What Is The Most Forgiving Fairway Woods To Buy in 2021?

Have you been playing golf for a while and are still getting a few of those shots very wrong? Does it bother you to see all those players hit the right shot but somehow your shot doesn’t go as perfectly as planned?

What you need is a set of Golf Clubs that are designed for more forgiveness, so that small errors of yours are compromised and the clubs can take care of it for you. After all, this is a game to be enjoyed with calm and poise. No one wants to lose their composure when a shot goes wrong, yet again.

Are you learning golf and aim to get good in a short while? Are your shots not getting perfect despite all those extra hours of practice? No, you don’t need a new hobby or find a new sport, you just need a new set of golf clubs that can improve your game and make you a better player.

Top 5 Most Forgiving Fairway Woods On The Market

Last update on 2021-02-18 PST - Details

Golf has always been a game played by many people. It is a game that gets better with practice rather than coaching, like with many other sports. Instead of tirelessly practicing every single day, a change in your golf clubs can bring the difference you are aiming for.

Today, there are a number of game improvement clubs. Choosing the most forgiving game improvement Fairway woods can be quite a big task. Here is a comparison table of five of the best available in the market today.

Today, there are some game improvement clubs. Choosing the most forgiving game improvement Fairway woods can be quite a big task. Here is a comparison table of five of the best available in the market today.

The Most Recommended Forgiving Fairway Woods: Detailed Reviews 2021

Since a brief overview of the clubs is not sufficient enough to help you choose the one for your game, here is a detailed review of each of the five golf clubs set:

1. Cobra Fly Z Fairway Woods

These clubs have been designed to change the game for the user. With a lower weight and CG, the speed delivered is more, thus enabling you to hit longer.

With different trajectory settings, these clubs are preferred by those who want better angle for the tee off and to cover longer distance right from the start.

When your game has a good momentum right from the start, the confidence level is also high, thus giving you an overall improved experience on the course.

  • Design – The reduced thickness around the face of the perimeter helps in increasing the speed of the shot
  • Crown Zone Weighing Technology – The weight in the crown is reduced and shifted to the lower back part of the club. This provides for a deeper CG, thus making it easier to hit in the aimed direction
  • E9 Zone Face Structure – This removes the weight from the face area and the hosel too. As a result, the speed of the off-center hits is more, thus forgiving the slight mistakes and converting them into a good powerful shot
  • MyFly8 Technology – When you have 8 different trajectory settings, one has enough room to experiment and adjust their game to ensure it goes in the desired direction
  • Weight – The heavy head offers better stability and powerful shots. Also, allows you to judge when you miss the hit.
  • Weight – Though the weight has been shifted, it is not removed. Hence the woods are heavy and are not suitable for those who want a light set.
  • Not For All Terrain – When used on rough terrains, it can be difficult to hit the shot as aimed due to the weight distribution. Only well-experienced players can handle this shift in the weight
Bottom Line

This Fairway Wood is suitable for those who are waiting to use woods in their game but have not been able to handle the weight or the angle of the present ones. The new design and the increased speed pocket makes this wood usable by almost any player and facilitates a good hit with enough momentum to cover a long distance. For those who want to change their game and try their hand with something new and move away from the traditional design, this wood from Taylormade could be a good investment.

Cobra Men's Fly Z Fairway Woods, Stiff, Graphite, Black, Left Hand, 3-4W
MyFly8 Technology: 8 different Loft/Trajectory Settings; SmartPad Technology delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting

Last update on 2021-02-18 PST - Details

2. TaylorMade AeroBurner Fairway Wood

With a new aerodynamic shape that is aimed to increase the speed of the hit, this fairway wood had earned recognition when it was used on the PGA Tour for winning the title.

The hosel fin design and the new speed pocket design together, help in covering more area while hitting and allows the ball to travel the distance at good speed.

