What Are The Best Golf Wedges On The Market

Being the beginning of 2020, it is that time of the year when you are working on implementing your set goals. If one of your goals was to up your game of golf or finally join a golfing club, then we have some salient pointers for the choice of golf clubs to mull over.

Golf is easily viewed as an intricate sport with numerous golf clubs and being a novice, you may feel that this is pushing the envelope too far. For the veterans, this is the moment to know what is in the market and make a choice for the legal number of wedges permitted on the green.

In acquiring a wedge, some of the things to look out for are;

Mini Review Of Each 2021 Wedge

Last update on 2021-05-08 PST - Details

1. Callaway Mack Daddy 3

If ever there was a brand name living up to its famed status, this is it. The Callaway Men's Mack Daddy 3 Black S-Grind Wedge designed by the renowned Callaway wedge designer Roger Cleveland is outstandingly versatile with three grinds; for each shot hit, the course condition and the swings you make.

The W-Grind is for playing in soft conditions with a steep angle to the ball. It has a bit wider sole. The S-Grind allows you to play in normal, soft or firm conditions with a variety of shot types and swings ranging from moderate to sweep combative angles. The C-Grind is for playing in firm conditions. A couple of shots are permitted by the heel and toe relief, keeping the leading edge low and the face open.

With the 3-Grind, comes 3-Grooves for a smooth spin switch from irons to wedges. The groove package regulates the spin as you increase the loft. 30V grooves are tailored for steep ball angles, 20V grooves in the sand are designed for full and hollow shots while the wider 5V grooves are for enhanced manipulation of the shots in the rough and around the green.

A marriage between the Tour input and advanced CAD design births a high profile and semi-straight leading edge. To reposition weight for better shot-making especially on the deep rough, are weight ports at the back of the wedge’s advanced design.

The Callaway Men's Mack Daddy 3 Black S-Grind Wedge has a myriad of shafts, grips, and finishes for custom making.

The 50, 52 and 64-degree lofts improve the trajectory ensuring you can let the ball fly low and make forceful swings with your gap wedge. The loft 64 degree C-grind makes you the king of the course. It allows you to be aggressive in your shot making. You can open up the face without the leading frame rising with full swings on approach shots. Pursuing other shots around the green whether in tall grass or even ground is also a possibility.

  • The 3-Grinds make for a versatile wedge since you are able to play in any ground depending on the grind picked.
  • The 3-Grooves facilitate a smooth spin switch from irons to wedges. No one would want any less.
  • The loft gives you rein over the course. The 64 degree C-grind allows you to be aggressive in the shot you make, open up the face without the leading frame rising and make full swings on approach shots while pursuing any other shots around the green.

2. Cleveland RTX 3.0

Every golfer's dream is to move closer to the hole and the Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG is one of the best golf wedges getting you close to the hole than any other wedge. Having produced wedges for both beginners and professional, their product is revolutionized. Nine grams of mass is shaved off the hosel and for a tight shot distribution, this mass is replaced onto the wedge head for a center of gravity near the impact zone.

The V-sole grind ensures the shots are consistent. Three tour proven grinds feature this V-sole grind to guide the club head at top speed on impact. The third generation RTX with an improved groove shape provides consistent spin within the limit. When the wedges slide effortlessly through the turf, the club head speed is consistent with golfers hitting the ball more precisely within the set yards.

  • The improved groove shape offers a reliable spin within the limit.
  • The V-sole grind ensures the consistency of the shots.
  • The head is chunky with nine grams of mass added onto it.

3. Mizuno Golf Men's T7

Famed among the professional and elite players, Mizuno Golf Men’s T7 White Satin Wedge with a new precise milling method elicits sharper and long lasting grooves. The Boron infused steel increases the longevity of Mizuno’s Quad Cut Groove. The gap wedges have a narrow deep groove for maximum spin on full shots where channeling debris away in vital. It boasts a longer lasting groove than normal forged wedges.

The sand and lob wedges feature a wide shallow grave for the ultimate spin on partial shots where the shoulder grab is significant. You can choose custom options, as guided by the Mizuno fitting technicians. From the Blue IP or White Satin finishes to shaft and grips set up to match your Mizuno custom irons for maintaining a flow via the set.

The T7 Wedge enhances the reliability of the accurate Grain Flow Forged heads with consistent spin control. The profile shaped as a teardrop drops up to 45 degrees for full shots, endearing it to pros and elite players alike.

  • You can have your own wedge custom made to suit your skill and measurements to ensure you have maximum support in your scores.
  • Mizuno Golf Men’s T7 White Satin Wedge is popular among professional and the elite. Amateurs and beginners may not benefit fully from these features.
Mizuno Golf Men's T7 White Satin Wedge Right 60-10
Mizuno Golf Men's T7 White Satin Wedge Right 60-10
Graduated loft specific teardrop shape; Quad cut loft specific grooves; Harmonic impact technology

Last update on 2021-05-08 PST - Details

4. Ping Glide 2.0

The PING Improves short-game performance with an exclusive grip, shaft, and head for ultimate spin and control. In three adaptable sole designs, with additional bounce and loft-optimized gorge grooves, the wedges are the most adjustable and reliable wedge lines.

For more friction, improved spin and reliability in wet conditions and lies within the rough, the 431 chrome plating resulting from a 431 stainless steel head, repels moisture and softens the feel.

  • The 431 chrome plating emanating from a 431 steelhead repels moisture from the wedge and softens the feel.
  • The grip, shaft, and head are designed for maximum spin and control.
  • The finish of this wedge is less than in other golf wedges.

5. Tour Edge 1 Out Plus

Designed to take on the ultimate challenging course, the Tour Edge Golf – 1 Out Wedge Steel is a dynamic piece of equipment considered one of the Best Golf Wedges that have no problem launching the ball from a sand trap. The heavy, wide sole exerts weight underneath and behind the ball, facilitating the launch.

The hand placement is enhanced with the counterbalance grip. The inch longer Lamkin grip emphasizes weight above the golfer’s hand for a stable face angle during the shot.

  • The inch longer grip enhances hand placement assistance for immense control and greenside shots.
  • Maximum lift is made possible by the heavy dual-flange sole that exerts weight underneath and behind the ball.
Tour Edge Men's Bazooka One Out Plus Wedge (Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, SW Iron)
Tour Edge Men's Bazooka One Out Plus Wedge (Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, SW Iron)
Super-wide sole design for easier sand shots; Heavy sole puts maximum weight below the ball for easy launch

Last update on 2021-05-08 PST - Details


Acquiring the best golf wedge club is no mean feat. A lot of research and trial goes into it. After extensive scrutiny of some golf wedges, the verdict is out. The Tour Edge Golf – 1 Out Wedge Steel is designed to take on the sandy course which is one of the most challenging courses.

Short-game performance is improved with an exclusive grip, shaft, and head for the maximum spin and control. Mizuno Golf Men’s T7 White Satin Wedge’s new precise milling method elicits sharper and long lasting grooves.

 Cleveland Golf of Golf Wedges has unmatched accuracy with the hosel rebalancing. This being the bottom line, it is evident that each wedge appeals to a certain demographic and points to a variety of needs depending on which works best for a golfer.