What Is The Best Golf Hybrids To Buy In 2022?

Golf is as challenging as it is fun. Sometimes just the irons or the Fairway Woods will not do the trick. You may need something that can combine both and let you play any shot on any surface. This is why every serious golfer needs their own set of Hybrids.

Unable to hit that easy shot because your Fairway Wood cannot hit that ball right, from that rough spot? Lagging behind in your game because your iron could not help you tee off successfully? What you need is a replacement for a couple of your clubs as you cannot carry extra. Replace some of your irons and woods with Hybrids and see the improvement in your game.

Here is a detailed review of five of the Best Hybrids to choose from and if you are not sure about buying the right hybrid, we have a buyer’s guide too.

The Most Recommended Best Hybrids:  Detailed Reviews 2022

1. Cobra 2017 King F7 Combo Iron Set (Adjustable Lofts)

With a brand new design to make your Golf Club look very stylish and unique, this hybrid from Cobra can turn heads not just with its appearance but with your shots too. With a fixed weight and the CG moved to the back, this club aims to deliver shots as intended, with consistency. Highly rated by other users, this hybrid club can make a great difference to your game.

  • The new baffler rail design increases the turf interaction, thereby allowing you to hit better and more consistent shots. When your shots are consistent, your game is much better and you can easily gauge your shots too
  • The rail design also helps the club glide smoothly over rough surfaces, thus avoiding any digging in on impact, and thus not reducing your speed or taking some of the turf with your shot
  • The weight of the club is fixed and is positioned towards the back. This low and backward setting of the weight enables you to hit the shots higher and longer as the ball is carried the distance right from the start
  • It is made of forged stainless steel. This makes the club lighter, sturdier, faster to hit and flexes better at the face. The center hits are well rewarded with the ball traveling far
  • The MYFLY with SMARTPAD-8 settings allows you to change the loft settings to get a better trajectory to your shots
  • It is highly consistent, be it the sound, flight or the feel. When your shots are consistent, your game improves automatically
  • Though it is very forgiving, it needs a good swing to get the best out of the club. For those who are yet to perfect those swings, this club may not be as rewarding as expected
  • The club head is of the regular size. May not be suitable for those who are looking for very forgiving clubs to help with the off-center hits

This hybrid is excellently designed and benefits any good player. When you have the right swing, you can use this club to play on any turf and not dig in on impact. The weight is well placed to help you hit the ball high and long every single time.

A good Club Delivers a good sound and gives a good feel, and this hybrid does that every single time. Consistency is very important to a good and satisfying game. If you are looking for a hybrid that can improve your game, this could be a good choice.

2. Mizuno JPX FLI-Hi 2013 4 Hybrid 22

With a new design that mimics an Iron than a hybrid, this club not only looks good in your kit but feels good to hit too. This is Mizuno’s first adjustable hybrid that can be easily adjusted as desired using the switch adapter.

  • The shockwave sole enables the club to flex on impact. This increases both the power of your shot as well as the forgiveness and helps the ball go far
  • The center of gravity is placed low and towards the front which enables it to flex on impact and get a better control over the shots
  • The club is a little shorter and flatter so that the hooks are reduced and the precision of the shots are better
  • The hosel can be adjusted up or down by 2 degrees with the quick switch adapter. This makes it easier to switch while playing and reduces the requirement to change the club while playing or going in for another hybrid for the kit
  • The hosel adjustment is not very drastic and causes only a minor change in the launch. This enables you to fine tune your shot and make that slight change required for the perfect shot
  • It is taller than regular hybrids. This makes it easier for a player to use as they are closer to the size and feel of irons. The face is taller, giving you more options to play on the grass and tee off
  • It covers a longer distance with lesser effort, which results in a drastic improvement in your game
  • The designing though looks stylish, makes the crown look overcrowded with the many lines and grooves
  • The hybrid tends to feel a little heavy through the swing, making it difficult for some players
  • The sound on impact is little more on the metallic side, which may not be preferable by many

This hybrid could improve the game for those who are looking for a hybrid that feels close to their irons. Not everyone can get used to playing with shorter clubs as hybrids generally tend to be shorter than irons. For such players, this tall and light hybrid could be a good addition to their kit.

