TaylorMade Men’s Rocketbladez Iron Reviews

TaylorMade Men's Rocketbladez Tour Iron Set
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TaylorMade Men's Rocketbladez Tour Iron Set
  • Maximum speed and flight enhancement technology in the 3- through 7-iron: the speed pocket promotes consistently high ball speed and distance
  • Consistent distance with every iron made possible by careful management of the speed pocket, improved inverted cone shape and high moa
  • Weight is strategically redistributed to lower and center the cg location, promoting a higher launch angle, higher peak trajectory and a steep

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  • The irons launch higher and faster than most irons their size.
  • These tour iron sets are very forgiving on the mis-hits and reduces the possibility of sidespins on reasonable solid shots.
  • The TaylorMade Men’s Rocketbladez give great ball speed and ball flight because they offer a comfortable launch angle.
  • They are useful in controlling the distance of the ball.
  • The speed pocket is very useful in consistently raising the high ball speed and distance.
  • The consistency of shots and placement offered by the TaylorMade iron sets is also a big plus.
  • This set offers great playability option and is easier to turn right to left than most other tour iron sets.
  • The iron has a powerful, solid yet comfortable feel to it.
  • These are different from the muscle- back standard tour irons, because they have a cast, a cavity-back design and swing adequately higher and farther than the other standard irons made by Rocketbladez.
  • It looks clean and sleek. The reduced offset on the shorter irons also blends smoothly with the rest of the set.
  • Overall, it rewards good swings with good results and does not create much discomfort on the bad ones.


  • The head is bigger and thicker than the standard iron sets, which may not be preferred by many tour players.
  • The mid and long irons in the set may not have a great feedback and it may take a long time to get adjusted to the soft landing on offer.
  • The ‘feel’ power offered is subjective, because the TaylorMade is differently made from standard tour irons, and may not be to the liking of many traditional tour players.
  • High-ball hitters may have hiccups with the TaylorMade iron sets and may take a longer time getting used to them.
  • These iron clubs look and feel chunky when compared to the other traditional tour models.
  • The Rocketbladez irons may not hold well, after a couple of tours, because there have been complaints raised by a few customers on possible construction flaws.
  • The shafts may be too stiff to the liking of a few players.
  • These irons are designed to be handled only by those who are completely at ease and excel with the standard irons and not for everyone who play the regular iron sets.

Last update on 2020-08-08 PST - Details

If you are an avid golfer, you probably know that irons hold a special significant place in your kit and finding an appropriate set that compliments your style and improves your game is necessary.

The quality, performance and convenience of iron sets can never be undermined for a fulfilling game of golf. And the TaylorMade Men’s Rocketbladez Tour Iron Set fits this bill very well. It is classy, clean and forgiving in a way that is appealing to most tour players.

The Rocketbladez Tour Irons’unique selling proposition is the ease with which it can be played, which is so unlike a tour iron set that is meant for low handicap players. These irons give plenty of opportunities to ‘putt’ rather than ‘chip.' The accuracy and forgiveness of the iron are consistent, giving them the benefit of added workability and smoothness.

Key Features Of The TaylorMade Rocketbladez Iron Sets:

  • The TaylorMade Rocketbladez gives a consistent performance distance-wise, because of the speed pocket, the improved Inverted Cone shape, and high moa.
  • The speed pocket technology used in the RocketBladez iron helps launch the ball faster and higher and a much-improved version from the standard tour irons.
  • The weight is strategically distributed to lower and help in optimum centre of gravity location, promotes a higher launch angle, higher peak trajectory, and a steep descent. The centre of gravity (CG or CoG) is the tiny point which constitutes the intersection of all possible balance points of the clubhead. The centre of gravity inside the clubhead, is defined in 3-dimensions.
  • The iron sets give maximum speed and flight enhancement technology in the 3-through 7-iron: the speed pocket promotes consistently high-ball speed and distance.

What is the TaylorMade Rocketbladez Iron Set? And why you should choose this iron set?

Since its introduction, the Rocketbladez has always been touted as apt for the low handicappers.

The performance of the standard Rocketbladez has always been considered rewarding for all the golfers. So, what is distinguishing about this tour iron set and who is it aimed at?

The Powerful ‘Feel’ And ‘Good’ Of The TaylorMade Rocketbladez Iron Set:

For starters, the crisp, loud sound and powerful feel of this iron set gives a reassurance better than that of the standard series. The slot placed at the bottom of the Iron gives the Ball the requisite speed, the desired distance, consistency, and forgiveness in case of miss- hits.

