What Is The Best Drivers For Beginners To Buy in 2021?

Do you consider yourself as a nature lover? Does the Green and the meadows calms and makes you happy? If the answer is "yes," then perhaps you should try a few rounds of golf. It's so, you will need a proper equipment, and one of the most important parts is the Driver. So, be ready for the challenges, here's our list of the best golf drivers which will suit beginners hand.

Top 6 Best Drivers For Beginners On The Market

Last update on 2021-03-15 PST - Details

To be honest, we had a tough choice of choosing among so many products. In the end, six of those had found their place on this list. Without further delay, here are our top drivers which are best when used in beginners’ hands:

1. TaylorMade Golf M5 Driver– The Freedom Of Choice

The first thing which is noticeable with this club is its looks. We loved how the manufacturer gave it more of a futuristic and techy appearance, which will turn some attention. Moreover, this look is accented even further with two sliders which make you able to adjust the weight and loft of the head. The Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution shaft is made of graphite, it is lightweight, and feels well balanced.

Moreover, you can adjust the angle of the whole head, by simple turn. The volume of the head is standard 460cc with sweet spot positioned in that way that increases the distance covered with reduction of the backspin at the same time. However, such stylish head might give you a few problems. Cleaning it from grass and dust might prove a bit difficult because of the lines which are made for better aerodynamics.

The hold is Lamkin UTX Grip which is very comfortable to hold even in longer rounds. Although beginners may feel slight discomfort, once you get used to it, there is small chance that you will want to use any other one.

The price might seem a bit high, but if we take into consideration that you can fully customize the club to fit you, and that the manufacturer is offering two settings of flex, then we can freely say that it is affordable and worth the money.

  • Customizable head
  • Comfortable hold
  • Nice looking
  • Can increase hit distance
  • The sound it makes when the ball is hit might seem a bit odd

2. Callaway Men's Big Bertha V Series– Good And Affordable

Made in black variety, the Big Bertha V Series is all about the speed. With aerodynamic head, it is guaranteed to increase your drive speed and distance as well. The face of the head is also specially designed for higher speed, thus improving the shape and trajectory of each drive.

Loft can be adjusted, and you have eight settings at your disposal. The importance of adaptability is great because it can make a difference between an average and good golf player.

The shaft is made of graphite, with regular, stiff and senior flex available, which is great, so if you know your swing speed, you can find the one which suits you the best. It feels comfortable in hand, but nothing to make it stand out from the crowd.

The price is average, and while it is a bit high, you get the cover, and that this is one great club, it is fairly reasonable.

  • Designed for speed and it is noticeable
  • Adjustable loft
  • Wide selection of choices
  • Resistant to damaging
  • The sound may appear hollow
  • The weight is not adjustable
Callaway Men's Big Bertha V Series Fairway Woods, Left Hand, 19-Degree, Stiff, Graphite
Modern Warbird Soleplate: Increases versatility from everywhere with an updated design; Special Heaven wood Option: Every golfer could use the new Heaven wood in their bag

Last update on 2021-03-15 PST - Details

3. TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver– Nice Looking And Fast

Made in white and black color, with the hint of red, this driver is somewhat traditional. There are no adjustable parts, and while this is a bit of a drawback, it can also be an advantage. With standard settings, you are getting used to a more normal clubs, so it can’t happen that one day you can’t find proper driver because you have adjusted your previous one to perfection.

Simple approach has its benefits in terms of cleaning because there are no “nasty spots” where the grass and dirt might stuck. With this driver, all you need is a cloth.

Matrix Speed RUL Z 50 shaft and TM Speed Grip are also intended for greater swing speed, but for those who swing fast, it may feel a bit too light, so it is recommended that those people opt for a heavier one.

With lack of adjustable parts, it is no wonder that the price is low, and in case that you are a casual golfer, this would be an excellent choice. It will not disappoint you, and may even motivate you to take rounds more often.

