What Is The Best 5 Woods For High Handicappers In 2022?

Choosing your wood in a Golf Game can be the determining factor in how well you do on the green. This Golf Club is a big deal to serious and amateur golfer alike, and choosing a new one can be a difficult task. Woods are used for lifting and projecting the golf ball toward your desired target.

In general, the higher the number of the wood, the higher the upwards trajectory of the ball. A Driver is technically one wood so that it will drive the ball with power, but low to the ground. The 3 and 5 wood will lift and propel your ball towards the hole and still provide a decent amount of power. As you get into the higher numbers, the challenge becomes hitting the ball with enough power to get it to your target.

Before you start your search for the perfect Fairway Wood, you should be asking yourself what you need your wood to do for you. Are you a golfer looking for more height? Do you need a club to use off the tee, to replace your 3 iron or to hit from the rough? Depending on your answer to these questions will determine which wood is going to be the best for your needs on the green.

No matter for what reason you need a new wood for, this guide is here to simplify the search process and make it easy for you to find your perfect club. When it comes to golf, it is easy to become lost in a sea of options, with no way to distinguish quality products from their low-quality counterparts. Below are five of the best woods on the market for improving your accuracy and golf swing, as well as some things to look for when searching for wood.

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What to Look for When Buying a Wood

1. Adjustability

Today, several golf club manufacturers are incorporating adjustability into their designs. This adjustability allows golfers to customize their golf club to fit their particular individual golf swing and conditions. Here are some ways that woods can be adjustable, and why it may be a good idea to look for Adjustability when searching for a perfect wood.

2. Loft

Now golfers can adjust the loft of their wood with a simply adjustable hosel. Keep in mind that not all woods come with adjustable lofts, so you should do your research if this is something you are interested in. Removing a single screw in the wood’s heel and connecting the shaft to the club head by replacing it with a predetermined setting achieve these adjustable lofts.

Usually, adjustable lofts can be changed by four of five degrees depending on the manufacturer and settings. This is a great feature to assure you are hitting both your height and power goal when it comes to your golf swing.

3. Face Angle

The face angle of wood is the angle of the club when it hits the golf ball. There are both open-faced clubs and closed faced clubs. The important difference between these two is that an open-faced club will decrease your loft while a closed faced club will effectively do the opposite and increase your loft.

For the most part, face angles are a personal preference and have a lot to do with your preferred style of playing, although the face angle can have an impact on the height and flight of the Golf Ball. Depending on your weaknesses and strengths on the green, you may want to consider looking for wood with a specific face angle.

4. Moveable Weights

Moveable weights are usually features seen in drivers that can help to increase the flight of the golf ball. Today, more and more manufacturers are starting to include moveable weights into their wood designs. These are weight screws and allow you to determine exactly where you want the weight to be located on the club head and how much.

Moveable weights are not available on every wood, and are often added on as part of a custom fit procedure. Moveable weights might be worth considering if you are a serious player who is concerned with being able to manipulate the flight of your golf ball to improve your game.

5. Materials

Fairway woods can be made of a variety of different materials including steel, titanium, and composite. Each material has its pros and cons, and all can have a different effect on the way your game is played. Read more about these different materials and how they can affect the performance of your wood below.

6. Steel

This is the most common material used to make woods because it is an inexpensive material that can be done with a smaller head. Steel is known for its long-lasting, durable, and high qualities. It keeps costs down on what would otherwise be precious woods, while still maintaining high quality and professional level performance.

7. Titanium

Titanium used to be the main player when it came to wood constructions. It was quickly replaced with the more cost efficient and malleable steel but is still seen a fair amount in woods today.

Titanium is a lightweight material that has a thin face making it easy to adjust the center of gravity of the wood for higher hits. This is a great material for woods to made out of, but as titanium is an expensive metal, titanium clubs can often be costly to the consumer.

8. Composite

Composite materials are still fairly new in the wood market. Materials like carbon are used for their lightweight nature and are often placed on the crown or backside of the club head to minimize the weight. Composite materials are a lot more affordable than titanium, making it an ideal design for less serious golfers who are not willing to spend as much money.

