What Are The Best Golf Drivers On The Market

Have you ever scrolled through the various golf driver options only to be intimidated by the choices available? You are not alone. There are so many options out there that it gets a little confusing to know whether you are choosing the best one.

Why should you bother about understanding your golf driver? The best golf driver that works well for another golfer might not always be the best one for your style. The driver you choose would significantly affect your performance out there. So what can you do? Look for a balanced golf driver- one that is forgiving enough for various stroke styles. Are you confused about where to start your hunt? Fear not, we bring you a list of the best golf drivers in the market. These are the ones that you can safely call ‘long term golf investments’ that fetch great value for your money.

Faster shots, straighter trajectory, predictable performance, whatever be your requirement, you would be able to find one that suits you. We have rounded up 5 choices that can easily be labeled as ‘all-rounders.’ Therefore these are versatile additions that can improve your swing style with their dependable designs.

5 best golf drivers for the money 

1.TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc – MCA Blue Graphite– for long and straight shots

Its unique Twist Face design is perhaps the first thing you would notice about this driver. This variant comes with a stiff flex and 10.5 degrees loft. If you are looking for a driver that helps extend the length of your shots and also makes them straighter, then this driver works well. Adjustable performance is the strongest trait here. Designed to help even the amateurs, this one particular helps with the off-center shots.

To make the shots straight and accurate, the clubface delivers a reduced spin. Keeping up the impression that its predecessors like M1 driver created this one comes with a 460cc head with a nice swing weight for better control. M3 reduces the loft for low heel shots and increases it for high toe shots.

Therefore you can significantly reduce mis-hits in your game. One thing you should be clear is that there is a lot of hype about the ‘revolutionary’ Twist Face. It is not something that is going to transform all your shots. It can merely improve your mishit shots.

  • M3 helps increase the sweet spot to improve the precision of your shots
  • Hammerhead slot makes it a forgiving driver for new golfers
  • Y-track with the movable weights makes weight adjustment easy
  • Helps add accuracy to the shots without compromising on the distance
  • Durability might not be the strongest point of this driver

2. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero

For the 2021 season, the winner is the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero.

This driver comes equipped with a 12 Gram Sliding Weight to help with ball flight control.

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is designed to get players with faster swing speeds, better results. It comes equipped with the latest Jailbreak Technology from Callaway to produce Low, Spin and Low Launch.

So why do we say that the Epic Flash Sub Zero is the winner in the overall driver-category?

It truly is longer than other options out there but it somehow managed to still have great feel.

Great players will tell you that it is difficult to find a driver that gives them distance and feel.

Many low handicap golfers will choose a club that is not very long to have something that feels decent. With the Epic Flash Sub Zero, they do not have to choose one or the other, they can have both.

It is rare to find a club that checks all of the boxes. This is a top driver that has adjustability, forgiveness, feel and distance. The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero may very well be the longest driver in golf.

3.Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Driver- lightweight driver for faster shots

Rogue does look a lot like Epic from this brand, which also happens to be another great driver. In the looks segment, this one is a big hit. Jailbreak Effect is the brand’s revolutionary design aspect that helps with the ball speed. To make a better impact, there are two “hourglass-shaped Titanium bars.” Like M3, this one has a 460cc clubhead for delivering a more forgiving driver.

For the beginners, this is a noticeable trait as the wider face helps effortlessly increase the speed of delivery. Off-center shots feel more accurate, but we did not particularly like the weak cracking sound with these shots. This variant comes with a Synergy shaft weighing 50g and regular shaft flex. The 10.5-degree loft makes it a suitable choice for golfers who need a more forgiving driver.

  • Packed with plenty of features this is a versatile driver suitable for the amateurs and pros
  • Weight distribution across the perimeter makes it easy to control the driver better
  • Rogue feels more stable when you take off-center hits
  • Adjustment of loft and lie feels easy with this driver
  • Consistency with the shots is not the best in the segment.

4.Cobra 2018 Golf Men's King F8 Driver –thin and precise driver

If you need a reliable driver that increases the distance with every shot while also balancing the precision, then King F8 is a worthy investment. Designed to perfection, this one comes with machine milling. You get to cover both heel and toe shots with better results. With a larger sweet spot created, you can quickly improve your accuracy with every single shot.

