What Is The Best Fairway Woods For Beginners In 2021?

If you are a complete beginner to buying Golf woods, you would naturally pick a driver because it has a large head. But wait! A driver may have a large head, but it will make your hits difficult because it has a very low loft. Add to that the fact that you cannot use it for hitting your ball off the ground. This why a Fairway Wood is what you need.

Unlike other Clubs, the Fairway Wood does more, from hitting your ball off the tee to hitting it off the ground. Whether you are a complete beginner to buying golf clubs or a professional, choosing the right kind of Fairway Wood can be quite a difficult task. The fairway wood is the right choice for newbies with the right amount of loft, distance, and accuracy.

There are so many brands of fairway woods in the market that can leave a beginner utterly confused. As not all brands make fairway woods the same way, we have handpicked the top brands that are especially the Best Fairway Woods For Beginners. Read on to find out which one will be yours.

Our Best Fairway Woods For Beginners

Last update on 2022-07-18 PST - Details

Don’t waste your time trying to sort through the zillion options out there. After spending more than 20 hours on product reviews, customer reviews and ratings on the bestselling website, Amazon.com, I have reviewed the best products for you. Read on to find out more details.

The Most Recommended Fairway Woods For Beginners: Detailed Reviews 2021

1. Adams Blue Fairway Wood

How about a fairway wood that is easy to launch and is very forgiving? Then the Adams Blue Fair Wood will be a good choice for you. It has an easy launch system which with its three special features gives you everything a new player needs to play with confidence. The sole of the club head comes with Adam’s signature velocity slot which improves the flex and speed of the face by distributing the power uniformly. Even if you hit the ball very low on the face, your ball with goes really far due to the sole slot.

A low CG (Centre of Gravity) not only adds to the speed but gives you the necessary spin for your shots. The graphite shaft is slim enough to give you more kick and power per launch. The ideal loft for a new player is 16 to 17 degrees, and the loft of this club is 17 degrees which are excellent for high launch.

The overall weight of the Club is very light and easy to hit. But this does not compromise on the stability or reduce the control of your shots. In fact, even if you try to swing hard, the shots will feel very controlled.

The club does not promise of extremely great distances but is just perfect for beginners who typically have a mid-to-high handicap. Due to the unique profile shape, you will find it easy to hit the ball of the deck. All in all, if you want to deliver excellent shots from the fairway, the Adams blue will be your best pal.

  • Accuracy – You will love the forgiveness of this wood as it lets you shoot the ball of the fairway and even from rough and bunkers easily
  • Distance – The best thing about this wood is that it gives you a great distance even if you don’t hit the ball accurately
  • Light – You will feel how light the club is and how it lets you swing well even if you do not have a strong swing
  • Great on looks – The contrasting blue top and white scoring lines not just look great but make alignment a breeze while the sole slot adds to the overall aesthetics
  • Great price – This fairway wood gives you more features in a golf club and comes at an affordable price giving you more value for your money
  • Light – The club is too lightweight and can be a problem especially for beginners who are strong players

2. Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood

When you want to just focus on your hits rather than where your ball is, then the Fairway wood by Callaway is the one for you. It has a superb design that gives you a great combination of both speed and distance. That is the combination to die for, especially if you are a beginner.

Forget your driver, as this club comes with a bigger head for maximum power. As if that wasn’t enough, it also combines a high MOI (Moment of Inertia), a low CG (Centre of Gravity) and a high COR (Coefficient of Restitution). This means that you don’t have to try too hard to hit or shoot the Ball where you want it. The club is extremely forgiving and easy to hit. Whether you hit well or have a mishit, the club will Deliver high and straight shots that will give you more yards per shot.

When you hit the ball, you can feel and hear it bounce off the face. This is due to the forged hyper speed face cup that is hotter and thinner. Now you don’t have to try and look for the sweet spot as it just got bigger and easy to hit every single time. The club head also comes with a textured sole which helps deliver accurate shots. The white lines on the face stand out against the background and let you find the sweet spot with ease.

This is a truly high-performing fairway wood that can work wonders for you if you are a beginner. With the amount of speed, distance, and forgiveness that you get in this easy-to-hit club, you will never reach for a driver anymore.

