shallow? For the former case, you might find something with a wide sole and better swing weight to be a convenient choice. In the shallow sand areas, you might find the lower bounce angle variants to be easier to handle. Bounce talks about the angle of the leading edge of the wedge.

The material of the shaft and the clubhead

From forged to cast heads there are plenty of choices in clubhead material and finishes as well. Along with the looks, the wear and tear visibility is also the other major factor that tells you which finish choosing. Pick a clubhead that doesn't visibly show the scratches occurring from coarse fields. 

Steel and graphite are popular choices for the shaft. The material here determines the overall weight of the club. Graphite is slightly lighter, with more weight focused on the head to deliver better swing.

Groove technology

There are machine milled wedges, groove-in-groove designs, and other innovations. These are all refinements on the conventional wedge groove concept. These can influence the friction that the ball experiences.

Therefore, a reliable groove would be something that makes good contact and lifts the ball in the air significantly.


As you can see from our list, there are stylish performers in the sub $50 segment as well as those that are priced around $150 or more. Therefore, there is no limit to the budget that you can spend on these clubs. Always start working with an upper limit based on your handicap, proficiency level, and other factors.


This might not sound like a deal-breaker feature for most golfers. However, when you love the looks of your club, it does have a nice effect on your mood and, therefore, on your gameplay as well. This can be in terms of the colors as well as the finishes.

Finally, you should also look at the grip provided. The size of the grip itself and the material used, all determine how comfortable and precise the club feels while holding. This can, therefore, affect your performance. You can always seek assistance from a fitter and also consider regripping to enhance your gameplay.


What is the loft range that is available in sand wedges?

The higher lofts like 54degree and upward, up to 58degree are the typical choices in sand wedges.

Are the sand wedges only for use on the sand?

The purpose is definitely to help you in the bunkers. The higher lofts help you with higher lifts. However, you can also use these wedges when you are closer to the hole where precision matters the most. You can also use it when there are other kinds of obstacles on the field. The higher bounce of these wedges is handy on soft and firm sand as well as on grass that is taller than conventional fields.

Who is the sand wedge suitable for?

Again we reiterate the versatility of this wedge. This one is not specific to beginners or the experienced golfers. The trained golfers might need them in their games and tournaments, and the beginners might need them during matches and practice as well. Among the types of wedges available, this is the first one that most pros recommend adding to your collection right at the initial stages.

How many wedges should you golf bag include?

Even one club extra in your golf bag can lead to a violation and penalty. Therefore, you should be mindful of the clubs you carry. Though there are different types of wedges out there, the pitching and sand wedges are often considered the most important ones to carry.


The sand wedge is rightly called the versatile club in golf. As long as you keep away from this one on firm ground as well as the sand that is compacted, then you would notice a visible improvement in your shots. Pick something that is rated well in all its aspects like the Callaway Golf Men's Chrome Mack Daddy 4, and you are left with the best sand wedge for practice and competitive matches. It is a durable club, easy to handle, and also good in terms of the grip.