  • Affordable
  • Very fast
  • Nice looking
  • Non-adjustable
  • It may be prone to damage
TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver, Black, Right Hand, Stiff Flex, 9.5 Degrees
Premium matrix white tie 55 shaft for maximum distance and smooth feel; New satin black finish with elegant detailing to improve alignment

Last update on 2021-03-15 PST - Details

4. Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver– Even Greater The Freedom Of Choice

Another techy-looking club, with adjustable head. What makes this club different, is a wide array of colors available. Although this is not something crucial to quality, it is nice to have a choice.

The head is of standard 460cc, and it is noticeable the sound it makes. It is only to be thought of, if the manufacturer did it on purpose, or accidentally made one of the best sounding golf clubs. Adjusting the weight in CG zone will give you better balance and bigger moment of impact, thus increasing your distance.

As for the shaft, it is made of graphite, with regular, stiff and senior flex setting available. So many options are given that we have an impression that manufacturer intended to make a great driver for everyone, from a beginner to semi-professional players. The grip is comfortable, and feels secure in hand, without slipping.

The matter of price is nicely solved, with being as low as possible, so this is another plus for this club. Of course, it can vary, but it remains in the range of reasonable.

  • Feels secure in hand
  • Moderate price
  • Adjustable weight and loft
  • Great selection of flex settings and colors
  • Superb sound it makes when hits the ball
  • None
Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver, Regular, Graphite, Green, Left Hand
Available lofts thru MyFly8 adjustability: 9.0/9.5/9.5D/10.5/10.5D/11.5/11.5D/12.0; SmartPad Technology delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting

Last update on 2021-03-15 PST - Details

5. Adams Golf Men's M2656205– Return To The Basics

Perhaps a bit odd choice, concerning the looks of this driver, but still, it had earned its place.Made with a standard 460cc head, this driver sticks to a simple approach. You need to find which loft is the best suiting for you, order that one, and pay the low price for that. Still, there is a bit more for this driver. First of all, it is very Forgiving. Those players who tend to slice the ball might find themselves fading it instead.

Probably because of the material used, the head remains small in size. This is significant because there is less chance that you will hit the ground or send your ball ballooning into the air. Also, with a simple approach, cleaning is made very easy, so you should not have any trouble with that.

The shaft is made of metal, with excellent, comfortable grip. The fact that the shaft is metal adds up to the quality of the sound. Overall look, feel, and that sound makes an impression that you are using an old-fashioned Golf Club.

The main advantage of this driver is its price. It is very low, and if we consider the quality of the product, it is clear that this is one of the best deals available.

The absence of any adjustability whether that be the weight of loft makes it the best choice for the very beginners and the first driver you should buy.

  • Simple
  • Beautiful looks
  • Low price
  • Excellent sound
  • Might be very prone to breaking
  • Non-adjustable
Adams Golf Men's M2656205 Golf Driver, Right Hand, Senior Flex, 9.5 Degree, 45", Graphite, Blue
Low/Back CG - Keeping the CG low & back allows for more spin and more speed on more shots

Last update on 2021-03-15 PST - Details

6. Cleveland Golf Men's HB Driver– Sleek Titanium Design

Cleveland is a company known for their lightweight clubs. This driver is no exception from this rule. Although the head is in 460cc variety, it feels very light for an adjustable driver. Made of titanium with a screw which adjusts the weight and balance, it looks so expensive, as if it is a limited edition.

The shaft is made from graphite and is a bit stiffer than it should be. Nevertheless, the quality of production is apparent, and there is no mistake; it is a Rolls-Royce among the drivers. It fits the hand comfortably, and the swings are steady.

The main advantage is its loft adjustability. Although the instructions are a bit confusing and will require several readings to find your way around it, you may eventually succeed. It has much influence on every hit, and there is a chance that your drive will increase in length, but do not expect wonders. It is better known for its forgiveness, so it will reduce handicap instead, which is also a great feature for a club to possess.

The weight adjustability is there just for saying that it has it because we have felt that it has almost no influence on strikes, no matter how you set it. However, the manufacturer has several more screws of different weight in his offer, so playing with those might bring you better results.