  • All-rounder – There is no compromise with this fairway wood as it gives you everything you need from aerodynamics to speed to forgiveness and an easy-to-hit design.
  • Distance – As the shots are straight rather than an angle, you get more distance even if you don’t swing too hard
  • Light – The club is very light making it easy to swing but with the right amount of feel for the club head
  • Speed – Unbelievable speed is something you get by default due to the combination of an aerodynamic head, a hotter face cup, and a bigger head
  • Accuracy – You can’t help but deliver straight and accurate shots even if you have a miss
  • Great looks –Unlike other clubs that are super glossy, the matte finish of the crown reduces glare while the red color shaft is unique and stylish.
  • Poor grip – The club grip is adequate but may not be very good for some.
  • Visual aid – The embossed visual aid is the same color as the crown and may not be visible from some angles

3. Cobra King F6 Fairway Wood

Sometimes you feel that your club head is slightly bigger or slightly smaller than you would want it to be. But what if you could simply change the weight of your club? This is exactly what you can do with the Fairway Wood by Cobra. You can change your wood from a 3Wto 4W and vice versa in a jiffy with adjustable CG hosel.

The adjustable CG feature lets you change the club’s center of gravity. This is similar to changing the wood but without the hassle. A 20 gm tungsten weight on the back of the sole can be adjusted to give you the desired performance. The weight when moved forward gives you less spin and a good launch. When it is flipped back, it increases the trajectory and forgiveness of your club.Simply sweep the balls off the fairway with ease.

Hard swings can be very therapeutic when you are a beginner but may not give you the desired control or accuracy. But with this club, you can really hit hard and still get your ball to the desired spot without much straying. Increasing the loft can give your more distance. This wood can very well stay with you even after you have advanced from the beginner level.

  • Versatile – No matter how you swing, you can use the adjustable weights to match your requirement.
  • Adjustable Loft – The loft can be adjusted with a whopping 8 different adjustment to match your swing and get the required trajectory and launch
  • Fast – Your ball won’t just quickly go air-borne, but it will run at an incredible speed due to the different rate channels. This is a trench around the edge of the face which reduces thickness thereby increasing the speed and distance traveled by the ball
  • Value for money – The club comes with a lot of adjustable features which can be very handy for a beginner and at a very affordable price tag.
  • Great looks – The sole looks technically superior as does the speed channels on the face. Striking a perfect balance is the pear-shaped head that is neither too big nor small.
  • Great looks –Unlike other clubs that are super glossy, the matte finish of the crown reduces glare while the red color shaft is unique and stylish.
  • Not very forgiving – Despite the various adjustments, the club is not as forgiving as the others in the segment if you hit slightly away from the center
  • Learning curve – The weight and loft adjustments can take a bit of getting used to for beginners

4. Ping G Fairway Wood

If you want speed but without a compromise on distance and control, then you should get yourself the Ping G30 Fairway Wood.

The club comes with a special feature on its crown called tabulators which ensure that your ball achieves maximum speed and distance.

They improve the aerodynamics of the club head by allowing air to circulate it.

These tabulators also help in alignment like those found on driver's heads.

The face takes the spotlight though with its Carpenter 475 steel which is stronger yet thinner. This results in high ball speeds and a low-back CG which increases an accuracy of shots as well as the distance.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also adjust the loft with five different settings. So you can increase or decrease the loft angle up to one degree.

  • Ball speed – The face is a Carpenter 475 steel which means it is thinner and maximizes the speed of the ball and the distance covered
  • Forgiving – Unlike other fairway woods, the face is taller and allows for more successful hits
  • Adjustable Loft – You can control your trajectory as the club gives you five different loft settings to go up or down by one degree
  • Lightweight – The club is very light but yet gives you good amount of control during the swing
  • No hard swinging – If you love aggressive shots and hard swings, then this club may not be for you
  • Visual aid – The tubular alignment aid requires some getting used to

5. Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway Wood

Callaway is always going to be a top club when it comes to beginners and high handicappers. Their high level of artificial intelligence and technology that they add to their clubs makes them a perfect option for those looking for an easy to hit club.

