What Is The Best Lob Wedges To Buy In 2021?

Golf as a game has been quite popular for ages. But the recent times have given this game a whole new set of clubs to make the game more interesting. One such club that has recently gained a lot of popularity is the lob wedge. If you are about to Hit The Ball and there is an obstruction in front of you, you would need a good loft and that’s exactly what the lob wedge would offer.

This is why it is also known by the name, “lofted wedge”. This is a short club which would go a long way in Improving Your Shots. When you are looking for a short distance shot with a nice little lift then a lob wedge is definitely your answer.

Have you ever tried purchasing a lob wedge? Have you looked at the limitless options you have to choose from? This might be an overwhelming decision. But it would be worth the efforts. So we have here a list of the best lob wedges based on various criteria. This would give you an idea to pick the right one especially if you are buying your first lob wedge.

Top 5 Best Lob Wedges On The Market

Last update on 2021-05-08 PST - Details

1. Wilson Staff Men's Harmonized

The sole grind determines the bounce that the Golf Club delivers. You would need a low bounce to achieve a better spin. Keeping this in mind the innovative design of this wedge comes with a unique sole grind.

This design helps open up the club face so as to enhance the overall performance. It comes with a strong and easy to handle stainless steel shaft that doesn’t rust in the long run. It is also pretty sharp in terms of the swing thanks to the sturdy shaft. To avoid glares on a sunny day at the greens this club comes with an anti-glare coating.

There are 3 different loft options to choose from based on whether you need a Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge or Lob Wedge. These come with lofts of 52 deg, 56 deg and 60 Deg Respectively. You can choose the classic design with satin finish or the black one.

If precision is your primary concern and you also need a high lift then the lob wedge would be the best option. Long bunker shots can be handled with ease with the gap wedge. The sand wedge has been specially designed to handle the turf and sand scenarios.

  • The club finish is pretty durable.
  • So you would have your wedge looking as good as new for years.
  • The design has been intuitively done to focus on the accuracy of shots. So your ball goes higher and exactly on the path that you want it to.
  • The pricing of the wedge and the durability that it offers makes it one of the best value for the money paid.
  • This makes a great lob wedge for the golfers in their early days as it is pretty easy to handle.
  • This club is available only as a right handed orientation. Most golf clubs in this segment come in both left and right handed versions.
Wilson Staff Men's Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge, Right Hand, 52.0-Degree
Wilson Staff Men's Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge, Right Hand, 52.0-Degree
Durable anti-glare finish; Loft options: Gap (52 deg), Sand (56 deg), Lob (60 deg); Available in right hand only

Last update on 2021-05-08 PST - Details

2. TaylorMade Men's 2014 ATV TP Wedge

This one is known not just for the balanced design but also the great finish that makes it stand out. The club face comes with a micro texture finish. This aims at improving the spin of your shots.

The Wedge also offers an impressive Green side control. The groove size has been made large and the overall shape is designed so as to improve the performance. This helps beginners make some great short distance shots with good accuracy.

The wedge comes with a stainless steel shaft and stainless steel head. The head retains a raw satin finish. It comes with a conventional shape that is broad at the end and tapers gradually towards the heel.

This design allows a broader surface for the impact. This makes this a more forgiving club that would be useful for beginners working still on the accuracy of their shots. The brand has been known to make some of the best tour-inspired design for the sole and this club is no exception.

This is a versatile wedge that can be used on all types of surfaces. But particularly on the greens, this one fair really well.

  • The micro texture finish on the face not just increases the spin but also helps you achieve better control. This friction comes in handy when you are in a scoring area.
  • The sole grind offers a low bounce
  • It is easy to handle
  • The glossy finish might cause a slight glare when you are out in the field.
TaylorMade Men's 2014 ATV TP Wedge, Left Hand, 60.00-Degree
TaylorMade Men's 2014 ATV TP Wedge, Left Hand, 60.00-Degree
Optimized microtexture face helps increase spin and greenside control; Maximum groove size and shape allowed by USGA for ultimate performance on all shots

Last update on 2021-05-08 PST - Details

3. Cleveland RTX 4

Our number one option for a gap wedge is the Cleveland RTX 4. This is a versatile club available in several different finishes and sole grinds. The Cleveland wedges feature the tour zip grooves.