3. Srixon Male Z H65 3 Hybrid (19 Degree)

Designed to launch higher with better accuracy, this hybrid from Srixon is for the right handed men. With the standard length and lie angle, this club made of graphite is sturdy, light and easy to swing.

  • The arc support channel in this H65 hybrid helps to launch the ball high with a good spin across the face
  • The depth channel on the crown can be adjusted to suit your needs during the game. When the loft is increased, the channel gets deeper and as the loft is decreased, the sole is more rounded to escape lies
  • When it comes to flex type, one can opt from regular, stiff or even extra stiff, based on their requirement
  • It makes a solid sound on impact, which is close to the sound produced by irons
  • It provides a high launch from both the tee and the deck, this helps in gaining momentum for your game right from the start
  • The speed of the ball is much more than what the average hybrid produces
  • The head design provides good turf interaction. It does not dig into the turf nor glide away too easily. The lack of rail ridge does not affect the interaction ability
  • Shots struck on the heel side of the club tends to lose a lot of launch distance and result in quite disappointing shots
  • The spin produced on impact is lower than expected

This hybrid has proved many assumptions wrong. Without any ridge design on the sole, it was assumed to have a bad interaction with the turf but it is equivalent to what other hybrids have. For those who want a club that can be used on various turfs, be it rough or green and hit the ball without digging too much into the ground, this club can be of help.

With an adjustable depth channel, this club allows you to hit both longer shots and escape lies. On the whole, this hybrid can make a good addition to the golf kit and make playing off the tee or hitting on the greens easier than the regular irons.

4. Callaway Golf WD STEELHEAD XR 3H Hybrid

With a larger face to aid more speed and forgive mishits, this hybrid can make any game better. Be it a beginner or an experienced player, when the mistakes are less and the ball travels far with fewer number of shots, the confidence level increases and one tends to enjoy the game better.

  • The face of the club is larger and thus aids more forgiveness for off-center hits. The size of the club face ensures the club catches the ball even if you don’t hit the center
  • The larger face also facilitates a good speed to the ball on impact and carries the ball forward with ease. One need not put too much pressure or swing too much to make the ball go far
  • The CG is set deep in the back. This makes the launch easier and carries the ball to a good distance without losing speed or angle
  • The speed step technology used to design the head of the club improves the airflow at the head. This promotes the speed of the club and also covers better distance
  • The body design is deeper and the blade is longer. This facilitates better forgiveness as it allows you to hit well from different lies and covers a good area to ensure the ball is hit
  • The graphite shaft results in a lighter club. This not only reduces the weight in your kit but is also easier to carry around in your hand and use at various instances
  • Provides a great drive and can be used in place of the four woods
  • There is no noticeable speed gain when compared to the previous models
  • Does not deliver as well as the irons in the same series. Hence if one is looking to replace their Callaway irons in this series, they may be a little disappointed with this hybrid
  • Despite the graphite shaft, the club can feel heavy while swinging. This is because of the big head that can feel heavier than other irons, thus making it difficult for many players who are looking for hybrids that are lighter

For those who are looking for a stylish looking hybrid that has high forgiveness and can help improve their game, this could be the one you are looking for. It produces a good and satisfactory sound on impact, something many players look for in a good club.

It carries the ball a good distance without losing angle or speed and the large face of the club aids in better trajectory and more distance.

If you are looking for a hybrid that can be used on different lines, this could be the one to replace an iron in your kit bag. Very well designed and high performance to suit any player’s needs.

5. Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid 3 Hybrid 19

Designed to suit the taste of the golfers who like their metallic clubs, this hybrid from Titleist has a gray and black face with a slight progression. The pear-shaped club head makes it look big when compared to other such hybrids in the market.

