Most Forgiving Drivers Reviews 2020: Top 10+ Recommended

Buying a Driver is one of the biggest choices that any golfer has to make. A good driver can go a long way in improving your scores. For the Beginners Choosing A Forgiving Driver would help attain some great shots and work on one’s style.

There are numerous Golf Clubs available. Earlier there were the Woods and the irons and a handful of other variants. But now technology has evolved so much that you would be able to find drivers that do not just enhance the scores by improving the performance but are also very forgiving.

The market is very competitive and you would be able to find a lot of them that might look closely similar in their features and design. But it is in the minor details that any club differs from another

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Why do We Now Talk about Forgiving Drivers?

The clubs that were used in the very beginning were very much different from the clubs we have today. There were thing blade like club heads on the golf clubs. So the design was such that the entire weight of the club was focused behind the club’s sweet spot.

This was a good scenario for the professional golfers as the accuracy was great. But for the beginners, this was a big turn off. Slight off-center shots would result in a bad shot. This meant that such clubs resulted in a lot of mishits.

Then came the Irons that were perimeter weighted. A marked reduction in mishits was noticed. This was the precursor of the concept of forgiving drivers. This concept has been expanded to result in the modern day drivers that come with large club heads with the weight shifted towards the perimeter so that the probability of missing a shot is reduced and nearly eliminated.

What To Look for To Buy a Forgiving Driver

Here are the features of any driver that would be able to increase the forgiveness to a large extent:

  • Large club head with a broad club face- bigger the head size more would the forgiveness of the driver be. A broad surface would ensure that there is a good chance of making a solid contact with the Ball. This is why the concept of 460cc clubhead became so popular among the golfers.
  • Consider design of the club head alignment. The face to the shaft angle when large, it can lead to a lot of mishits. This means that the angle should not be very open. The tighter the angle the more the forgiveness
  • Standard shaft lengths are great for golfers of various handicaps. Taller people might look for longer shafts. There are also some situations where you might find an additional shaft length to be beneficial. But the longer the shaft, the less control a beginner would have over the driver. This might make it feel like the driver is not very forgiving.

When you look for the above features in a club then you can be sure that you are picking the best driver for yourself without any regrets. Such a driver would make your practice sessions seem a little easier and would also make it easy to refine your style.

You might find a lot of drivers that come with a cavity at the backside which might add to the forgiveness and give extra stability. High MOI would be another factor to look for to achieve better shots every single time.

Benefits of Choosing Better Forgiveness for Your Driver

We often recommend Forgiving Drivers For Beginners. But people of all types of handicaps would find such drivers beneficial at different instances. Here are the most common benefits that a forgiving driver offers.

  • People whose swing speed is high might often find it difficult to hit the ball at the exact center of the club face every time. With a narrow clubhead this gets tougher. With forgiving drivers the club head is large and thus hitting the center would be simpler
  • Lack of control is something that several new players complain during their training sessions. When we talk about control, it is not a straightforward factor. It is the collective result of several aspects of the driver and the handling as well. Lightweight clubs are considered tougher to handle. But heavier clubs are not easy for the new golfers. Experienced golfers often prefer heavy drivers. With forgiving drivers, the design is made such that the weight distribution is uniform making the driver easy to handle for the beginners.
  • With the added forgiveness, golfers would also be able to achieve extra distance with these drivers. The distance of the shots is impacted due to several reason. One main reason is the slower swing speed. Some have a slow swing speed naturally. Senior golfers and others who find it difficult to work on their swing speed might have to miss out on the distance of the shots with normal drivers. Forgiving drivers that we have on our list would help tackle these cases. The ball would be hit with a more solid force and this would result in a longer distance shot.

With all these factors ensured, the driver would give the golfer more confidence in handling the shots. It would also result inconsistency in the performance. Here are the most forgiving drivers which are suitable for beginners and pros alike:

Top 10 Most Forgiving Drivers On The Market

1. TaylorMade Men's R15 460 Driver

The R15 460 comes with a variety of flex options for the shaft and loft choices as well. This is also available for right and left-handed golfers. When you choose the stiff flex shaft you get to choose a loft of 9.5deg, 10.5deg, and 12deg. If you are looking for a forgiving club the 10.5deg and 12deg variants are great.

A reduced spin would ensure that the ball’s distance is not reduced. To deliver this, the driver comes with a CG that is low forward. This is possible mainly due to the Thick-Thin Casting. The sweet spot of the driver has been expanded thanks to the design. This is achieved with the help of the signature Inverted Cone Technology.