Cleveland says that this is the most spin they have ever created in a wedge. Why we love this wedge so much for a gap wedge is because of the loft and sole grind options. Most gap wedges are only available at 52 degrees and sometimes a 50 degree. The RTX goes as low as 46 degrees of loft.

Although the 46 is going to be closer to your PW, with the loft games that manufacturers play with clubs these days, it is very realistic that you may need a 48-degree gap wedge.

The RTX wedge comes in four bounce options from high to extra low. You can choose your sole grind depending on the type of golf courses you play, forgiveness you are looking for, and your traditional divot shape.

If you are looking to improve your short game, there is no question that the RTX 4 can bring you some positive results, at a very fair price.

  • Suitable for players of all levels
  • Available in many loft and grind options
  • Versatile and forgiving
  • Priced a bit higher because it is newer technology

4. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome C-Grind Wedge

Depending on the type of shot you have to take and the type of field you play on and your swing you can choose from the various options. You get to choose the grind and groove. Talk about the grinds, there is the W-grind, S-grind and the C-grind. For softer condition, the W-grind helps and this is also one of the most playable among the 3 types of grinds.

This is characterised by the wide sole. For a more versatile choice, you can go for the S-grind. For all those firm courses, the C-grind might be the best choice. This one too is pretty versatile and allows you to handle a variety of shots on the greens. The toe-relief of this grind has the ability to handle different types of shots.

The “progressive groove optimisation” which comes as a package of 3 grooves which are precisely milled into the club face. This detail has been added so as to increase the spin. Pitching, gap, sand and lob wedges all come with different groove designs to suitably accommodate the required spin. For The Lob Wedges, there are wide 5V grooves. These grooves are responsible for providing the superior control that these lob wedges are known for.

Be it on the rough courses or on the greens you can achieve the perfect control. The leading edge is semi straight. The club head in this wedge is one of the broadest in this segment. These wedges are available for right and left handed players separately.

You have the flexibility to choose stiff or regular flex. The other main parameter you get to choose is the loft degree. Loft degrees can be chosen in the range 48 deg to 60 deg. The 60-degree wedges are the most difficult to handle. But these are known for the best height of arc delivery.

When you are aiming a close shot where there is a hurdle for the ball to cross then you can definitely rely on this club. The brand has now also added a new set of clubs in this collection. 64 deg clubs are pretty rare. High handicap players often look for this loft angle in their lob wedges. This is one of the options recently included in this collection of wedges.

  • This is one of the finest wedges in terms of the design. The design has been tour inspired and then meticulously done with the utmost precision. The CAD design is them manufactured to perfection.
  • This club is known for its high toe profile. This allows the club to offer the perfect balance for each of the shots.
  • One interesting and unique feature added is the option to customise the way the weight is balanced. There are weight ports that are provided at the backside of the wedges. You can alter these ports to shift the weight. So, depending on your stroke style you can shift the weight to get the perfect shot.
  • The progressive position of the CG allows CG to be varied according to the loft of the wedge.
  • The price of the wedge is totally justified given its performance and ease of use. This is also a durable club. But this is one of the priciest wedges and so not all beginners would prefer this.

5. Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack

This comes as a value pack with 3 different wedges of 52, 56 and 60 degrees. The lightweight shaft weighs merely 125g and is very easy to handle. The hitting surface has been designed to suit golfers of all proficiency levels. The club face is broad at the end and tapers near the toe.

These wedges come with the ever popular U-groove design. The stainless steel finish gives it a classy appearance. The Pinemeadow steel used to make this club is known for its durability and strength. This pack of 3 loft angles also vary in the lie degrees and bounce. They all weigh the same though. You would also find them all similar to handle.

So no matter where you take a shot, for the lowest bounce requirement scenarios choose the club with the highest loft (60 deg). This is the club that also gives the highest spin among the three.

