What Are The Best Golf Clubs for Women To Buy In 2022?

What are the Best Golf Clubs for Women?

You’ve probably heard the old joke that golf stands for “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden” and for a good portion of golf’s history, it certainly felt this way. Companies that made golf clubs simply didn’t market to women or make women’s golf clubs at all because they didn’t feel they needed to, as women weren’t seen as an important part of the golf marketplace. Fortunately, things are changing and more and more women are getting into the sport. This, in turn, means that companies are designing clubs made to attract the business of women. The quality of these clubs is also getting higher as more women demand top quality supplies.

There are still many women out there that are reluctant to get into golf, simply because it can feel like a boy’s club at times. This doesn’t have to be the case! Women golfers make up a decent percentage of the total amount of golfers out there and there’s no reason why you can’t join them if you feel so inclined. There are many great women’s golf clubs out there and you can easily find a set suited for a beginner if you’ve never had the chance to get into the sport before. To help you out in your search, we have summed up a selection of the best women’s golf clubs.

Top 5 Best Golf Clubs for Women On The Market

1. Founders Club Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

This set has 10 different golf clubs, including six stainless steel irons, two hybrid irons, a low profile #3 wood, and a 460cc driver. The set also comes with a light-weight bag to carry all your golf clubs and any accessories you need to bring along while golfing.

All of the clubs have lightweight shafts and you can be sure your woods and hybrids will stay protected by the head covers that are included in the set.

  • The bag is both stylish and durable. It holds up well being carried around week after week when I go to the driving range and I also love the look of it.
  • The sets come in different sizes so you can find a good fit whether you’re short, tall, or anywhere in between.
  • The clubs themselves are lightweight and easy to use while still being sturdy enough to hold up to regular use.
  • Founders Club donates $5 from each set purchased to breast cancer research and mammography screenings so you can support a good cause when you buy these clubs.
  • There are no legs on the bag so it can’t stand on its own.
  • The bag is awkward to carry.

2. Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set

This is a right-handed set of clubs that includes a 460cc driver, a #3 wood, six different irons, and a putter.

The set also comes with three head covers and a stylish bag that has many different pockets for carrying your gloves and other supplies.

  • Comes in three different sizes to best suit your height. They are also “true to size” and fit well.
  • The oversized clubheads make these a good choice for beginners and casual golfers, as they make getting the ball into the air easier.
  • Good value for the price. These are an affordable set for anyone who is just starting out.
  • The clubs are durable and good quality, especially considering these are an inexpensive option.
  • bag comes with dual straps so you can carry it slung over your shoulder or like a backpack.
  • The shades of pink on the clubs and the bag don’t match, if that is something you’re concerned about.
  • Only come in one color.

3. Callaway Golf Men's Strata Plus Complete Golf Set

The clubs included in this set are a putter, 460cc driver, fairway wood, hybrid (5H), and irons 6-PW and SW.

All clubs have graphite The set also comes with a stand bag that includes a rain hood and backstrap system, as well as three head covers.

  • This is a very affordable set so it’s great for anyone who is just starting out and doesn’t want to break the bank on new clubs.
  • The clubs are lightweight and easy to control.
  • The bag is stiff and sturdy. The straps also come with light padding that makes it comfortable to carry.
  • The kickstand is heavy and I had no problems with it not being able to support the bag with all the clubs inside.
  • The bag doesn’t have full-length dividers so the clubs can still “crash” into one another while being carried around in the bag.
  • As with other sets on this list, these only come in one color.
  • The clubs aren’t the most sturdy. The heads can dent or become detached from the shafts after extended use.

4. Callaway Women's Strata Complete Golf Set (11-Piece, Right Hand, Graphite)

This is a set similar to the above Callaway product but it includes fewer clubs. There are right handed and left handed choices available. The clubs this comes with are a 460cc driver, 5-wood, 5H, 7 iron, 9 iron, SW, and putter.

The set also comes with three head covers and a stand bag that has a rain hood and backpack strap system.

  • This set comes in a nice shade of blue that I personally like. It’s a plus in my eyes since many people, myself included, get frustrated when companies only make women’s clubs in pink and purple.
  • This has all the clubs a beginner would need to start learning how to play golf.
  • The clubs and the bag are lightweight. Being able to carry the bag like a backpack makes carrying them around even easier but they also aren’t too difficult to carry slung over your shoulder.
  • Good quality clubs for a starter set.
  • Only one size available. They may be too tall or too short for you, depending on your height.
  • Again, these clubs are not designed for long-term use. They work well for what they are and are good for starting out but you’ll need to replace them within a year most likely.
  • Not a good choice for anyone who is beyond the beginner level, as it doesn’t include all the necessary clubs an intermediate or higher golfer would need.

5. Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand, Graphite)

The clubs included in this set are a 460cc driver, fairway wood, two hybrids (4H and 5H), 6-9, PW, and SW irons, and a putter.

There are also four head covers and a stand bag complete with tee holders, pockets, and backpack straps. 

This is made to be the “ultimate set” for any beginner.

  • I’m a fan of the color which is a lighter teal. Definitely a nice change from the pinks and purples of other sets.
  • Club grips are very comfortable and I had no problems with clubs slipping while I was swinging.
  • The bag is comfortable and it is easy to carry around all the clubs due to how lightweight they are.
  • The set has a great mix of clubs that are good for beginner-intermediate players.
  • There are no size options and these are only for right-handed players.
  • Club heads scratch easily.
  • The cover snaps on the bag don’t hold very well and this can be especially frustrating when trying to keep clubs out of the rain.

Benefits of Buying Golf Clubs for Women

Why buy golf clubs for women and not “men’s” golf clubs? The truth is that you don’t necessarily have to, depending on many factors including but not limited to your level, swing speed, type of swing, and height. However, there are certainly benefits to buying golf clubs and golf club sets that are marketed to women.

The standard size of a women’s golf club is shorter than the standard size of a men’s golf club. This is simply because, on average, women tend to be shorter than men. The length of your club should be in accordance with your height. Taller women could buy women’s golf clubs that come in a +1” size but men’s golf clubs are an inch longer than women’s golf clubs anyway, so those women could consider buying golf clubs marketed to men. 

If your height is average for a woman or shorter, though, you would definitely benefit from buying women’s golf clubs just because the length is going to suit you better than buying a standard golf club designed for men. Additionally, the lie of a women’s club is more upright, also due to the fact that women tend to be shorter and so stand closer to the ball when setting up.

Women’s golf clubs are also more flexible. More flexibility (or flex, as you’ll also see it called) is great if you have a slower swing. The more flexible, the easier it is to get the ball airborne and to make it go a further distance, even if your swing isn’t fast. If you’ve got a slower swing or just need a little extra help achieving height and distance, women’s golf clubs are a good choice.

You are also more likely to find a box set, starter set, or “complete” set of clubs marketed to women than you are to find one marketed to men. These sets tend to include a combination of woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. They may even come with a bag to store them all in and are generally far less expensive than buying each club and a bag individually. Complete sets are great for beginners and casual golfers, regardless of gender, but you’ll have an easier time of finding a set if you look for clubs marketed to women.

Another major difference is going to be in the appearance of the clubs. Women’s clubs tend to be more colorful and have more design and detail than men’s clubs. This is the most obvious difference when you compare clubs side by side-- men’s clubs just don’t come in the same color schemes. If aesthetics are important to you or you just want a set of clubs in your favorite color, you’re going to find more colors beyond black, white, grey, etc. in a women’s set. 

The downside, of course, is that many companies think women only want pink and purple, but many are starting to market clubs in other colors to women as well.

Overall, whether you choose to buy women’s clubs or men’s clubs is up to you, but there are certainly benefits to buying women’s clubs, especially if you are shorter, have a slower swing, want a set of clubs, or are just starting out.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Golf Clubs for Women

There are many factors to consider when buying golf clubs in general, not just buying golf clubs for women. These include physical factors about the clubs, such as length, weight, grip, shaft, etc. You should also consider the price of the clubs and, if buying a set, what clubs are included in the set and what kind of bag the set comes with.

Club Length

Look at the length of the individual golf clubs or set you are buying. If a size isn’t listed or only one size is available, the clubs are most likely the “standard” size. This would be 37” for a 5-iron and 43” for a driver, for example. If you are a taller person, you may need longer clubs and if you’re a shorter person, you’ll need shorter clubs. 

The distance between your wrists and the ground is also a factor in the size of club you’ll need. It’s a good idea to look at a size chart, test golf clubs in person to see how they fit, or speak with a specialist at a golfing store before buying anything online to ensure that you’re getting the right size of clubs.