One other attractive aspect of this driver is the fact that there is excellent adjustability thanks to the loft sleeve. Given its versatility and forgiveness, we recommend the stiff flex with 10.5deg for the right-handed golfers.

  • The lower forward CG placement design ensures that each time you take a shot you send the ball high enough to cover a long distance. This would also reduce the spin considerably for the fast swing golfers.
  • Depending on the launch condition that you are encountering you would be able to tune the 4deg loft sleeve to hit that perfect shot.
  • The split weights are easy to slide and adjust to slightly reposition the weight balance according to the impact expected
  • This deriver offers an unrivaled consistency which would add the confidence to new players and experienced ones alike.
  • It is hard to find a negative about this driver except of course the high price tag.
TaylorMade Men's R15 Driver, Right Hand, Stiff, 10.5-Degree
460cc head Low-forward CG promotes low spin; New Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution shaft and Lamkin UTX Grip

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2. Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver

Another forgiving driver that is great for every type of handicap is the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 with a 10.5deg loft and a regular flex on the graphite shaft. For those looking for more customization options, there are other options of shaft including Diamana S+ Graphite, Speeder 665 Graphite and more.

The forged composite crown in the driver is responsible for reducing the weight of the head and making it more stable.

This can complement the Gravity Core design which is Callaway’s patented technology to achieve CG adjustment. And all these put together result in a driver that is very forgiving.

  • The eye catchy design is definitely wort ha mention here as this would stand out distinguishably from any other driver in your bag.
  • It offers a great distance to your shots even when you have a low swing speed and a weaker impact
  • This driver is known to offer exceptional stability so that minor miscalculations or alterations in your shots would not magnify and result in erroneous shots
  • RMOTO technology is the latest advancement in design that helps attaining a stability and solidness in the impact.
  • The 7g and 1g weight ports provided on the driver allows adjustment of the club to set a neutral, draw and fade bias as and when required. Lie angle and loft configurations could also be adjusted in this club making it a versatile option that would come in handy for a variety of shots.
  • The ease of handling this driver is something that makes it a favorite among the beginners.
  • The regular flex might seem a bit too flexible for those with a heavier swing. But for the beginners this makes a great driver for the practice sessions.
Callaway Men's Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, 10.5-Degree
RMOTO Face: Here's the real MVP of this club; Gravity Core: This is what patented CG adjustability is all about

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3. Nike Vapor Flex Driver

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With a balanced loft and a design crafted mindfully for maintaining a great forgiveness, this one comes as an expensive yet durable driver. The driver looks compact on the outside but it can deliver some powerful shots no matter how fast or slow your swing speed is going to be. When you are looking for a driver that would give a good amount of length off the Tee, then this one is an easy choice.

The launch is retained to be high as well. The polymer resin rod of the driver is what is responsible for the favorable positioning of the CG. This would also help find tune the spin by varying the launch angle of the shot. Given the low spin of the ball, the driver is pretty useful in windy weather conditions as the ball spin due to the club would be kept as low as possible.

  • For the beginners the broad head ensures that there is a solid impact every single time. For the experienced golfers struggling with hooks and slices this one does a great job in reducing them.
  • The consistency observed in the shots is another good aspect of this driver. The weight distribution ensures the best position of the club head for every swing so as to achieve a powerful impact.
  • The feel is something that sets this club apart from most others in this segment. The weight distribution has been balanced so that you would feel exactly how the impact occurs and this would mean that you would know the exact result to expect.
  • Though the broad club head does the trick this is not the most forgiving driver on our list. There are few more that can help absolutely beginners. But if you have already started practicing your swing, this driver is sure to make it easier for you.
Nike Vapor Flex Driver
Nike; Vapor Flex; Left-Handed; Stiff

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

4. Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset Golf Driver

As a latest addition in Pinemeadow’s impressive line of drivers, this one comes with a forgiving club head and a stable feel. The 10.5deg loft is just right to offer enough forgiveness for those struggling with the accuracy of the impact. The name has been given due to the Offset technology that has been incorporated in the design to particularly help reduce the slices.

This is attained by retaining a face that is square during the time of impact. This would also help ensuring that the shots travel straight and focused. The driver comes with a neat styling.

The matte finish makes sure that all unwanted glare is avoided on a sunny day so that you are not distracted when you are out on the field. If you are worried about keeping your driver safe and new, the package comes with a club head cover as well.

