What Is The Best Clubs For Beginners To Buy In 2021?

Do you consistently have a high handicap regardless of how easy the course is?

If so, the skill level of your game of golf could do with some improvement. As with all golfers, whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a hobbyist with a high handicap you just can’t control, you need help.

Your golf swing affects the way the ball moves, but so does the club itself. You have to consider the club head and club face, Golf Club shaft, and so much more. Then there are the clubs themselves. Golf Iron Sets, Lob Wedges, Sand Wedges, Fairway Woods... the list is endless.

Before you rush out and fill your golf bag with clubs, take a look at our review. These golf clubs are rated for their ease of use, control, and precision. With a beginner club like this in your hands, you can finally start working on improving your handicap and perhaps even making it to par.

Here are a few tips for finding the right set of clubs, and a few reviews to help you start your search for the best golf clubs for beginners and the best golf clubs for high handicappers.

Here are the products that we recommend:

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Best Clubs For Beginners & High Handicappers

You are allowed to carry up to fourteen clubs which usually consists of:

We looked at some of the most highly-rated golf clubs and sets on the market. Some of them were great for beginners while others were meant for rather more experienced players. All the clubs that say they are good for beginners usually are. However, these five are the best in class for the money you pay and the lifetime you get. Read on for some detailed reviews of the top five.

1. Adams New Idea Hybrid

Adams is known for the diversity of its clubs. The New Idea Hybrid club is different to the usual line because of its price and design. The price is quite low for a pretty high-end club. Cut-Thru is present. We took an in-depth look at the New Idea and it gave us a few new ideas.

  • Extra launch capabilities: The Cut-Thru design on the sole slot of the club is perfect for launching your balls at higher speeds. The shots that you make off center are forgiven more often, because of the larger sweet spot. This allowed us to achieve larger distances in the shots we took during our review.
  • Special proprietary shape for more connections: Adams has its very own shape for the head of the club. Called the upside-down shape informally by the golfing community, this shape increases the area of the face and promotes shot connection.
  • Works with different swing speeds: If you are a slow swinger, the shaft with the regular flex is better suited for you. We tried out the Stiff flex type club and found that it favored faster swings with more power behind the shots.
  • Accurate shots: Because of the improved design, we saw our shots going exactly where we wanted them to more often than ever before. Our handicapped player reduced his handicap from 12 to 3 within a week of using the club.
  • Not the best performance: Adams has many other clubs that are more suited to rigorous play styles. This is a club strictly meant for those who need help with their handicaps.
  • Not dynamic: The shots, while they are easy to land, aren’t the most dynamic. You won’t get a lot of versatility, although the control is great.


The Adams New Idea is an awesome club for absolute beginners or those with a 20 handicap or more that doesn’t seem to go down. If you aren’t in these two classifications, this may not be the club for you. Overall, it is well-designed, easy to use, and comes with a ton of options. It is also quite durable and is a steal at the low price you must pay for it.

2. Nike Golf Men's VRS Covert 2.0 Golf Hybrid Club

Nike always seems to come through with great sporting equipment and the Covert VRS 2.0 is no exception. This club is perfect for all high handicappers out there. It is in great demand, so finding one online may be harder than you think.

When you do get this club you can expect to see your game improve in no time at all. We know ours did when we took the Covert out for a spin!

  • Very lightweight: For a beginner golfer, wielding a heavy club is a bad idea. The Nike Covert VRS 2.0 is a much lighter club with a graphite shaft design. Swinging is a lot easier with this weight, and the power transmission is very high indeed. The lightness allows it to be carried around easier too.
  • Graphite structure is strong: In addition to adding to the lightness of the club, the graphite shaft allows for harder shots without the risk of breaking. The feel and the sound of hitting the ball aren’t tinny like you would expect it to be.
  • Technology and design tweaks: According to Nike, the design of this club has incorporated multiple patented technologies to help with your game. The Cavity Back feature, for example, allows you to hit the ball harder and further away, as long as you get the shot with the sweet spot of the club.
  • Forgiving club design: This is very important for beginners, in our opinion. The forgiving nature of this club means hitting an improper shot won’t send the ball flying in the opposite direction. Straight shots are easier to hit, even when hit off-center by this driver. You can also manually correct for the errors in your shots with the included tools and tech.
  • Grip isn’t good with water: The grip of this club doesn’t perform well if it gets wet. If you plan on using this club in drizzly conditions, you may have to consider replacing the grip before it wears out or causes injury.
  • Requires some experience: You can only hope to improve your game if you are already possessed of some golfing experience. This is not a beginner club but is one meant to improve your handicapped game.


