What Is The Best Drivers For Seniors In 2021?

Golf is an intriguing game of precision and perseverance. Fortune always favors the brave who weather the storms of poor swing, stance and of course the wrong choice of Golf Clubs – the most prominent among them been the Driver. What should you know about the drivers that will enhance your game even if you are playing for pleasure?

The material, the design of the head, the length and the loft of a driver make all the difference to your game.

To pick the perfect senior grade golf driver, be it for yourself or as a gift for a senior relative/friend, you need to understand the basics of why seniors need special equipment to continue enjoying their beloved sport.

Top 5 Best Drivers For Seniors On The Market

It is no mean task to sieve through several reliable brands and models of drivers to identify that one club that can fulfill your dreams on a golf course. You are at the right place where we laboriously narrowed down the choice to the top five drivers for the year 2021.

Read on to know everything about these five choices.

Last update on 2021-06-14 PST - Details

Avoid These Mistakes While Buying Drivers

A driver is by far the most challenging to use because of its length and loft, and yet it holds a place of pride in every golf kit because it kicks start your journey on the golf course. The seniors know its importance and yet make a few mistakes while buying it, resulting in hours of frustration and dejection.

  • The most common mistake all seniors make is to buy drivers which are not suitable for their level of expertise and swing mechanism but because their idols use.
  • Do not buy without trying and testing because the height of the club and head weight must suit your style of play.
  • Brand and looks are not everything; look out for features that specifically address your weakness and strengths.

How To Purchase a Driver?

Selecting a driver for a senior is different from selecting one for the senior. We have briefly noted a few pointers that will aid you in selecting the aptest driver for your skill level.

  • Clubhead Design: It is the angle of the head of the club and it controls the distance and the trajectory of the shot. As a senior, when your swing speed decreases, a driver with higher loft will enable you to cover more distance.
  • The Loft: It is the angle of the head of the club and it controls the distance and the trajectory of the shot. As a senior, when your swing speed decreases, a driver with higher loft will enable you to cover more distance.
  • The Shaft: The flex of the shaft will determine the accuracy and distance you achieve with each swing. Those with speeds of 100mph should go for stiff or extra stiff shaft while those with slower swing speed can opt for regular flex shaft for greater flexibility.
  • Material: You must pay attention to the material used for the shaft; almost all the new shafts are made from graphite because it is lighter and more flexible and suits a variety of swing styles. The club heads, on the other hand, are made of titanium because it is more sturdy and lighter thus not adding to the overall weight of the club.
  • Length: Buy a driver whose length is suited for your own height. Nowadays the lengths are really long. The point to remember is that the longer the driver the farther away your hands are from the ball and the greater control you will need to drive straight. Most drivers are 45 to 46 inches in length.

The Most Recommended Drivers For Seniors: Detailed Reviews 2021

1. TaylorMade M6

So TaylorMade grabbed yet another spot in our top three drivers for seniors. This TaylorMade M6 Driver is one of the best and most popular drivers on the market at this time.

The list of technology and features included in this Driver goes on and on but we will give you a quick rundown on the things you need to know.

TaylorMade uses the newly introduced speed injected twist face technology on all of their M6 Drivers.

Essentially they make every Driver and then test them individually before they ship them out to make sure they are as close as possible to the legal limit.

This driver is one of the longest drivers on the market, not just for senior golfers but for lower handicap players as well.

Although there are some adjustments you can make on this club (loft sleeve) the Center of Gravity stays in place. Its design is to create the most desirable spin and launch angles for the mid handicap player.

If you are looking to hit the ball further this Driver is the choice for you. Several shafts are available for this club in the senior flex.

  • Immensely forgiving: Slow swingers and high handicappers can still reach the grass even with mishits. All hits travel far and straight because of an incredibly large sweet spot.
  • Adjustability: You can tweak the hosel length and the angle of the face to achieve a higher loft or greater distance. You can adjust the weight to alter your swing speed too.
  • Penetrating flight: Cleveland’s largest, deepest face ever is engineered to have the center of gravity higher and closer to face.
  • Lightweight: Especially useful for seniors who suffer pain in the joints.
  • Cheap: For the forgiveness, distance and speed this club produces it is very reasonably priced and is a useful tool for practicing.
  • Miyazaki Shaft: This is the most sought after shaft nowadays because of the trajectory and the speed it produces.
  • Not suitable for left-handers who require a lower lofted head.
  • No clear instructions on how to adjust the angle of the club head
  • The alignment aid is practically invisible and doesn’t serve its purpose.

2. TaylorMade JetSpeed driver

If you are not confident in handling spin, but still wish for a high launch, this JetSpeed Driver from TaylorMade may have the solution for your predicament. Armed with the Speed Pocket technology it ensures that even mishits count.

  • You can generate greater speed with minimal spin because of the Speed pocket which is a two-millimetre-wide slot in the sole which rebounds and flexes to produce greater speed and more distance.
  • The design of the speed pocket prevents dirt from accumulating in it and reducing its efficiency.
  • The shaft is light and long and is easier to swing
  • The speed pocket also lowers the center of gravity leading to a higher flight.
  • The club head is sleek and classy
  • It has a great sound and feels and is not “clangy” at all.
  • It has high accuracy rate.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Though the sweet spot is large it is placed low thereby becoming less forgiving unless stuck in the right spot.
  • You cannot adjust the weight to manage the speed.

A well-designed innovative driver that minimizes the spin while not compromising on the speed and the distance achieved. It has a comfortable grip and is lightweight, a necessity when you are still learning the nuances of wielding the driver.

