What Is The Best Iron Mid Handicappers In 2022?

Traditional irons are not for everyone and especially so if you are a mid-handicapper. When all you want to do is hit straight and far, you don’t want a Club that will only get your Ball off the tee. Game Improvement Irons are specifically designed with mid-handicappers like you in mind to let you simply grip and hit.

They give you more power to your shots and let your ball fly long and fast. We bring to you 5 of the Best Game Improvement Irons For Mid-Handicappers in our review below. Read on and find out which one will best fit your requirements.

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Top 5 Best Irons For Mid Handicappers Reviews

There are hundreds of Golf Irons In The Market. But after spending more than 30 hours on reading reviews and ratings on the best seller Amazon.com, we bring to you the top 5 products.

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set – Best Irons for Mid Handicappers

The Callaway Mavrik and Mavrik Max are a brand new release hitting the market in early February of 2020. The Mavrik irons are the upgrade of the Rogue irons and they do offer some improvements.

The Mavrik is the standard model in this set. It is the longest between the Mavrik and the Max. The lofts are almost two degrees lower on each iron to promote extra distance and slightly lower launch angles. Very similar to the Rogue X irons from the previous year.

Callaway used their 360 Face cup Technology on these irons. Although this concept is not new, it has proven to be effective in increasing both distance and forgiveness.

A new feature in these irons is the Flash Face. The Flash Face was first tried on the Epic Flash woods and driver. The concept has been very effective in increasing distance and this is the first time that it will be used in irons.

The Mavrik irons are the first set of irons every built to use AI (Artificial Intelligence). Callaway did many hours of testing and discovered that they could make slight adjustments in every single clubhead to increase performance.

The new and improved tungsten energy core allows weights to be different in each club. Improving launch and ball flight for players who need it.

Broken down this just means that your 8 iron is designed slightly different than your 7 iron. Lofts have always been different from club to club but Callaway took it to another level with this.

Considering they released the MavirkMavrik Max and Mavrik Pro all with this same concept, that is quite a few clubheads to be producing.

With the Rogue and Rogue X Irons, the differences were fairly simple. The Rogue X was lower lofted, slightly longer and lower launching. With the Mavrik Irons, the standard Mavrik model is the longest and the Max is a higher launching lighter option.

Research and testing has shown us that many golfers are not getting the swing speed they need to be hitting their irons with the correct launch and ball flight.

The Marvik Max comes standard with an 80-gram steel shaft and lots of low weight graphite options. If you are not getting enough ball flight to stop a ball properly on a green, distance doesn’t matter.

The Max Irons are plenty long enough but also allow players to hit the ball with more accuracy and proper spin rates.

If you are a Callaway person and playing the XR model or prior the Mavrik is the perfect upgrade. If the Rogue caught your eye last year and you upgraded, changing to the Mavrik is not imperative.

If you were on the fence about the Rogue, now is the time to make the jump to the Mavrik. The feel and sound have been improved overall and this is a great set of clubs for a mid handicapper.

The pricing for the Callaway Mavrik and Mavrik Max is about average for a great mid handicapper set of irons.

  • Great feel for a cavity back iron 
  • Built using artificial intelligence to help increase the performance and forgiveness of the club 
  • Available in two different forgiving models
  • Allows a mid handicapper to work the ball as well as get forgiveness
  • Should be longer than your current irons with the strong lofts 
  • Available in a wide range of shaft options 
  • Callaway irons tend to have not be as crisp feeling for the mid handicapper trying to break into the lower handicap range
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set (Set of 6 Clubs: 6 Iron - PW, SW, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set (Set of 6 Clubs: 6 Iron - PW, SW, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)
This is how we can provide optimum launch and ball flight through the set.

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2. Callaway Men's XR Iron Set – For Speeds Like Fairway Woods

When it comes to irons for mid handicappers, it is good to look for something that will simply let you grip and rip. The XR iron set from Callaway lets you do just that. It is truly a speed monster that comes with a unique 360 cup which flexes at impact. This allows the ball to achieve long distances and at a much higher speed than is capable of other irons with the same number.