The price was also a big surprise because we have considered that it will be a lot higher. However, it stays in a reasonable range, which is a pleasant surprise.

  • Looks very expensive
  • Great sound
  • Affordable
  • Forgiving
  • Instructions are confusing

What Is A Driver?

When you put the Golf Ball on Tee spot, the first club which you are going to use is called a driver. It is recognized by the biggest head of all of the Clubs, and the lowest loft. Earlier, professional players tended to have less lofted drivers, but this trend had changed recently, with a lot of them now opting for those with a higher loft.

Due to its size and length, hitting the ball with driver is something you must practice. The faster the swing is, the further the ball will fly, as the physics say. But, there is a matter of the wind, spin, and trajectory of the ball. While this can be learned, there no better lesson than Practice.

The Swing is also important, so hitting a Perfect One requires specific body position as well as the assessment of the wind and distance. All of those will make you more focused and relaxed, something you can benefit from golf as well.

How Determine Which One Is The Best?

Among so many different clubs and additional equipment, it can sometimes be hard for a beginner to choose. This is why we have made a list of things which will be considered as crucial characteristics for a quality and good driver.

Of Which Material Should The Shaft Be Made?

Driver's shafts are made in three varieties of which all have their advantages and disadvantages.Steel is one of two most commonly used ones, and thus this material gives an excellent control to the player; it is heavy and can lead to shorter distances covered. On the other hand, it is resistant and effortless to maintain.

The shaft made from graphite is lightweight. Therefore you can hit the ball harder, making it fly further, which is the primary purpose of a driver. Many professionals use them in the past few years, with certainty that this number will increase even further. The main disadvantage of this material is that it is not as resistant as the steel is, so a bit more maintenance will be required.

Composite materials are making progress recently as well, combining the two previous ones. A combination of steel and graphite is yet to be properly asserted and tested but still is worth keeping an eye on it.

Also, there is a matter of flex, which you should seriously take into consideration. A shaft which is too flexible can make your hits inaccurate, while too rigid one can shorten your distance. Flex is directly connected with the swing speed and calculating that before shopping is highly advised.

What Are The Shape And The Volume Of The Head That Should Be Used?

n general, the mass of a driver is somewhere between 440-460 cc. The beginner should look into using the heavier head because those require less experience, and in case that you make a mistake, it will not be a terrible one.

Later, as you progress as a golfer, and your Swing Becomes better and more accurate, you can opt for a lighter one.

As for the shape of the head, it affects the ability to control the ball so that you may choose from round one, pear shaped, square or extended one.

What Is The Loft?

The angle of which the face of the club’s head is set is called the loft. It has a significant influence on the distance covered, the backspin as well as to the trajectory of the ball.

In average, the loft of the driver is in range of seven to twelve degrees. Beginners will more likely use those with a bigger angle, while the professionals will opt for those with smaller one. Big angle gives a lot of backspin, which in turn reduces the distance covered.

How Much Should You Spend?

Considering that today you will probably spend on a single club more than you would before, it seems that buying a driver can make a serious impact on your budget. Luckily, modern science had helped us regarding availability.

Surely, if you can spend $500 on a single golf cl ub, without feeling the absence of that money, do so. But most of the beginners are opting for more affordable and budget-friendly solutions. In any case, saving on a golf club is not something you should do, because that is an investment, and you will use that club (hopefully) often.

In other words, if you find the driver which suits you, find it at a discount, and if you cannot, buy it at as low price as possible. Buying them online is also beneficial, because a lot of sellers are offering free shipping, and you can make a choice very fast, without leaving your room.

The Final Verdict

Although the choice is tough to be made, with full confidence that Cobra Men's Fly Z Driver had proven to be the best. Combining the best of the traditional approach and high-technology wonders, this driver has it all. It is forgiving, fast and customizable. Others may have individual stats better or can be cheaper, but this one had taken crucial points in the most critical areas.

So, this is our opinion. What is yours? We eagerly expect your comments and bits of advice in the comment section below, so feel free to share your knowledge with us.