What Is The Best Blade Putters To Buy In 2022?

Are you buying a mallet putter or a blade putter? Each suits different stroke styles and each carries its own benefits. Ideally, the weight of blade putters and Mallet Putters are closely similar. It is simply the distribution of weight that varies. This influences the balance and thus the swing style as well.

Blade putters continue to be classic choices that are loved by beginners and professionals as well. If you take a look at the golf bag of the famous golfers worldwide, you are sure to find a blade putter. It is a versatile and handy Club. You would be able to find blade putters of two kinds- one that has the shaft attached near the heel and one where the shaft is attached at the center. If you consider the blade putters with a shaft attached at the heel, these tend to be toe-weighted. The sweet spot in these occur near the heel.

How is your stroke style? For those that have an arc that goes “inside-outside-inside,” the flexibility of twist that blade putter offers comes in handy. These make great choices for those with a low Handicap. Simple design yet a classy performance is what the blade putter offers. They also offer a quicker roll which is smooth and without the slightest delay.

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The Most Recommended Blade Putters For Beginners: Detailed Reviews 2021

We have also taken into account the collective reviews of the users to pick nothing but the best. Our team has also continuously reviewed each of the blade putters on our list at various conditions, various handicap levels and then come up with the detailed reviews.

1. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0

Here is the ever popular White-hot insert that is known for the solid impact it delivers. You could feel the difference in the sound at the time of the impact. This one comes in various shaft lengths and grip options as well.

We have chosen the standard grip. This is a no-fuss durable grip that would suit any average golfer. We talk about the #1 head shape here but the range consists of other popular club head shapes as well. You could also find 2-ball alignment heads in this series. This one with a #1 club head comes with a hosel that is crank-neck shaped.

Though there are numerous blade putters out there, one that offers a consistent performance is elusive. But this one delivers that. The result of each stroke would be predictable with this putter. This means that you can concentrate on working on your stroke style without worrying about how the club would impact your shot. In terms of styling, this one is simple and elegant.

It comes with a metallic finish on the blade perfectly complementing the silver of the shaft. But one thing we did not like very much is that the shiny shaft sometimes creates a glare. So if you are choosing this one on a bright sunny day, be prepared. The shaft, however, weighs just right on the heavy blade head. This offers a steady swing.

  • In terms of the balance, there are very few blade putters out there that are on par with this one.
  • If you are worried about the putter head finish wearing away soon this one comes with a head cover.
  • This is a classic blade putter with the best quality materials and a sturdy build. This one is pretty versatile in terms of its performance. It suits golfers of any proficiency level and functions as a no-fail putter.
  • This stays true to its design thanks to the well-engineered construction. So it gives you clean strokes every single time.
  • The colors are chosen to contrast the greens and this improves the visibility.
  • This is the lowest priced blade putter on our list.
  • If you are switching to a blade putter for the first time this is a great choice.
  • The blade is pretty slender. This doesn’t offer the forgiveness a mallet putter gives you. But the width of the blade is pretty decent.
  • It comes as a toe-weighted putter with an offset. Some beginners might find it a bit difficult to gain control over. But with a bit of practice, you would get used to it and would keep going back to this one for all your tough shots.
  • The head weight is one of the lightest in the segment. So if you have a fast swing you might find this one a bit out of control.

2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Black Putter

Bored of the whites and silvers, here is a slick charcoal finish that wins in terms of the styling. Here is a putter that comes with the prime aim of balancing the stroke. Every element of the design has been made keeping the stroke performance in mind.

The “Stroke balanced” technology helps minimize the torque at each stroke. This means that no matter how you handle the putter there would be very little chance of twists. The putter would stay on a uniform trajectory without wobbling during the swing. When the ball is close to the hole, the slightest miss can swell up. This is why this one concentrates on offering a pure and smooth roll thanks to the Metal-X face of the club head.

The oval roll is complemented by the perfect flat face that offers a good impact. There is chemical etching added to the roll technology. It is the perfection in detailing that makes this one a popular blade putter.