  • Five different options to choose the shaft from, gives you a wide range to choose from, to suit your needs
  • The gray finish with a smooth rounded shape makes the club head look very stylish and appealing. When you lift up a good looking, smooth finished club from your kit, the confidence level is high and this helps in a better game
  • The ball takes off fast and smooth once hit, owing to the good weight distribution and shaft selection
  • It has high forgiveness when it comes to mishits, thereby improving your game and increasing your confidence level throughout the game
  • Does not require the player to exert high pressure for the shot or to control the angle. Very convenient to use and reduces the pressure of hitting right
  • Delivery distance more than what regular irons do. Hence when on replaces their iron with this hybrid, they can hit farther with lesser effort
  • The club has a low launch than other such hybrids. This may not be a great way to start a game and many may prefer their irons that give a good launch
  • The forgiveness is also not very high, hence may not suit beginners or seniors who are looking for an alternate to their iron, to reduce their mistakes
  • The loft option is one lesser than in the previous version of this model
  • A lot of spin is generated when the club hits the ball. This requires the player to have a better control over their shot and wins, in order to reduce the spin and ensure the ball goes to the intended spot

This club is suitable for those who love their irons and want a good finish to their hybrid as well. With high forgiveness and a newly designed face to enable better trajectory and distance, this hybrid can help even beginners play well. As not much pressure or control is needed to swing this hybrid and land some good shots, one need not hit too high or hard.

If you have been looking for a hybrid that can go along with your irons (look wise) and also want a club that can forgive mishits and carry the ball far ahead, this could be the one for you. With five different loft options to choose from, this hybrid provides enough variety, so that this club can be used more than the irons or the woods themselves.

No matter how rough the turf is, this hybrid can help in a smooth tee off and carry the ball farther as the turf interaction is good and the club does not dig in.

How To Buy Your Hybrid

Buying the right set of Golf Clubs is very important and can be very challenging too. With a variety of woods and irons to choose from, and not to forget the hybrids, one may not know which one to go for. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the right hybrids, so that your game can be well played despite change in turf or conditions

Why Hybrids

You cannot take more than 14 clubs in your bag. You have a good mixture of Fairway Woods and Irons in that bag. If you need to take the hybrids with you, you need to replace some of the clubs in the bag. Wondering why you should do that after all?

The traditional irons (1-4) are solid and are not very easy to hit consistent shots with. Unless you are experienced or have mastered the irons, hitting well with irons 1 and 2 can be difficult. Also, the hybrids are shorter than these irons, making it easier to hit.

These hybrids can be used not only on the greens but also on the fairway or the rough turf or even off the tee. One can even use these hybrids to chip away on the green like professional players.

Though it is not a necessity to own a hybrid among your clubs, it just makes the game easier. When you are just a few yards away from the green, an iron may not be good enough as it may not generate the height required. In order to generate the height, one must hit harder and faster, as a result, the club gets scuffed and the grass being snagged.

When you have a hybrid, it is shorter, lighter and the CG is placed in such a way that the club allows you to hit swift and the ball is carried far.

Which One For You?

So, now that you know why you might need a hybrid among your other clubs, which one should you replace with a hybrid?

When you are looking at hybrids, the number stamped on it is the iron it is to replace. Manufacturers also denote the hybrids by loft. Here is a list of the loft numbers and the Irons it is meant to replace.

Iron To Be Replaced

Loft Number


14 – 16


17 – 19


19 – 21


22 – 23


24 – 27


29 – 32



How To Choose Best Golf Hybrids

Hough, the manufacturers, mention the number of the iron to be replaced, there is no one standard iron to be replaced. The hybrid requirement will differ from player to player. Hence it is important to try out a few hybrids, before finalizing on the ones for the kit.

When you go to the store, try giving the hybrids a swing. This will help you find the one that is easier to swing and feels comfortable. A qualified coach or golf clubs seller can help you with your selection.


Choosing the right set of clubs for your golf kit is extremely important. It is what decides your game. Sometimes just the irons will not do and this is where the hybrids come in handy.

The products have been reviewed after a careful and thorough research on the products and also getting inputs from players who have used them. Hope this has shed some light on why you need to have hybrids among your irons and how to decide the irons to be replaced.

If this has been helpful in your decision making, do leave us a comment and also share it with other to help them buy the right hybrids for their kit.