The Best 5 Woods On The Market In 2020?

Characterized by their extended shaft length and broader club face woods are timeless clubs. With wood, you either get your best shot or your worst. A lot depends here on the type of woods you choose.

If the process of picking the best wood for your collection seems overwhelming, here is a list of the best 5 woods which are all-rounders. Each of these performs well in a different area. So, whatever be your handicap and whatever be your proficiency level in the game you would be able to find your best fit in no time.

In all those critical moments of your game where a little extra distance goes a long way, your wood would be your best companion. The large-sized club faced does bring some forgiveness for the beginners which can be an added advantage. That being said, what should you look for when you pick woods? What budget should you set aside?

Where in your game would you be using your woods? We will answer all these questions right after the reviews of the best 5 woods for golfers.


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  • Speed optimized performance
  • Versatility through the design of soleplate
  • Elevated launch
  • Easily adjustable CG positions
  • Customizable lofts
  • Versatile to suit different swing types
  • Solid feel
  • Accurate trajectory
  • Optimized launch and overall performance
  • Consistent tee and turf speed improvement
  • Stable shots due to low CG position
  • Great sounding wood
  • Consistent distance improvement for off-center shots
  • Forgiveness is better with the large club head design
  • Hyper-speed face cup for improved speeds

Detailed reviews of the best 5 woods


Callaway Men's Big Bertha V Series Fairway Woods, Left Hand, 15.5-Degree, Senior, Graphite
  • Speed Optimized Technology: An advanced, lightweight aerodynamic club head design to deliver maximum club head speed
  • Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup It increases ball speeds across the face for longer, more consistent distance
  • Modern Warbird Soleplate: Increases versatility from everywhere with an updated design
  • High Launch Design: Increases launch angle to get the ball up in the air for improved distance, especially when the impact is low on the clubface
  • Special Heaven wood Option: Every golfer could use the new Heaven wood in their bag

Last update on 2020-12-02 PST - Details

V series gets its name from ‘velocity,’ indicating the special trait of this range- the enhanced speed. Speed optimized technology is the brand’s incorporation of a design that delivers better speeds. With the use of aerodynamics in design, this club delivers distance combined with speed. With a senior flex of the shaft on, this is flexible. 

Therefore it is also suitable for beginners with lower swing speed. The balanced design gives the confidence to swing the club faster without losing stability. On the whole, this is a flexible club that can suit different lies and stroke styles.

  • Gives a nice solid sound at impact
  • The overall weight feels light and easy to swing for seniors and beginners
  • Turf interaction feels responsive thanks to the sole intuitive design
  • Forgiveness helps increase the angle of launch effortlessly
  • Graphite shaft on this is one of the lightest in the segment and might not be suitable for those looking for a heavy wood feel

If you are someone who is looking to improving head speed and taking your shots an extra distance, then the V-series can help.


Cobra KING F6 Golf Fairway Wood (Men's, 13.0-16.0, Graphite, Regular, Right, 3W4W), Black
  • F6 CG TUNING-F6 Drivers featuring adjustable 'Front to Back' CG technology. A front CG position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll, while a back CG position delivers a more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness
  • MY FLY-KING F6 Fairways come with Eight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximize distance on any course, and for any swing
  • SPEED CHANNEL-Speed Channel is an exclusive COBRA innovation. An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the face for incredible distance
  • The F6 Fairway is a medium shaped fairway wood designed for all swing types. It combines loft adjustments with front and back CG settings. The result is forgiveness with distance through optimum spin and higher ball speeds

Last update on 2020-12-02 PST - Details

In the very successful Fly-Z variants the weight distribution was either in the front or the back. F6 takes its design one notch above the predecessors by delivering a hybrid head design with adjustable weights. You can put the weight in the front or in the back based on the type of shot you wish to cover. If you need more spin and an elevated launch then you can position the weight at the back. 

The other parameter that you can adjust with this club is the loft and there are 8 different settings provided. Whether it is more spin that you need or a higher launch you get to mix and match the various settings to get the desired effect. Combined with your swing style you can easily find your perfect setting with a few trials.

  • There is a rich feel that this club delivers coming from the stability of the design
  • Sound at impact feels nice with both the weight positions
  • Loft adjustment can be done easily on this club
  • It is a forgiving club for all types of golfers
  • With the weight positioned in the front, the club feels slightly tricky to handle especially if you are new to woods.

Cobra King F6 makes a great choice for someone who needs a forgiving wood which feels accurate in handling.


TaylorMade M1 Fairway (Men's, Right Hand, Stiff, 3 Wood)
  • Carbon Composite Crown  - Shifts weight low for optimal launch and spin conditions
  • Front Track System - Two sliding 15g weights can be moved promote Draw, Neutral, Fade shot shapes
  • Comes with Fujikura Pro 70 shaft and Lamkin Performance 360 grip

Last update on 2020-12-02 PST - Details

If you have been having trouble gaining consistency with fairway woods, then the M1 comes as a fresh new twist to this collection. Most types of golfers can benefit from the forgiving, stable swing style this wood delivers. This is the 2016 variant, and there has been another one released after this in 2017. However, this one continues to be popular among many types of golfers for the control it delivers. 

For better control of the performance, there is a pair of weights that slide up and down. Combined with the crown made of a light carbon composite, the club helps improve the launch. This 2016 variant fetches a great value for money given the adjustability it delivers in the design.

  • The club looks and feels elegant for a new player trying woods for the first time
  • Balancing of CG is intuitive thanks to the positioning of the weight track on the front side
  • Fujikura Pro shaft on this is long and light delivering a good swing speed
  • Altering the loft, lie, and weight position based on the swing style can be a little tricky to comprehend.