The new Callaway Mavrik Max Fairway is an easy to hit club that helps players to get the ball down the fairway, even on off-center hits. The Mavrik Max Fairway wood has a huge club head. Typically speaking, high handicapper players do best with a large club offset clubhead.

If you struggle with ball speed and swing speed, this light design will help to increase both.

The Mavrik fairway woods feature the Flash Face technology that the Epic Flash Driver had in 2021. The clubface is exceptionally responsive, and you will quickly notice an increase in distance from whatever you are currently playing.

The Rogue fairway woods that Callaway released in 2021 were both forgiving and long, but people didn’t love the feel and sound. Those things have been updated on the Mavrik.

Even though we believe that the Mavrik is one of the best fairway woods for a beginner or high handicapper, it is also a great club as your handicap lowers. The Mavrik is going to end up being one of the top fairway woods in 2021

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Fairway Wood (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow Riptide 60G, Regular, 3 Wood)
Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Fairway Wood (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow Riptide 60G, Regular, 3 Wood)
Material Type: Graphite; Package Height Of The Item Is 3.75"; Package Length Of The Item Is 44.25"

Last update on 2022-07-18 PST - Details

Our Recommendation

The reason we have picked four top Fairway kinds of wood and not one is that one size does not fit all.

Even if the price factor were kept constant, there would still be differences in preferences. Now that you have a good idea of the features of each of the four kinds of wood, it would be easy to pick the right one for you.

But if you are not sure, then we will further narrow down the selection for you.

If you want a Fairway Wood that is budget-friendly and has a lot of features, then the Cobra KING F6 would be a good option. As this is an all-round performance, it can also be used even after you become an experienced player.

But if you want an extremely straight-forward Fairway Wood that will let you enjoy some great shots, then the Adams Fairway Wood is what you should get.

Buying Guide - How To Choose a Good Fairway Wood For Beginners?

A good fairway wood is a must in your Bag. But the Fairway Wood you need will differ if you are a beginner. Even intermediate players will need something different from the professionals. Therefore, we have shown you some tips below to choose the right fairway wood for beginners.

Wood Number and Loft

Every type of wood has a wood number, and this ranges from 1 over 9. While a 1W or 1 wood is essentially a driver, woods 2 and higher are fairway woods. Another aspect of the wood is the loft, which is the angle of the club’s face. This is what decides the trajectory of your shots.

Generally, a lower numbered wood have low lofts. A 3 and 4 wood has the lowest lofts, typically from 13 to 18 degrees and can be used in place of a driver. 5 to 7 woods are considered mid-lofts and 9-wood or higher are considered high-lofts. 3 to 5 woods are great beginner fairway woods.


Graphite is the most common material used in fairway club shafts. Steel is rare and is mostly used by professionals. This is because graphite shafts have the right amount of height that is suitable for beginners while steel shafts are for those who want to keep their ball much lower. It is also lighter and allows for varying amount of flex to suit different swing speeds.


Fairway clubheads are smaller than drivers but are able to deliver the same power. The club head is what gives your shots the required power and trajectory for speed and distance. Look for features in the clubhead that will optimize speed, distance and accuracy.

Loft Adjustment

The loft can be adjusted using a hosel on the heel of the head. If you want to improve ball flight and performance, choose a wood with an adjustable loft.

Moveable Weights

Although more popular in driver, fairway woods also come with moveable weights in the sole of the clubhead. A higher weighted wood can increase the ball speed and distance. Woods with variable weights can be used by beginners and professionals alike.


Not all Fairway Woods are the same. Even if you managed to find a great one, it might not work for you especially if you are a beginner. Choosing the right Fairway Wood is quite a mammoth task even for professional and therefore should not be done in a hurry.

We have simplified the process by doing the research for you and review some of the Best Fairway Woods For Beginners. The results here have been collated after spending more than 20 hours on reading up reviews on these products. We hope that the in-depth review with pros and cons help you choose the right fairway wood to hit your ball off the fairway.

Don’t wait to buy one of these great woods when you can be hitting your ball high and far in no time. If you found this review useful or if you purchased one of our recommendations, do leave a comment below. We hope you have a good time swinging that wood!