360-degree aerodynamic design provides a nice streamlined shot that feels more powerful. This F8 variant comes with Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 shaft with regular flex. We have picked the left-handed variant, which shows that even the left-handed golfers can find performance-oriented drivers to improve their game. Easy ball flight adjustment makes it possible to curate your shots based on the distance and spin you need.

  • King F8 looks good and also feels solid for a wide range of golfers
  • Milled face used on this club is not a common trait in the driver segment.
  • It is a consistent performer on the field
  • F8 has a solid sound with every shot
  • Glossy finish top of the clubhead can cause a distractive glare

5.TaylorMade Men's M6

The TaylorMade M6 may be one of the most talked-about drivers this year. Tour players are talking about this golf club creating more ball speed than potentially any other driver out there.

The M6 has no adjustable weights which can be looked at as both a positive and a negative for some people. People who love to mess around with ball flight from one course to the next will want something much more adjustable.

The M6 is sort of a set it and forget it option. This can be good for people who continually question instead of having the confidence to swing away.

This also might be good for that guy you play with who tries to blame every mishit on the club!

When he hits one 40 yards right and says it must be because he needs to set his driver one degree different? Not so sure about that!

The M6 sees plenty of distance and forgiveness improvements from the M4 model. It is a logical next step in the M Series Drivers that TaylorMade has done so well with over the last few years.

It is easy for a company to claim they increased forgiveness.

What I like about this is that TaylorMade specifically states that they improved forgiveness in the bottom left and top right areas of the clubface. These are the most common areas for an amateur to miss a shot.

This TaylorMade M6 is packed with the latest and greatest technology. With adjustable lofts, longer carry and premium shaft options it’s a great solution for the mid to higher handicap golfers.

If you are a lower handicap golfer with lots of clubhead speed take a look at the M5 option instead.


The above list should have given you a rough overview of the kind of drivers you can find in the market. With all of them closely positioned in the race, how do you find your ideal fit? You can do this by knowing the features that you should look for when you buy drivers. This will give you an overview of what to consider when you are buying a driver for the first time.

Before you get to the features, understand your proficiency level. You should also get a clear picture of your handicap. Seek the guidance of a fitter if required. This will help you finalize a suitable driver for your style. The driver that you buy for yourself, one with which you would practice, would strongly influence your long term performance. Drivers are expensive too. Therefore for such a club that would stay with you for a long time, you need something that you can count on. 

Size of the driver head

Did you notice the specification of the drivers on our list? 460cc indicates the size of the driver's head. 440cc and 420cc are the other options available. At first glance, they might all look quite similar. Keep them next to each other, and you would understand how significantly large the 460cc clubs are. This is also the largest size available for a driver's head.

With the extra area of the clubface comes the forgiveness that suits a new player. It is also a feature that helps the driver expand the sweet spot. A large sweet spot would mean that a solid impact is easier to obtain, even for a beginner.

Understand MOI

Moment of inertia is the other parameter that gives you an idea about driver forgiveness. It indicates how much the club responds to the twisting of the driver. A large clubhead footprint doesn’t always guarantee a large MOI. A driver with higher inertia is one that takes time to twist or deflect from the intended shot by which time the ball would already be in the air.

Higher MOI is for those golfers who still do not have full control over their driver’s swing. Even if you accidentally twist your club before the impact, it would not show much in the trajectory of the ball.

Adjustment of weight

Weight adjustments are often given in the form of movable weights or designs that require a weight adjustment tool to get the job done. A simple linear adjustment, y-slot, or t-slot are some of the most common designs from popular driver brands. This helps reposition the weight to alter the performance based on the intended swing speed, spin, and other features.

Be careful when you pick Tour drivers

Some special driver designs deviate from the standard Tour permitted parameters. These are comparatively easier to handle and very forgiving. But it is always a good idea to pick something that is Tour compatible. This way, you would not get too comfortable with a driver that makes your shot too easy.

Besides these common attributes, you can also choose different flex options for the shaft and shaft materials, as well. Graphite shafts are lighter than most other materials and durable tool. The material of the shaft, combined with the material and weight distribution of the clubhead, will give you a good judgment about the driver.


TaylorMade drivers have been some of the best-rated options highly recommended by the pros. Many beginners find them to be go-to choices for improving their performance in the long run. We found the M3 to be easy choices for all kinds of golfers with different proficiency levels. Making it easy to swing your club, M3 also comes with innovative driver technologies for a more professional shot every time. These are known to be slightly pricier than most other clubs, but they are durable and worth the expense.