Callaway X20 Irons Reviews


  • The Callaway irons come with greater forgiveness and provide solid performance at the same time.
  • The weight of these club irons feel just adequate neither too heavy nor too light.
  • It comes with a large sweet spot and gives a comfortable launch angle.
  • The X-20 irons are easy to work with and hit the ball, including the clubs with the longer shafts.
  • The sweet spot and the low centre of gravity are balanced help in launching the ball towards the correct area that it is aimed at.
  • The trajectory reveals healthy flight of the ball, and does not allow the ball to drift.
  • The Callaway irons give good ball distance and consistent power to all well-timed shots.
  • These iron sets give reasonable value for money.
  • The X20 clubs have a very decent slim and elegant look.
  • They aid in lofty shots.
  • These irons have been designed with a high MOI or Moment of Inertia, which gives them greater stability and control.
  • Overall, it improves the consistency and total performance of the golfers, optimizes the shape and power of the shots helping players to enjoy the good shots and forgiving enough to handle/ rectify mis-shots.
  • The Callaway X-series have a decent all-round scientific design which adapt well to any playing conditions.
  • It may be suitable for medium to high handicappers too looking to improve their game.
  • The Callaway irons with longer shafts handle the greens very well, unlike many other irons and offer players the scope for improvement in the greens.


  • The Callaway X-series irons do give a blurred feeling when you hit the ball, in comparison with other tour irons which give a clear-cut idea.
  • It is a little difficult to predict them, because of their soft feel.
  • Though these irons come with decent fault tolerance, but may not always salvage the damage caused by a bad or uncontrolled swing.
  • The Callaway irons may not always be able to control the precision of the shots, then the average tour irons.
  • They may not handle extremely firm greens very well.

The Callaway X-20 NG Irons are the outcome of 13 and more years of research on producing different Golf Irons that help golfers improve and ace their game. The Callaway solid irons or steel propel the ball towards the hole with great efficiency and give a great ‘feel’ to the users.

Callaway offers different iron models to suit the different requirements and profiles of golfers right from beginners and hobbyists to the experienced elite. The X- 20 Callaway is sophisticated, stylish, consistent, and largely forgiving.

X-20 users have largely been satisfied with the playability and accuracy of these irons, though some dislike the chunky top edge of the head which doesn’t give adequate depth. Golf clubs have 3 components namely the head, the shaft, and the grip. The Callaway irons do score well in all these departments and helps the users’ performance to soar.


The Key Features of the Callaway Men’s X-20 NG

  • The Callaway X-20 is an eight- club iron set which comes with solid iron (steel) shafts, which includes #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 PW (pitching wedge) and SW (sand wedge) clubs.
  • The Variable Face Thickness Technology (VFT) adapted by Callaway Golf paves the way for superior golfing performance because it induces greater ball speeds across the entire face. This means that the irons create long distance with more consistency.
  • The Extreme Notch Weighting redistributes more weight to the extreme perimeter to create a higher Moment of Inertia.
  • The Callaway S2H2 technology (short, straight, hollow hosel) increases discretionary weight by removing it from the hosel (the place on the golf iron which becomes the link between the shaft and the clubhead) and adds it to the more useful perimeter area of the clubhead. The hollowed- out or Tru- Boretechnology is a part of the S2H2 design which allows the shaft tip to extend through the clubhead to the sole.
  • The traditional Callaway styling and core scientific technology pave way for better and consistent performance and enhanced forgiveness, so essential for tour players and aspirants.

What is the Callaway Golf 2010 Men’s X-20 NG Irons (Right Hand, steel)? And why one should go for it?

The Variable Face Thickness Technology (VFT) in Callaway X- 20 Irons:

This technology creates greater and higher ball speeds and gives more power to the golfer’s swing speed. This technology paves way for larger sweet spot and a faster ball speed off the club face, which increases the ball distances to its maximum potential.