  • Aerodynamic Shape –The raised crown along with the shallow face gives the club a good twist in the design that helps the ball travel faster
  • Hosel Fin – The new fin reduces the drag of the shot and delivers good speed right from the start
  • Speed Pocket – The sweet spot area cover is more, thus reducing errors and making up for a number of mishits
  • Material – The club is made with a Nero burner crown graphic and a black PVD face which makes the alignment easy. Hence, easier for the user to hit from where they are standing as they don’t have to move around much
  • TM Speed Grip – A good grip delivers a good shot. With a superior grip combined with the design, this wood provides speed all the way
  • Weight – This wood is very light to avoid any drag in your hit. However, this may not be comfortable for many hitters as they would like to feel their hits and miss
  • Grooves – The big grooves on the underside tend to accumulate a lot of dirt when used on soft or rough terrain. A lot of dirt adds to the weight of the club and also results in more cleaning time
Bottom Line

This fairway wood is suitable for those who are waiting to use woods in their game but have not been able to handle the weight or the angle of the present ones. The new design and the increased speed pocket makes this wood usable by almost any player and facilitates a good hit with enough momentum to cover a long distance.

For those who want to change their game and try their hand with something new and move away from the traditional design, this wood from Taylormade could be a good investment.

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Fairway Wood, Left Hand, Regular, #3
New aerodynamic shape with a shallow face raised center crown and new hosel fin; New Speed Pocket increases the size of the sweet spot and reduces spin

Last update on 2021-02-18 PST - Details

3. Mizuno JPX EZ Fairway Woods

With an expanded area coverage and added weight to the sole of the wood, it offers very good forgiveness and allows you to experience speed in your hits.

When you are hitting the ball, have you realized how most of your hits don’t catch the ball in the center? Do your shots go off key because of this?

To This Fairway wood with a higher MOI aids for better forgiveness and allows you hit that shot as aimed.

  • MOI – The Moment Of Inertia is high in this wood, thus allowing you to twist the ball more while hitting it. This ensures even the off-center hits catch the ball and swing it in the direction desired
  • Shock Wave Sole – This expanded COR area along with the heavier head allows you to hit the balls at a good speed, right off the turf. When your ball starts off at a good speed, it tends to travel longer
  • Footprint – The larger the footprint, more is the area covered when the ball is hit. This increases the chances of the wood catching the ball and swinging it in the intended direction than missing it
  • Quick Switch - You will require slight angle changes in your club for better shots. This club’s trajectory can be adjusted up to 4 degrees, thus giving you more flexibility while playing.
  • A Good Start – The wood helps you deliver very good shots right from the Tee. Start to finish, this club takes care of your game and improves it.
  • Large Head – In order to provide a better forgiveness, the shock wave sole is used in this wood. Though it offers a better angle while hitting, it increases the weight at the head which may not be suitable for some.
Bottom Line

For those players who have been looking for a good Fairway wood that has a high forgiving, this could be the one you are looking for. With a larger sole, it can catch the ball better, even if your hit is off center.

When you are looking to improve your game and increase your confidence level, you need a club that can back you up.

With a stylish design that is pleasing to the eyes and the game, one has nothing to lose by investing in this club.

Last update on 2021-02-18 PST - Details

4. Adams Blue Fairway Wood

With a modified sole slot to enable the players to cover more area and gain more speed in each of their hits, this fairway wood is probably what the right-handed players are looking for.

With a higher forgiveness and lower CG, one can experience a quick launch of the ball, which tends to travel far without much effort.

  • Sole Slot – The improved sole slot design offers better flex and higher speed. When the speed of your shot is more, your ball tends to travel quite a distance without you exerting too much pressure
  • CG – The center of gravity has been reduced and moved towards the back of the wood. This not only increases the speed of your shot but also adds a good spin to it.
  • Slimtech Shaft – This change in design provides for an easy launch of your shot. Hence if you are a beginner or want to improve your game, you can see the improvement right from the start.
  • Weight – Weighing on the lighter side, this wood is easy to carry around and hit with ease. If you have a smooth swing, you could probably have a good gain in the game.
  • Weight – Not every player prefers a lightweight golf club. When the weight is low, the swing has to be smooth and flawless. Hence not suitable for those who are still working on their swing or want the weight of the club to carry the ball.
  • Color – Overly color coordinated for some serious players who focus more on the game than the look of the club.
Bottom Line

This could be the club for those who are seeking help with their swing. For those who are good in their game and have a perfect swing, a lighter golf club can reduce the strain on their wrists and help them spin the ball further with ease.

Though the ball does not travel much distance like the other heavier fairway woods, this one can set up your style. But with an evil looking a head, one may not be too happy with flaunting it on the golf course.