For all those who are able to attain a low spin or medium spin, this club can give a competitive edge and enhance the performance. The extra distance it puts into each shot helps improve your game feel.

4. Titleist 915 F Fairway Wood – increased distance

Titleist 915 F Fairway 16.5 Degree 3 HL Wood Diamana M+ Red 60 Right Regular Flex
  • Forward positioned channel delivers distance from both the tee and turf through higher speed and lower spin
  • High speed face insert increases ball speed across the entire face
  • Low CG design delivers stability and ball speed preserving forgiveness

Last update on 2020-12-02 PST - Details

915F comes with a selection of premium feel shafts that help improve the feel. There is also a solid impact which is accompanied by the consistent sound. Loft and lie combinations can be set in 16 different combinations to customize the feel of the wood. Weight balancing is done so as to keep the CG as low as possible.

Therefore the shots can feel more stable for a better strike at the sweet spot. Also, with fewer efforts, more kinetic power can be transmitted to the ball, taking it higher and farther. 915F has a clubface size that suits all types of players.

  • Launch height improves significantly with this wood
  • Face insert is designed to deliver speed even for the off-center shots
  • Channel for weight adjustment is placed in the front so as to minimize the spin and increase the distance
  • 915F is not very good in terms of the forgiveness of the club head

For golfers looking for a wood that helps increase the distance with every shot, 915F is a great fairway wood to try. Its durability also makes it a suitable long term choice.

5. Callaway Men's XR 16 Fairway Wood – a very forgiving wood

Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood (Men's, RH, 3 Wood, Speeder Evolution 565, Stiff Flex)
  • Bigger, more forgiving and easier to hit: the head shape is bigger, and we've built in an awesome combination of our highest MOI, low center of Gravity, and highest COR in a fairway wood. Our lightest crown ever allows US to move weight where we want it
  • Higher ball speed from a hotter face cup: we've taken our industry-leading forged hyper speed face cup and made it hotter and thinner for even more speed and a large sweet spot. Is that something you might be interested in we thought so
  • An aerodynamic head shape for even more speed: we've improved the aerodynamics on this head to create even more head speed for you to go along with all that ball speed. By now you probably get that this fairway wood is made for ultimate ball speed

Last update on 2020-12-02 PST - Details

XR 16 might not look as attractive as the other woods on our list, but it is a great club if you need a straighter faster swing. Low CG positioning is combined with the high MOI value to improve stability. Lightweight crown allows people with low swing speed and beginners to gain more confidence in handling woods.

The aerodynamic design of the head is another factor that helps improve the swing speed. The large size of the club head is combined with the forged hyper-speed cup, which is sleek. Together they increase the sweet spot and deliver a solid impact even for off-center hits.

  • Ease of handling this wood is one of its biggest strengths
  • Features one of the highest value of MOI in woods
  • Improved ball flight available for all golfers
  • Gives better control over the strike pattern
  • Matte finish surface of club head easily show scratches within a few practice sessions
  • Almost all shots feel straight and there is little you can do to alter the trajectory

We would not call this a game-changer. However, if you are someone with a high handicap looking for a forgiving wood with a large club head, then XR16 works like a charm.

Best woods buyer’s guide

Choosing a suitable fairway wood doesn’t have to be a complicated business when you know what exactly you need. It is alright to work with a fitter, especially if you are a beginner. Your fitter would help you identify the right type of wood to choose based on your swing type.


Where in your game, would you be using your woods? When you are taking a shot where the gold hole is far off, you might need a higher launch to go the distance. This is where your woods are handy. That being said, you can be assured that you can find a suitable wood no matter what your handicap level is. Here are a few features to look for when you plan to buy woods for your golf club collection.

  • Adjustable features

From loft to the weight position, many attributes can be adjusted on most of the woods. The best-rated ones offer such personalization options to fine-tune the performance and overall feel of the club. When you choose a club with ample room for tweaking, you are picking a long term companion. You can continue to change the settings as and how you perfect your shots.

  • Loft

With increased height comes the reduced distance. However, there are some places where that boost in the launch height matters a lot. This is where a high loft setting can be useful. 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, and 9 wood are the most common configurations available based on the loft settings. 3 and 5 woods are the most used ones with their manageable loft settings. Pick one that comes with easy fine-tuning of the loft level of the wood.

  • Applications

Some use their woods in place of long irons to give a nice lift to the ball. The others prefer sticking with the conventional application of using it to hit off the tee. While the many parameters associated with a wood configuration can be confusing, knowing where you would be using the wood would make it easier.

  • Material

Stainless steel, graphite, and other materials are used in the shaft and club head. The type of material used determines the weight and durability of the woods. Pick something that is light enough for you to handle and also long-lasting. The material of the club determines the weight distribution, which in turn influences how stable the club feels.

  • Budget

Remember that the price of the woods would not be the best indicator of its quality. You need a performance-oriented design. This doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. Some reasonably priced woods deliver similar performance to the expensive ones.

You can also find preowned clubs in this range that are offered at great discounts in comparison with the original price. Sticking with a reputed brand ensures that you are choosing woods that can last for a long time. Given that your woods would be in your golf bag for most of your games, you would need something that offers the best value for the money you spend. Pick something that comes with a durable and comfortable grip for a noticeable improvement in your performance.

Final verdict

There have been several new fairway woods and hybrids released with large club heads. When it comes to choosing woods, consistency and distance should be balanced to give you a more predictable shot. Callaway Men's Big Bertha V Series Fairway Woods continues to be our personal favorite. Being a 3-wood this easily becomes a go-to for all those long-distance shots.

It can be a handy choice when you need a dependable wood for those shots where you have to lift the ball high off the tee. Shaft length and easy swing improvement together make this wood a suitable choice for beginners and high handicap golfers who need distance.