  • This one comes with a SuperStroke grip.
  • This grip comes without a taper.
  • This is one reason why some professionals swear by the efficiency of using SuperStroke grip.
  • The benefit here is mainly because the design of this grip would help reduce exertion of excess pressure on the forearms and wrists.
  • This helps concentrate on the shot without straining your muscles.
  • There are 3 white lines that come as the alignment aid.
  • Contrasting the charcoal dark finish you can see these lines clearly when you position your club.
  • This can help make the perfect impact with the ball.
  • The PVD finish protects the club head and increases its life.
  • The steel shaft included as well as the club head surface do not corrode or get worn off under bad weather conditions.
  • The PVD finish protects the head but the finish tends to wear off with continuous use.

3. Odyssey White Hot RX Men's Blade Putter

If you have been playing golf for quite a while, this is one blade putter you would definitely have heard about. This is one of those classics that everyone loves to purchase for themselves. This is prescribed for beginners as well as experienced golfers. The weight-balanced design of the putter is what makes it a suitable choice for beginners.

The ease of getting used to it, the ease of working on the stroke is what makes this a favorite among those who play frequently. This comes with a revamped and an improved version of the popular White Hot insert.

This is one that is known to offer a classic sound during each impact. There is a soft core designed along with the insert to balance the weight at the head. There is an oval shaped urethane insert provided on the club head. This further makes the roll smoother and quicker as well.

So without a miss, your ball would glide to the hole no matter where you are at the putt. This carries a wide blade. The blade is made of a smooth metal with a fine finish. But to make sure that this one doesn’t impact the shot, there is a textured coat provided on the club head. The texture improves the friction.

Better the friction, better the roll. This is a versatile line of putters. This one comes in a variety of head shapes. If you are looking for mallet putters, those with fangs, you can find them too.

But here we have only considered the blade putter. Like the other putters in this range, you would be able to choose a shaft length of your choice and a grip to suit your comfort. The standard rubber grip would be the least expensive choice. But for the price paid this one does last fairly long.

  • There are hardly few clubs that match the feel of this putter. This feel is also shown in the sound produced during the hit. This is mainly credited to the design of the insert.
  • The putter is easy to handle. When you are at the putt each shot matters. This is why you need a reliable club and nothing better than this one in terms of the consistency of performance.
  • The color of the putter comes with great visibility on the greens.
  • The standard grip is so easy to grasp. It comes with the right amount of softness. This makes it a convenient one to hold on to when you are on the field.
  • The roll speed is pretty fast with this putter. The hosel design provides the right swing as well.
  • There are no visual alignment lines provided on the club head as we find in the second putter on our list.
  • We have seen that the textured coating comes off easily after intense practice sessions. This doesn’t affect the balance or overall performance of the putter. But the friction offered by the putter head might be affected a bit.

4. Odyssey White Hot RX 1 Putter

We have seen the RX 1 and here is the RX 2. This is equally good and equally popular as the RX 1. You would notice that there is not much of a difference in terms of the features when you compare the RX 1 and RX 2. This one too carries the successful white-hot insert technology to influence the impact and deliver the classic sound. This makes the ball roll without a difficulty at a great speed too.

You would also be able to achieve a good distance with this club. There is a dual-layer molded insert which causes a solid impact to transfer the power of the swing to the ball without any loss. For a smooth roll, there is the oval insert.

There are 3 popular choices of shaft length- 33”, 34” and 35”. This is available for both left and right-handed golfers so choose the orientation correctly. This is a squared off “heel-toe” weighted putter. The flow neck hosel design provides the perfect offset for your swing.

  • The durability of this putter is something that impresses everyone. Buy one and use it for years.
  • This delivers a very smooth stroke that makes the back swing easy. So you would not feel a strain on your shoulders and you would be ready for the forward swing without a trouble.
  • The construction is mindfully done to help with the perfect arc swing.
  • Some might find the face a bit shut and thus restricting the shots. But practice can change this as well. This might also be the case with all those putters that come with bent neck hosels.