Club Weight

Golf club shafts are mainly made from two materials, steel and graphite. Graphite is a lighter material than steel and so clubs made from graphite are lightweight, while clubs made from steel are heavyweight clubs. Clubs made for beginners tend to be made from graphite, as lighter weight clubs are easier to handle and use. 

Many women’s clubs are also made from graphite but if you are a seasoned golfer, you may want to choose steel since your ability to control a club will be better than a beginner.


The size and feel of a club’s grip are going to change how comfortable a club feels when you are holding it. Smaller grips may not be as comfortable as larger grips and women’s grips tend to be small. 

It’s easy and inexpensive to change the size of your grip, though, so this isn’t a “make or break” element when buying clubs.

Type of Clubs

There are different types of golf clubs. These include wood (drivers and fairways), irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters. They basically all serve different purposes when playing golf.

  • Woods: The woods, drivers and fairways, are used for the longest shots and you can swing them the fastest. You would typically use these when starting out a game on the tee.
  • Irons: Irons are used when shooting from the fairway or for tee shots when playing on shorter holes.
  • Hybrids: These are exactly what the name implies: a hybrid between an iron and a wood club. You can use these to replace irons and typically use them for the same shots as you would an iron.
  • Wedges: Wedges have the same clubheads as irons but are their own type of club. These are used for short shots and difficult shots, such as getting out a sand bunker.
  • Putters: You would use these on the “putting green”, just like the name says. You use these when you’re on your last stroke and ready to hit the ball into the hole.

The types of clubs you want to include in whatever set you buy will depend on your level, the frequency with which you play golf, the type of course you’re playing on, and many other factors. Someone who only goes to a small driving range every once and while and someone who plays every weekend at a golf club have wildly different needs and so would have a different blend of clubs in their bag.


You’ll want to choose a shaft flex that is compatible with how fast you swing. Generally, beginners want a more flexible shaft and golf clubs designed for women also tend to be the most flexible. The labeling of flexibilities between brands isn’t based on a standard, however. Something labeled “extra stiff” may be the same as a “stiff” club from a different brand. You can typically trust that anything marketed to beginners or women is going to be relatively flexible, though.

Golf Bag

You obviously need some sort of bag to hold all your golf clubs while you’re out playing. Bags tend to come in relatively the same shape and style but there are differences in the features included on a bag.

  • Legs: Some bags come with legs/stands so that the bag will stand upright on its own. Many people, me included, prefer these types of bags as it can be a hassle trying to find something to prop your bag up on or having to just let the bag sit on the ground.
  • Rain hoods: If you live in a place where it’s likely you’ll be playing in the rain, a rain hood is a great feature to have on your bag. These keep your clubs and the inside of the bag from getting wet.
  • Straps: Some bags have backpack straps, some have shoulder straps, some have combination straps that you can adjust, and some have no straps. Ones with straps are typically the best choice but the style will depend on how you personally like to carry your bag.
  • Pockets: Having a bag with pockets is great for carrying tees, gloves, and anything else you might be bringing with you while you’re out golfing.


Golf can be an expensive sport and this fact scares some people away from it. You will find single golf clubs that cost hundreds of dollars just on their own. This is fine for seasoned players and these clubs are typically high-quality and built to last-- it’s fine to spend that much on a club when you know you’ll be able to use it for years and years. If you are a beginner, those clubs aren’t for you. 

You’ll want to buy an inexpensive “starter” set or find a pair of discounted used clubs. While these sets may not last as long as other sets, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on a sport you only do occasionally or may not end up liking after you try it out a few times.


Of all these sets of golf clubs, the best one would be the Precise M5 golf club set. The only real problem I had with them was the color and that is just a personal choice. While this doesn’t have the most clubs of any of the sets, it provides a good mix of clubs that will suit a beginner or novice player since you honestly don’t need a huge range of clubs when you are just starting out.

Of all the clubs, I would say these are the most durable and high quality. I didn’t have any of the same problems with easy denting or scratching that I did with some of the other clubs and I feel like I could use them for a longer amount of time. The bag that comes with the set is also great, as it has both leg stands and a “dual strap” system that makes it easy to adjust how you carry the bag.

Overall, I would recommend this set of clubs to anyone who wants to get into golf but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money or worry about getting too much of a variety of clubs. This set is easy to use, durable, and everything you need in a set of clubs for novice women golfers.