If you’re a new golfer, don’t get this club. It is meant for the high handicappers out there. We loved how it looks and feels when in the bag and during play. The Nike VRS Covert 2.0 is one of the best we have reviewed so far, with an awesome forgiving design, easy control of loft, and with many technological features in the design. If there could be one gripe about it, it is that the grip is meant for a left-handed golfer.

3. Cobra Iron Combo Set

Cobra Golf has gone above and beyond the call of duty with the combo set of clubs for beginners and high handicappers. The set is meant for people who aren’t professionals in the golfing scene but are still looking to improve their game. When we looked at these clubs, we were pretty overwhelmed by how well they performed.

  • Easy to make good shots: Hitting a bad shot is almost impossible with these clubs, even if you don’t hit them properly. Having a good shot on your own means the ball will travel with stunning accuracy to your desired location. However, even when we hit the balls off-center, we found that the shots still landed with precision near where we wanted the ball to go.
  • Great shaft design: The shaft is made of graphite, which is the perfect material for lightweight clubs. Each of the irons in the set has a good graphite shaft with regular flex available. This makes for stronger, faster shots that have good power transmission from the shaft to the ball. Lighter clubs mean easier swings as well, and good compensation if your swing speed is slow.
  • Great handicap improvement: The results are obvious almost immediately when you start using these clubs. We tested them out on a course where we were at a 16 handicap (terrible, we know). After a few days of using these clubs, the handicap on most parts of the course had been reduced to 3 – 5. It provided near-immediate handicap improvement.
  • Hybrid head covers included: The head covers may not directly impact performance, but they are a nice touch to preserving the heads of the clubs when they are not in use. We used the head covers extensively when traveling with the clubs to and from the course.
  • Harder to use with experience: These clubs are meant for novices and high handicappers. If you have only a low handicap you aren’t going to see much improvement in your game, if at all. They also become a little harder to use as your game gets better.
  • Length is shorter: This was an issue with the clubs in the set. The individual clubs bought separately, didn’t have the same length as those in the set, which were shorter. Shorter lengths can lead to reduced shot distance, which may be a problem.


This is a golf club set that comes in at a great value and delivers amazing power. The game of a handicapped golfer is improved almost instantly with this set. You can see the results in days and feel the ease of use brought to the table by the clubs in this set. The only thing to watch out for is the shorter length of the clubs.

4. Mizuno JPX-EZ

This set of irons by Mizuno is one of the best for beginners. It has great forgiveness for bad shots as well as a pretty wonderful price tag to match it. Improved technology and design has led to almost immediate improvement in handicaps across the board.

  • Great sweet spot: We noticed that many of our bad shots were still going where we wanted them to. This is mainly due to the sweet spot being larger than in many other clubs and sets.
  • Better launching and control: This double-edged sword is something we noticed immediately. The 4-7 irons have a larger sweet spot for more accurate launches due to the pocket cavity tech in the design. Meanwhile, the 8-PW irons had a deep pocket cavity for more precise shots closer to the hole.
  • Steel shaft is more powerful: The sheer strength of the steel shaft of this set of clubs makes them one of the most powerful out there. Shots travel further than ever, even with a slow swing speed.
  • Steel shaft is heavier: Unfortunately, the steel in the shaft renders it a little unwieldy, especially for beginners.
  • Grip can be hard to manage: In wet weather, it may be a good idea to stay indoors as the grips aren’t the greatest.


Overall, the Mizuno set is a great buy for beginners. Handicap improvement is visible right off the bat. You also get better control over your launches and more accurate shots to boot, all in a single set. We thought this was one of the best we have reviewed so far.

5. Ping i25 Rescue

The Ping series is a relatively new one that doesn’t seem to have gained much traction. When we checked it out, though, it performed extremely well. It is a hybrid club but has the features of a very different one entirely.

  • Far easier control and aiming capabilities: The design has a bulge and roll that is more so than a normal hybrid club. This makes shots easier to control and aim your shots with greater precision.
  • Lightweight club design: The design and material of the club are meant to be lightweight, which makes it far easier to use for beginners.
  • Versatile: You can get this club either as a left or right handed club, so it doesn’t matter what your preference is.
  • Expensive: compared to the other single clubs, this one has a higher price tag than the rest, which is very close to not being good value for money.


You should get the Ping i25 if you want a good beginner club with nice control, a lightweight design, and a lot of power.

Which One Should You Get?

If you’re an absolute beginner or have a high handicap, there are two great choices on this list for you. Our review process was a grueling one and these were the two best options in the book. It is a toss-up between the Nike VRS Covert 2.0 and the Cobra Golf Combo Set. Depending on your preferences, both are amazing. For example, you should get the Nike if you already have a golf set and need to improve your game.


Picking a good golf club or set for your handicap to improve is a tough one. These five may just give you the leg up you need to boost your game.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for this list, be sure to mention them in the comments below!