Adams Golf Men's Golf Fairway Wood, Left Hand, Senior Flex, 3 Wood, 43", Graphite, Blue
Low/Back CG - Keeping the CG low & back allows for more spin and more speed on more shots

Last update on 2021-02-18 PST - Details

5. Callaway Big Bertha V Series Fairways Wood

With an aerodynamic design to offer better speed to your shots, this club has an updated design to let your shots travel longer consistently. The angle has also been changed to offer a better lift to the shots.

Thus offering better forgiveness and making up for your mishits with the changed angle and improved speed. When the speed is delivered from the head of the club, the shot is more consistent and less demanding.

With a better design than the original version and versatility, these woods could be what a player want to improve their game in a short span.

  • Speed Optimization – With this new technology, the head of the club has an aerodynamic design that lifts the ball well and adds a good speed to your shot
  • Face Cup – The forged hyper speed face cup helps in increasing the speed of the ball right across the face itself. As a result, the speed and the distance traveled by your ball is consistent in every shot
  • Warbird Soleplate – This updated designing of the sole plate makes the entire wood look stylish and different when compared to the ones in the market
  • High Launch – This change in design takes the ball up at a higher angle and takes it to a good distance. When the angle itself is different, even a low impact shot travels a good distance
  • CH – The center of gravity is deeper and lower than the original version. This allows for a higher ball angle.
  • Weight – It is heavier and bigger than the original version of these fairway woods and hence may not be suitable for new players who want something light. Can also be too taxing for older players or those with wrist injuries
  • Finish – Not everyone wants a shiny finish that can catch the sunlight during the game. Many players prefer a matte finish for a more classy look
Bottom Line

With a thinner face, the ball is lifted off very well and at a good angle that helps in taking the ball far at a good speed. The heavenwood option gives the golfers a great alternative to their regular clubs when their hits are lower but want the ball to travel far.

Though heavier and bigger than the original fairway wood, this club has received a number of good reviews for its versatility and ability to hit longer without much-added effort from the players.

Compare And Recommend

When you are on the hunt for the Most Forgiving Game Improvement Fairway Woods, you need more than just a change in the design or better speed.

You need a club that is easy to adapt too and takes your shots longer without much effort from your end.

The Callaway Men's Big Bertha V Series Fairway Woods is different from the original version but does not need much adapting to.

Hence one need not spend much time perfecting their shots or trying to alter their game to hit well with these clubs.

When a club can help you play better without you having to change much in your game, it is the best option for you.

This is because one cannot be expected to change their game and style every time a new club is introduced in the market.

Rather than spending time on improvement, a golfer would be spending more time in reaching his original game level with the new woods.

As a result, it wastes a lot of your time and requires just too much effort from your end.

For those who don’t mind changing up their game a bit or are still in the initial stages, a good wood that does most of the work for you is what you need.

When you are on the lookout for such wood, the TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Fairway Wood could be your answer.

Well reputed for its design, TaylorMade has come up with yet another game changing wood for the golfer’s benefit.

Buying Guide

Buying the right woods for your gaming needs can be quite tricky with the varieties offered in the market today. When manufacturers move away from traditional designing, one can be left in the wild, not knowing where to invest their money.

Here are a few tips to help you lay your hands on the right one:

  • Angle – Look at the angle of the face. You need wood that is thin in the face so that it can lift off the ball well and forgive more mishits
  • Weight – The weight of the head is very important. Though many may feel a lighter club is less stressful on your joints, a heavier one can help the ball go farther. The lighter the club, better should be your swing
  • Length – Longer the club better will be swing. Though clubs longer than traditional ones can offer better swing, one will need some adjusting. Hence unless you have enough time to practice with the new club and change your style, a drastic change in the design is not recommended
  • Grip – One of the most important but often overlooked feature. The better the grip, the better your shots. You wouldn’t be required to focus all your efforts on the grip and can channelize it towards your swing
  • Technology – Many new technologies are being implemented to improve the performance of the woods. Look for the one that will benefit you rather than going in for a club with the most technological advancements.


Each golfer’s game is unique and so are their needs. Keeping this in mind, we have reviewed five of the Best Fairway Woods available in the market today. It is after many trials and games we finalized on these woods

What is a review without first-hand feedback from real-time users? Our inputs have come from some players who are in various stages of their Golfing career and are looking to improve.

Hope this review has thrown enough light on the fairway woods for your need. If it has been informative and interesting, do share it with others.