  • The weight of the club is pretty light. So those with a light swing would also be able to make a powerful shot with this club. At the same time the weight distribution has been balanced so that a stable shot is achieved.
  • The 460cc driver comes with a large sweet spot so that accuracy of impact can be improved and accuracy of the shots can thus be ensured as well. So no matter where the ball impacts you can be assured of a tight impact.
  • The overall design of the club has been made so as to make it easy to handle for a beginner on the field.
  • The shaft might seem a bit shorter than most other drivers especially for the tall golfers.
  • This is not the best driver when distance in your shots is your main requirement.
Pinemeadow Golf PGX Offset Driver, Left Hand
Offset anti-slice technology; 460cc club head; Head cover included

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

5. TaylorMade Golf SLDR C Series Driver LH

This is a right handed driver that comes with a regular flex that is easy to tackle for the new golfers. The loft of 12 degrees in this club adds to the forgiveness it offers. If you are looking for other loft options, and flex variations you would be able to find them as well, in this range of drivers from TaylorMade. There are also separate clubs for right and left handed golfers.

This driver became quite popular mainly because of the speed it can deliver. So even if your natural swing speed is pretty low you would be impressed at the speeds you would achieve with this driver which can be attributed to the design and the weight distribution strategy.

  • The design has been engineered to retain the CG at a forward position, as low as possible. So there would be no offset in your shots unless planned. Even the off-center shots would be as good as the perfect center hits you take.
  • The ball is launched pretty high. This comes in handy when there is any form of obstacle in the path that would have to be tackled before hitting the target
  • Every aspect of the design has been made so as to improve the distance of the shots and this is why the spin of the ball after the impact is also kept very low. So you can obtain a smooth landing at the target without the spin impacting the trajectory.
  • The stiffness of the driver shaft is stiffer than the standard options that you would find in most other drivers. So for the first timers it might take few uses to get the knack of handling the driver.
TaylorMade Men's SLDR C Class Driver, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, 12 Degree
Low-forward cg promotes fast ball speed, high launch and low spin for phenomenal distance; Lower profile designs for easy to launch performance

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

6. Cobra Men's KING F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)

Cobra drivers are known for their unique well balanced design and this driver is no exception. This comes with a stiff easily manageable flex on the lightweight graphite shaft. This one comes in black but there are three other color options to pick from.

The difference comes in the minute detailing. The CG here is an adjustable one that can be shifted from front to back without any hassle. This would allow the golfer to handle a variety of shots with the same driver without having to buy one for each occasion and carry multiple clubs in the Bag.

For those situations where a powerful delivery is essential, the CG can be retained in the front. This would help the ball cut through its trajectory with absolute power.

  • The King F6 driver is chosen by all those who are looking to achieve a variety of distances with the same club. For those who are looking for extra forgiveness and a higher flight the CG positioned back is beneficial.
  • The ball spin and the roll would also be determined with the adjustment of the CG.
  • The structure of the club head in this driver is pretty unique. It doesn’t look as broad as the others on our list. But this doesn’t impact the forgiveness in anyway. The Titanium E9 club face can cause a big sweet spot that is easy to hit.
  • One of the most attractive things about this driver is the pricing. It comes with a lot of competitive features packed in an affordable price tag.
  • The stiffer shafts in this lineup are a little difficult to handle for the new golfers. But the regular is pretty easy to tackle. There is nothing else to complain about this great driver.

7. Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)

We have on our list another great forgiving driver from Pinemeadow. This is a 500CC driver that comes with a large club head. The oversized club head is in fact the one main factor that makes this a very forgiving driver.

It is more than the allowed club head size permitted by USGA. This is rare to find in drivers. It comes with a light colored club face that can offer a good visibility on the greens.

Though there are contrasting hues in the styling, the finish has been given with a slick matte touch so that the golfer would not have to worry about glare when playing on a sunny day. Even the floodlight in a lit golf green at night would not cause any glare with the club’s matte finish

  • The size of the head also results in a very large sweet spot. This would be a problem only when you think of using the club for tournaments. But if you are looking to casually practice then this sweet spot size allows you to achieve professional performance with absolute ease. You can play more confidently knowing that you have one of the most forgiving driver in your hand.
  • The 10.5deg loft is ideal for all types of handicaps in golfers.
  • The shaft length is 46” which is great for golfers of all heights.
  • The grip that comes along with the club here is the standard grip. This is not the best but it is a pretty durable one which can also help correct your handling of the club if you are new to using driver.
  • The size of the club head is large and it is beyond the legal tournament size. So this is not a driver for your tournaments. It has particularly been made for casual golf sessions and to help the new golfers practicewell.
Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)
ILLEGAL: The 500cc club head exceeds the maximum head size allowed by the USGA; HEADCOVER INCLUDED: Driver comes with headcover to protect the club when not in use

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

8. Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver

The backside of this driver’s club head is something that you would notice to be different from the other Cobra Drivers. It comes with a sole weight which can easily be removed.