TaylorMade Men's Jetspeed Golf 3 Fairway Wood, Right Hand, -15-Degree, Regular, Graphite
TaylorMade Men's Jetspeed Golf 3 Fairway Wood, Right Hand, -15-Degree, Regular, Graphite
New and more efficient Speed Pocket design promotes fast ball speed for long distance; Low-and-forward CG promotes fast ball speed and low spin optimal launch conditions

Last update on 2021-06-13 PST - Details

3. Callaway Bertha Driver

The keywords that you associate with this driver are solid, performance oriented and adjustable nature. If you have been troubled by your swing and have been having problems in the tee do give the Bertha a try before you finalize a purchase.

  • The advanced OptiFit Hosel gives players the ability to change the lie and loft
  • You can adjust the perimeter weight easily by sliding the weight up and down and manipulate the flight of the ball.
  • The large sweet spot makes it very forgiving on the worst of the mishits.
  • The launch is high and the spin low.
  • The head is lightweight and aids in maximizing distance.
  • Easy to hit and pleasing looks.
  • It is not an off the shelf use club. It needs to be fitted to optimize the driver head features.
  • The feel and sound are not the greatest.
  • It is very expensive.

This large sweet spotted and most forgiving driver is ideal for the seniors who still have a good technique but are not able to hit as well as before.

The highlight is the advanced driver technology which allows you to fine tune the club to improve the launch and maximize the speed and distance.

The adventurous can experiment with this feature and discover your weaknesses and strengths. But the question remains, if as a senior, are you ready to shell out a large amount of money for a driver?

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver (Right, RCH 45gr Graphite, Regular, 10.5 Degrees ) , Silver
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver (Right, RCH 45gr Graphite, Regular, 10.5 Degrees ) , Silver
The Big Bertha B-21 Driver is designed for distance any way you swing it.

Last update on 2021-06-14 PST - Details

4.Cobra Driver Senior Graphite

When the question is of consistency, the Cobra takes precedence over everything else. It is not overly long but has a good control and delivers the goods. Low spin, mid-high launch, increased forgiveness and maximum distance describe this edition of Cobra.

  • You can achieve two ball flights owing to the flipzone technology where the 15 gm weight can be adjusted to remain in the middle or move to the rear of the sole.
  • The speed channel face increases the flex of the clubface resulting in higher speeds and longer distances.
  • You can achieve higher launch, encounter less spin and experience more forgiveness due to the low CG accomplished by the crown zone weighing technology which places the weight low and back in the head.
  • The forged face leads to a larger sweet spot and increase in speed of even mishits.
  • Higher accuracy is obtained due to the smart pad which keeps the club face square on impact making greens more accessible and fairway not too far away
  • The hosel can be adjusted to five loft options 9°, 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5° and 12° and three draw options at 9.5°, 10.5° and 11.5°.
  • Not a great help with spin. As you increase the speed the spin too increases.
  • Drives balloon at high swing speed.

This Cobra is the most consistent, effortless swinging driver best suited for slow swinger who wants a higher launch and more forgiveness. It is available in a variety of vibrant colours and has looks that belie its cost.

5. Adams Golf Graphite Regular

Are you ready for the hottest club in town? The Adams Golf is probably one of the best drivers for seniors whose speed has decreased over time. It has the looks though sound disappoints as it is muted and dull.

  • The Cut-Thru Slot-TM technology ensures that both off and on center shots experience a spring-like effect and produces extra ball speed.
  • The club is stylish and looks cool
  • Even with mishits there is no loss of distance
  • It is lightweight and suitable for all levels of players and handicaps
  • It is extremely forgiving
  • An adjustable loft improves improve your swing and distance
  • It is easy to hit
  • Responds well to off center shots without losing distance.
  • Not suited for professionals
  • It is expensive
  • The trajectory is flat and low.
  • The launch is low when compared with other drivers in the range.
  • To get more distance often people swing harder and this affects the accuracy and the forgiveness.
  • Shaping shots are not possible.

When you want distance and are not sure whether your next drive is from the center of the club face or the toe choose this graphite shaft club with a thick center and thin perimeter head that create a trampoline effect. This drive is suitable not only for the seniors but also for the mid-handicappers honing their swing. Overall, it is a good driver with affordable pricing.

Adams Men's Golf Speedline Fast12 Driver (Left-Hand, Grafalloy ProLaunch Graphite, Regular, 15 degree)
Adams Men's Golf Speedline Fast12 Driver (Left-Hand, Grafalloy ProLaunch Graphite, Regular, 15 degree)
Our longest and most forgiving fairway wood ever.; Easy playability from all lies (both tee and ground). Draw and standard models.

Last update on 2021-06-14 PST - Details

Parting Thoughts

You can love them or hate them but you just can’t ignore them- they are the drivers that will forge your way on the golf course either to success or to failure depending on the choice you make.

Don’t wait for your game to improve to invest in the best drivers for seniors; pick clubs that suit your style and see the transformation happen.

For seniors, the driver should be lightweight first and foremost. Secondly to maintain their confidence it should aid them to generate speed and loft high. Finally, they must be able to achieve great distance. From the five best drivers for seniors mentioned above the clear winner is Cleveland Golf Classic XL. And the icing on the cake is that it is very affordable.

Hopefully, you have reached a sanejudgment and are ready to buy a driver that will enhance the game. Should you have any queries or your own insights, do not hesitate to pen it down in the comments section.