5. Taylormade Daytona Ghost Putter 35

The large sized blade is what you would notice first about this putter. This makes it a perfect transition option for those switching from mallet putters to blade putters. It thus offers the best of both the worlds. This helps reduces the misses on the greens.

The head design offers a large MOI to improve the roll and to enhance the accuracy. The sweet spot is also expanded giving you a little of the forgiveness that only mallet putters deliver.

The feel of the putter is inexplicably good and it has to be felt to be really understood. There is a splash of red on the silver and metal body. This comes as a welcome addition to the design. There is also a thick alignment line that helps tune your shots.

  • There is a vertical insert which comes as a deep-milled one.
  • This improves the quality of the roll on the putt.
  • For better forward roll, the putter has been designed with a full offset shaft.
  • The skin-milled finish makes the surface more resistant to scratches.
  • The club head comes with a slightly curved design. This might impact the alignment angle if you miss the positioning. This would have to be addressed right from the backswing movement to obtain a good result.

How Did We Compile This List?

The choice of a putter would depend predominantly on the style of the individual and a lot of other factors. Ultimately, you would need a putter that is convenient to use. We took the following factors into consideration to pick the best five.

  • Orientation - We have only considered those models that come with both right and left handed orientation options available
  • Shaft length options
  • Durability
  • Styling
  • Grip options
  • Popularity in the market

Blade Putter Buying Guide

Knowing the best blade putters available would be a good place to start. But how do you know if the chosen putter would really suit you? Knowing how to choose a blade putter and what to look for in it would help you decide if the putter is worth splurging on.

1. Face Of The Club Head

A hard head would give that typical “thud” you would like to hear during the impact. We keep talking so much about the sound at the time of impact. This might seem like it doesn’t matter. But this is something that would act as a guide in the long run.

You would be able to associate the sound with the power of the impact and thus calculate the type of result to expect. For solid impact, golfers prefer metal face on the putters. Copper, brass, aluminum, and a variety of other materials could be used. For some extra hardness steel is used in some putters.

Insert faced putters are those that are gaining popularity these days. The insert might be soft or hard metal.

There are also some putters that come with groves to improve the friction on the surface. The choice of the club face here would influence the MOI.

2. Shaft Options

When we talk about the shaft there are three main aspects to consider. The material of the shaft is the first aspect to consider. The weight of the shaft about the weight of the club head would determine the balance of the club. This would determine the ease of handling the club as well.

The material would determine the swing and the durability too. Another aspect is the length of the shaft. This should be chosen by the stroke length and the height of the golfer. And finally, consider the way the shaft ends- to be precise, the position where the shaft ends and the bends as well.

3. Offset or non-offset

Have you found yourself doing the 3-putt too often? Then perhaps there is something wrong with the chosen offset. This means that the type of offset chosen might not suit you best. Offset again has to do with the shape of the shaft.

You might find non-offset Woods. These are the ones that come with perfectly straight shafts. For those who find it difficult to avoid slices on the field, choosing a club with offset would go a long way. There are many other factors influenced by the shape of the hosel.

But still, this continues to be the most ignored aspect while choosing a putter. The hosel shapes could be flare-tips, plumber-neck design, elongated hosel for face balancing, and slant neck.

There are also those putters that come with shafts that end in a straight S without a hosel at all. Understand the influence of each of the mentioned shapes and choose one. The choice of the hosel combined with the type of ball chosen and the field played would also determine the actual stroke.

4. Grip

Standard tapered grips are popular choices. These can come in varying thicknesses. Then there are the uniform SuperStroke grips that are becoming quite popular these days. These are slightly thicker and thus help beginners to work on the way they hold the club. The material of the grip would also determine how easy the club is to hold with sweaty hands. Choosing all-weather grips would give you a durable choice.

Have You Made Your Decision Yet?

Once you are clear about what you are looking for in a club it gets a little easier to actually make the choice. Once you have made a choice try out the putter if you get a chance before actually buying it. A great blade putter would come with you all throughout your golf journey. So pick the right one that suits your swing style.