The Cobra Fly-Z has been very popular ever since it was introduced. This has a high MOI thanks to the design and can thus be very forgiving for all types of golfers.

You can achieve a deep CG position to take the ball higher without losing on the stability or having to increase the swing speed too much.

  • Though not the best distance in the class, this does give a good improvement for the newcomers. Even if you are not able to make a solid contact at the time of impact your ball would not lose out much in the distance.
  • Given the size of the sweet spot attained with the club head design, the accuracy of the shots is improved even when you do not hit at the exact center each time.
  • The backswing with this driver is pretty good thanks to the weight distribution in the club.
  • You can be assured of stability in your swing with every shot and so you can perfect your stroke style without worrying about your club impacting the shot each time.
  • The only problem we noticed with this driver is that if your swing speed is too high if your stroke is very heavy then the ball might spin a little more. This might lead to missing out the target or losing on the distance of the shots. This is however not a problem for the golfers in their training stages who are having a light stroke.
Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver, Stiff, Graphite, Black, Right Hand
Available lofts thru MyFly8 adjustability: 9.0/9.5/9.5D/10.5/10.5D/11.5/11.5D/12.0; SmartPad Technology delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

9. Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver RH

The blue driver is really blue in its design and this can be pretty contrasting to the greens you play on. So you would be able to visualize the club head easily.

This stylish looking club suits high handicap golfers in particular and it offers them a light feel that can help improve the swing power.

The light graphite shaft which is also durable, comes with a stiff flex that is easier to handle. To offer better speeds and a decent amount of flex this one has been embedded with Vertical Slot Technology that cannot be found in other drivers.

  • The large club head results in a large sweet spot. So it is very unlikely that you would miss a shot.
  • The textured surface of the club face improves the resistance. This results in a powerful impact with the ball so that it can be sent far and high.
  • The streamlined shape of the club head helps it cut through the air when swung down and this would ensure that no power is lost in the downswing.
  • There CG here is maintained low but at the back. So, you would be able to achieve better spins with this driver. This comes in handy when you have to work on the speed of the ball than the distance achieved.
  • The SlimTech design of the shaft makes the handling easy and launch to be great as well.
  • The driver is extremely lightweight. This might make it a bit difficult to gain control over. So this might sometimes impact the consistency of the shots for few golfers.
  • The adjustability options provided on the driver are not enough to make it a versatile club. It simply does what it is meant for.
Adams Golf Men's M2656309 Golf Driver, Right Hand, Stiff Flex, 10.5 Degree, 45", Graphite, Blue
Low/Back CG - Keeping the CG low & back allows for more spin and more speed on more shots

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

10. TaylorMade Men's M2 460cc Driver

Another one in the 460cc category this is a great driver that you would love whether you are just beginning your golf journey or if you are very much experienced. This is another club that is available in right and left handed orientations.

The graphite shaft in this driver comes with a regular flex. If you are looking for a senior or stiff flex you would be able to find that as well. The 10.5deg loft is ideal for offering a good forgiveness without hampering the performance in any way. The sweet spot is large enough to ensure the prevention of mishits.

There is a comfortable Tour velvet grip that comes along with the club and this is not just a durable grip but also something that can improve your handling.

  • This driver can help achieve several yards extra distance for every shot. This is true even without having to improve your swing speed.
  • This is one of those drivers that are known to offer consistent predictable performance. So you would be able to plan your shots well and know exactly where to use the club because you know what the result would be even before you take a chance.
  • The cases where hitting the ball straight matters a lot, this driver goes a long way. It can give a uniform trajectory.
  • The driver helps a lot in reducing slices.
  • The accuracy of the driver is something that we loved. Given the large sweet spot, you would know that you are surely going to make an impact and slight changes due to say a shift in your boy position midway would not alter the results too much.
  • The lightness of the shaft might seem a little loose to handle in the beginning. But once you start using the club you would find this lightness to be a beneficial factor.
TaylorMade Men's M2 Driver 460cc (Right, Regular, 10.5 Degree)
Massive sweet spot; Loft Adjustability; Comes with Fujikura Pro 50 and golf pride Tour velvet grip

Last update on 2020-08-07 PST - Details

A Quick Word

If you are new to golf, if you have no idea where to start when you are buying a driver, the list we have put forward would surely help you. It would give you an idea about the most popular features that people look for when they Purchase A Forgiving Driver.

Hope this helps your decision making process simpler and quicker and helps you practice better and move ahead in your golf journey.