9. Shafts

When looking for the best wood for your golf game, shafts are an essential factor to consider. While shafts are an important part of every golf club, they especially play a significant role in the wood. Longer shafts can give the player more distance and a greater speed at the club head. While shorter shafts offer more control much like an iron.

Depending on your situation and level of expertise, deciding which shaft length is right for you can help you to find the best wood. Keep in mind that there are many versatile shafts available such as ones made of graphite for a lighter feel that is suitable to a variety of golf swing styles and speeds.

1. Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

  • Fusion Technology for maximum forgiveness
  • Constructed with top aerodynamics
  • No adjustability
  • Limited loft options

This Callaway Big Bertha is a great wood for golfers who are looking for some forgiveness and a little help giving their golf ball some height.

The crown of this wood is constructed out of lightweight and high performing carbon composite, giving your golf swing an extra punch.

The weight that is not in the crown can be found in the pack and outskirts of the wood allowing gravity to launch the ball into the air. The graphite shaft is optimized for greater control and superior accuracy. With this wood, you will be able to hit your golf ball wherever you need it to go.

2. Callaway GBB Epic/Sub Zero

  • Adjustable sole weights
  • Aero-elliptical head shape for faster swing
  • Non adjustable configuration
  • Limited shaft length options

Made by the same manufacturer as the Big Bertha, this Callaway Epic/Sub Zero wood features Callaway’s signature face wrapping around the entire perimeter of the crown and sole.

Thanks to the use of the extremely lightweight and durable triaxial carbon composite material in the crown, there is a lower center of gravity in the club. This low center of gravity allows your golf ball to soar to new heights.

Perhaps the best feature of the Callaway GBB Epic/Sub Zero is its adjustable sole weights that allow you to quickly and easily customize your wood for particular situations and conditions on the green.

3. Cobra King LTD Black

  • Lightweight, aerodynamic construction
  • Excellent distance and forgiveness
  • Stiff flex
  • Right hand only

The Cobra King definitely wins the award for best design in our book. This Cobra King LTD Black wood is constructed with a carbon crown and graphite shaft. Its design is sleek and cool, with an all black crown and shaft.

Cobra has created a wood that is lightweight thanks to the carbon composite and low on the spin. It does this by lowering the crown’s center of gravity and lining up with the center of the face for optimal energy transfer for power and the lowest spin on the fairway.

4. Cobra King F7

  • Easily adjustable loft settings
  • Baffler dual rail system
  • Only long shaft option
  • Not lightweight

Much like the Cobra King LTD, the F7 version boasts a sleek design with slightly more weight. This is a classic Cobra wood that gets the job done. It is best for those not looking for thrills and frills, as this wood is incredibly forgiving and promises a good game.

The loft adjustability is incredibly easy, so easy that a beginner could do it. It also boasts an excellent dual rail system that gives your golf swings a smooth and easy delivery into the turf.

This wood provides the best in stability and reliability, making it a great option for beginners and pros alike.

5. Ping Fairway Wood

  • Great impact
  • Excellent low center of gravity for ball height
  • Limited loft adjustability
  • Right hand only

The Ping Fairway Wood is known for its unique design of placing the edge closer to the turf so that golfers can avoid the problem of catching the golf ball too low on the face.

With this wood, you will be able to hit the golf ball higher on the face and give it better launch and incredible speed.

If you are looking for a high performance, quality and durable wood, the stainless steel Ping Fairway may be just the wood to help you improve your next game.

Bottom Line

Woods are an essential club in any golf game, and have a good one can definitely give you an advantage over your opponent and increase your odds on the green. When searching for the perfect wood for you, you should always keep in mind factors like adjustability, materials, and the length shaft. After rounding up the five best woods we could find, our overall winner is the Cobra King LTD Black for its sleek and modern design, aerodynamic construction and excellent performance on the fairway. No matter what kind of wood you are looking for, with this guide you will be able to find the perfect one to help you improve your golfing game.