This is a sleek version which ideally suits tour players who excel in mid- range shots giving the powerful feel and the requisite distance that low handicappers and professional players look for. The speed of the ball is high, the spin is not a restriction, and this is a tour iron set that comes with stronger lofts. The consistency of ball- flights is mainly because of the the sweet spot.

The Build Of The Rocketbladez Tour Iron Set:

This tour iron comes with a thinner top- line and sole and a different grip from the standard version. The head shape is compact and comes with a low offset. The small cavity and thin clubface add speed and distance to the iron.

The new inverted cone and clubface design together help in driving the ball straight down the target line, instead of the slight angle drives which are characteristics of the traditional fast-faced irons.

Performance Of The Rocketbladez:

The Speed Pocket technology improves the performance by giving a suitable launch angle, increase in the ball speed, a higher and rewarding trajectory, great length, soft landing, steep and quick-stopping descent angle, and a shot- to-shot consistency. The speed pocket thus induces greater ball speed and distance. The Speed Pocket enhances the smooth flight of the ball to give a good height and distance.

Who Can Derive Maximum Benefits From The Rocketbladez Tour?

It is a good workable option for players who adapt the ‘attack’ strategy. It is not for every tour player. The Rocketbladez may be a good option for players with low handicaps, rather the better players. Because, it is designed to improve the performance of the better players who handle the mid- ranges with ease. If you are a low handicapper, it may be worth your while, to test this tour iron and you will know that with the standard head and different shafts available it is a competitive tour performance enhancer.

How Does It Compare?

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Let us now look at how the TaylorMade Rocketbladez compares with its competitors:

The Rocketbladez unique selling proposition has always been longer, higher, and softer. The performance of this tour in comparison with other iron sets may help prospective buyers understand the product better.

1. The TaylorMade Speed

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The designing of the Rocketbladez is compact and meant for low handicap players. Whereas, the Speed Blade aims at the high single digit handicaps. The Speed Blade’s technology gives a softer and muted sound than the Rocketbladez which is loud and powerful.

The former ‘casts’ well rather than forge, whereas the latter ‘puts’ better than ‘cast.' The Speed Blade gives a flatter and more penetrating flight when compared to the

Rocketbladez. The consistency of distance between the shots for the two models are almost the same, whereas the dispersion in the Speed Blade is tighter.

TaylorMade Men's SpeedBlade Golf Complete Set, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, 4-PW, AW
Advanced head structure, Speed Pocket polymer and multi-material badge; New elongated Speed Pocket; Lowest CG of any TaylorMade distance iron

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

2. TaylorMade Aero Burner

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The Aero Burner Tour Iron is bulky and yet is a very forgiving model. Like the Rocketbladez it is chunkier and has more offset. It is easier to hit to the left, whereas the right to left is what is predominant in Rocketbladez. The swings are slightly lighter in comparison and the loft angle higher.

The playing length for the two, however, remain the same. The Rocketbladez scores more on consistency. The TaylorMade Irons come with different specifications and for different purpose and one can always order a customised combination set to suit all requirements.

TaylorMade Men's B1257807 Aero Burner HL Regular Iron Set, Right Hand
Thin, fast faces plus low CG for increased distance and high trajectory; High MOI head design and larger head shape for confidence and forgiveness

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

3. The Ping G25 Irons

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

The Ping G25 cannot be categorized based on handicap forgiveness. The G range from Ping unlike the Rocketbladez easily fit the mid to high- range handicap players, and the latter suits the low handicappers. The Ping is for all sorts of players with different capabilities.

The top line and the sole are slimmer, and have a reduced offset. They give the feel of a powerful forged iron. Overall, the Rocketbladez and the Ping G25 have an uncanny resemblance in terms of the feel, loft power and strength. However, the level of forgiveness is different for the two.

PING G25 Right-Handed Iron Set Steel Regular
Ping G25 Right-Handed Iron Set Steel Regular

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details


The Rocketbladez from TaylorMade have generated a lot of attention and interest ever since their introduction. The Speed Pocket technology and the unique designing are a testimony of the research that has gone into the development of its product. These are very forgiving and able to withstand bad swings many a time. That said, it is not all golfers. Go for it, if you are a low handicap player and tilt more towards right to left. This tour iron helps bridge the void between the iron clubs that are apt for beginners and the irons that are meant for professionals with very limited handicaps.