The additional features are the low CG (center of gravity) and a high MOI (Moment of Inertia). Due to these, your shots will be highly consistent no matter where on the face you hit the ball. What’s even better, even if you have a mishit you will get the advantage of the distance. The only downside maybe that you will need to get used to the feel of the club.

  • A never before ball speed achieved with the revolutionary 360 cup
  • Low CG and high MOI combination gives your unbelievable ball speeds
  • Decreased loft for increased ball speed
  • Stock rubber grips give you greater control per shot
  • A superior construction that is easy on the joints due to shock absorption
  • The club may not be for those who are aggressive hitters and suits those with a more smooth swing
The verdict

This is a great club for mid handicappers who are ready to up their game. If you love slow swings and great distances, then you will simply fall in love with the Callaway XR. It gives you the power of a longer club in a shorter graphite shaft, due to the unique club head.

With distance, control and forgiveness all built into one awesome looking club, you will love how it lets you feel and enjoy the game. Building your golf skills can wait for some time.

3. TaylorMade Men's RSi1 Iron Set – A Club That Will Make Even Your Mis-Hits Count

Who wants to worry about mishits when they are looking for a game improvement iron? In fact, golf and mis-hits are almost inseparable, even when it comes to hardcore and experienced golfers. So TaylorMade simply made an iron to make your mishits work to your advantage with their RSi1 irons.

The RSi1 iron features a face slot technology that gives you a uniform flexion on the entire face so that you hit long and fast even on off-center hits. This is brought about by a slot each at the heel and the toe. In addition to the slots, the design of the face itself ensures that you get maximum speed in every shot.

The face is thin with a deep undercut and an inverted cone shape. Adding to the overall performance is the New Real 90 steel shaft for both ball speed and distance.

  • Brilliant face slot technology uses a heel and a toe slot to give uniform flexion on the entire face
  • More distance achieved even on mishits
  • Face speed increased with the use of a thin face that has an inverted cone shape
  • A steel shaft gives you more control and lets the ball fly longer distances
  • The hitting surface has black lines around it which can be distracting to some players.
  • There is a learning curve involved in achieving good distance with mishits.
The verdict

TaylorMade uses the speed-boosting capacity of slots by placing them directly on the face of their clubs. The slots in combination with speed pockets and an advanced face design work together to give you maximum speeds and forgiveness no matter where you hit the ball.

TaylorMade Men's RSi1, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 8
TaylorMade Men's RSi1, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 8
NEW Face Slot Technology in the 3-8 iron; Improved Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology in the 3-7 iron

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4. Adams Golf Men's New Idea Tech Hybrid Irons – Best Iron For Straight And High-Trajectory Shots

Slow swing speeds are one of the traits of a mid-handicapper.Adams takes the slot technology one step ahead and uses what is called the Wrap slot technology. The slot is not used on just one portion of the club head but goes all the way from the heel to the top to give you more surface for your hits.

In addition to the wrap slot, there is also a cut-through slot which improves the launch and gives straight shots with maximum distance and speed. But be informed that you may not have consistent shots in the greens.

  • Consistent shots that fly straight and high even with smooth swings
  • It is almost impossible to have a mishit with this club due to its forgiveness
  • You can repeat shots and distance achieved with use
  • An upside down design that moves the CG (Centre of gravity) lower and improves performance
  • A light design that is perfect for beginners, seniors, and women
  • The top of the club head is rounded and can cause difficulty in alignment for some players
The verdict

These hybrid irons are for those who love straight and high-trajectory shots. It gives you shots more spin and launches the ball high in the air. It also has a chunky looking head but without the weight and therefore improves the confidence of your shots.

5. Cobra KING F6 Iron Set – For Exceptional Forgiveness And Control

Cobra employs a number of technologies in their F6 iron sets to give everything that mid handicappers look for in their irons. Even if you swing slow and hit low, your ball will still go high in the air and fly far. This is made possible with the speed channel soles and the TOP technology. So you have more flex on the face and the center of gravity is low enough to lift your ball even if you hit low.

The nickel chrome and gunmetal coating make it a handsome looking club at address though some are not fond of its thick head profile. But it makes up for this shortcoming with its exceptional forgiveness and distance.