  • No matter which lie you play from you would find this wedge help deliver accurate shots.
  • These wedges have been known for their unmatched durability. If you are a frequent golfer looking for a tour inspired design that would assist you in taking a high arc with a good spin then these wedges would be the best options out there. The stainless steel finish also doesn’t wear off easily.
  • The pricing is one of the most favourable aspects of this club. If you are sure about the loft angle that you require then you can go for a single piece. But this pack comes with 3 wedges with the 3 most preferred loft angles. So this would make a versatile collection in your Golf Bag.
  • The feel offered by these wedges is one of the best. For those with mid to high handicap the 56 and 60 degrees pretty useful.
  • The club head design is something that we like the most. It is not just about the machining and the groove design but also the overall performance.
  • Though every aspect about the design stand out in the crowd, the grip that comes with the wedge is not the best. It does come off soon for some regular golfers.
Pinemeadow Golf Men's 3 Wedge Set, Right Hand, Steel, Regular
Pinemeadow Golf Men's 3 Wedge Set, Right Hand, Steel, Regular
Built standard with high quality Pinemeadow steel; Compare features and performance with the best classic wedge designs

Last update on 2021-05-08 PST - Details

How To Choose The Best Lob Wedge?

That’s the big question! You have a list of products that have been popular among the golfers worldwide, but you do not know which one would really suit you. To understand this you should be able to understand what you should really look for in a lob wedge.

Understanding The Lob Wedge Design

These are characterised by their short shafts and high loft angles. When the sand wedges were popular one thing that most golfers complained about is the lack of spin due to the high bounce delivered. To tackle this the lob wedge was mindfully designed so as to offer a low bounce. The flange on the sole of the lob wedge is pretty inconspicuous. This is why you would get a lower bounce with this club.

Facts To Consider While Buying A Lob Wedge

  • Handicap: Your handicap would do a lot in determining the type of wedges you would need in your golf bag. One type of wedge that is beneficial for the low-handicap and mid-handicap players is the lob wedge. This would help these players achieve that perfect swing for every shot. These are the wedges that help you concentrate on the lift rather than the distance.
  • Loft of the lob wedge: On an average, the loft in a lob wedge would fall in the range of 58 to 65 degrees. If you are looking for a club that would allow you to give a steep arc without much of a roll you should be choosing one of a higher loft. But these would be difficult to use and it does take some time getting used to them. For the mid handicap players, a loft below 60 degrees would be recommended. Once you have mastered your skills you could go for 65 degrees and see your ball lift from the greens with a nice steep curve. The clubs that have loft angles above 60 are often referred to as extreme lob wedges and these are not very easy to find.
  • Check the bounce: Would you need a low, standard or a high bounce? This would be the inclination of the club sole with respect to the ground. The choice here depends on a lot on where you play your golf. The bounce determines the way your club impacts the ground during the hit. When you are playing on the sand or fairway, or other hard surfaces then you might find a lob wedge with a lower bounce useful. And for the grass fields, a higher bounce is better so that it doesn’t dig deep as a lower bounce would.
  • Sole grind: Sole of the wedges are ground so as to suit the game being played. Grinding of the sole has to be done accurately to influence the type of bounce expected of the club. Grinding of the sole when done very close to the heel would allow the wedge to offer a very little bounce. This would align the heel in line with the ground at the time of impact.
  • Finish: The finish of the wedge is not just about the aesthetics. It also determines the life of the club and its ability to withstand weather extremities. But some prefer raw finishes. These would wear off with use and help enhance the friction. Finally, it all boils down to the matter of personal choices.
  • Shaft: The length of the shaft would be smaller than that of most other clubs. The material of the shaft could be steel, graphite and others. This would influence the weight of the club and thus the ease of handling.

If you are able to find value packs with different loft options this would definitely make the best value for the expense. This would also be a collection that you can cherish from your early days of golfing to the days when you are touring.


Do your research about the various options. But before making a choice it is always advisable to try out the clubs and feel how they are to handle. Start with understanding your stroke style and handicap level.

This would help you choose the apt loft angles. In your early days you might mostly not need those with larger loft angles.

These would also not be essential for the occasional golfers. If you are planning a collection for a tour invest on a pack of wedges without a second thought.