The VFT also enables the redistribution of weight to the outswing of the Golf Club, which in turn increase the MOI. A higher moment of inertia enables greater stability and control of the swing and the ball. The VFT lowers the center of gravity and produces a beneficial trajectory with each iron club in the set. The longer irons help in giving a good launch angle and the irons with the shorter shafts wedge finely, improving the trajectory height.

The Look and Feel of the Callaway X-20 Iron: Callaway golf products have always aimed at setting the standards for the industry. The X20 is a stainless- steel iron set with its new grooves and sleek design give a good feel to the players looking for improved performance.

The feel is very good giving the players the satisfaction of striking the ball perfectly.

The Performance: These irons score on several fronts. The Extreme Notch Weighting coordinated with the VFT technology helps in bringing consistency and improves the distance and accuracy on the mis-hits at the toe and the heel.

The large sweet spot helps in hitting the ball far and straight even on a rough, shaky swing. The performance of the Callaway X- 20 is satisfactory to most players looking for ample forgiveness, greater ball distance and speed and at the same time minimises the chances of ball dispersion. One can get the golf ball airborne from any lie and paving way for better angling and control of the ball length. It optimises the shape of each shot, and reduces the chances of dispersion of the ball.

Seasoned players look for the feel and accuracy, rather than the distance. Whereas, the newcomers at first watch out for distance. The Callaway X 20 gives both.

How Does The Callaway Compare?

The golf club markets are highly competitive and have several well-established companies that design, innovate and utilise science and technology to create products which improve golfing experience.

The Callaway irons X-series in general and X 20 particularly are popular choices for golfers across the world, because the various models have something for everyone from the amateur, the enthusiastic beginner to the competent tour players.

The delivery of the X -20 is spot-on and better evolved products of the classic Callaway design. The increased cavity-size on the back of the iron head has improved the forgiveness when compared to the previous models like X – 16 and X – 18s.

The new improved design paves way for straighter hits and lessens the chances of swerving the ball off the optimum trajectory path. The launch angle is convenient and helps in giving the ball, the desired height. Overall, when compared to the X-16s and X-18s of Callaway, the X -20 gives a sophisticated, good feel and an optimum all- round design.

The Callaway’s X -20 and its X-22 are often compared are they are the latest 2 models which come in the game improvement and Tour models category. These models are designed to adapt to any skill level and sustain in any playing conditions. The X- 20 has received critical appreciation for its overall control and precision trajectory. The hosel of the X-20 is smooth when compared to that of the other models in the x-series, and thus comes with an increased stability and consistency in the swing and shots.

The X-20 is easier to handle than the x-16s and x 18s and has an elegant look compared to the chunkier head design of the X 22.


Last update on 2021-06-15 PST - Details

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Callaway X-20 NG Irons

Last update on 2021-06-15 PST - Details

The X-20 NG was released in 2010 and is a remake of the X-20, which itself was later replaced by the X-22. The X-20 and X-20 NG are very similar to each other but do have a few differences.

The NG comes with new grooves conforming to the 2010 USGA standards while the older model doesn't.

The NG also comes with a standard bore hole in the hosel while the X-20 features a black tru bore. Both types work to reduce vibration for a smoother hit.

Also, the NG version only has an 180-degree undercut channel whereas the previous version has a 360-degree undercut. Used X-20s range in price and may generally be more expensive than the NG.


The use of core technologies enables the Callaway X-20 to deliver the distance and workability expected of a tour iron. The forgiveness makes it a good choice for even medium to high handicappers. The X-20 is a top- notch performer amongst all of Callaway’s X- series tour irons. It is a great upgrade from the previous versions which works well on all fronts like accuracy, fee, quality of shots and distance.

The weight of the clubs feels adequate and the set of 8 is definitely a good value for money product. The new grips however do not go well with players who prefer the traditional Callaway grip. The blurry- feel of the ball, when taking a shot does not help the case of the X-20. However, other factors like the durability and the large, forgiving sweet spot make it a worthwhile choice.