  • Progressive spin technology gives the right amount of spin in each of the differently numbered clubs – V - grooves reduce spin while U – Grooves and wedge-shaped grooves improve spin
  • A speed channel sole technology improves flex and thereby gives more distance and great ball speeds
  • TOP technology uses aluminum caps instead of steel to reduce weight and pushes the CG lower for controlled and powerful shots
  • With nickel chrome plating and gunmetal PVD coating, your club will not only look great at address, it will also stay that way for a very long time
  • The stock grips that come with the club are not as soft as some might want it to be
The verdict

Don’t even think twice if you like a lot of control and forgiveness in your game improvement iron. The Cobra King F6 Iron Set has a number of options to choose from. Whether it is reduced spin or high spin, there is one for everyone. It is a lightweight club that has a lower CG, which means your every shot will count no matter where you hit the ball.

Cobra King F6 Combo Iron set - Right hand - Steel - Regular flex - 3-PW
Cobra King F6 Combo Iron set - Right hand - Steel - Regular flex - 3-PW
Distance, with forgiveness, feel and control.; Delivered in a classic head shape for superior confidence in every shot

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6. Nike Golf- LH Vapor Speed Hybrid – The Best Iron For Fast Ball Speeds

True to its name the Nike Vapor hybrid has been built for speed. The hidden cavity in the back helps distribute the weight to the heel and toe. This in combination with the deep head and a compressions channel gets your ball up easily and with a lot of forgiveness and speed that is perfect for mid handicappers.

The speed is further boosted with the variable face thickness of the NexCOR technology. The graphite shaft is stiff enough to give you all the control you need during the swing. You will feel the face act like a spring against the ball. Nike’s Winn grip maybe a soft wrap-style that is easy on the hand, but is not made to stand the test of time.

  • A large hitting area on the face allows you to hit confidently and without the need to find your sweet spot every time
  • A well-balanced club that feels light
  • Easy and straightforward to use from the turf and the tee
  • Great ball distance even after touchdown and when hit from the rough
  • A great looking club head with attractive neon colors for a handsome iron at address
  • The grips can be slippery and so you will need to replace them with some oversized grips if you want more stability
The verdict

If you want to get your ball high up in the air and to travel far distances at the same time, then the Vapor hybrid is your best bet. It is a highly engineered club and comes from the house of Nike which is synonymous with sports. This will be suitable for those who want to upgrade from their starter set and have a mid to high handicap.

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Our Recommendation

We want to further simplify your task of choosing the right iron for you and so have our top two recommendation. If you want a budget-friendly iron that will simply let you achieve unbelievable ball speeds and distances, then choose the Nike Golf- LH Vapor Speed Hybrid.

But if you want a lot of options to make your game of golf more enjoyable, then the Cobra KING F6 Iron Set has technologically superior club heads to give you everything from extraordinary ball speeds to control to forgiveness.

Buying Guide

If you are out to buy your irons and do not know how to choose them, you can end up paying a lot in the name of buying every numbered iron. This is especially true if you are a mid-handicapper. But you can read our quick tips below to choosing the right iron.

1. Type of Iron

Forged irons are hammered to shape and are great for experienced players while cast irons are easily made using a mold. They allow for a number of different materials to be used and are much cheaper.

2. Design

Blade irons or muscle backs are thin-faced and are great for experienced players with a small hitting surface. A cavity back iron has a small cavity in the back which gives it more forgiveness.

These are perfect for mid handicappers. Hybrid irons are great for mid handicappers who find it tough to hit with long irons. They are a hybrid between fairway woods and long irons. So you can hit more consistent shots with confidence and control.

3. Shaft

Steel shafts are stronger with less flex but graphite shafts, though are more expensive, are very lightweight and flex more. So mid-handicappers can benefit by getting more out of their swings.


Don’t waste your time on trying to find the Best Game Improvement Iron. We have done the work for you by putting in more than 30 hours of research into finding the Best One For Mid Handicappers. We hope our review on the Top 5 Irons For Mid-Handicappers with pros and cons helps you choose the right one for you.

In case you buy and like any of the products that we have recommended please leave a comment below so that it will be useful to others like you.