What Is The Best Golf Club Sets To Buy In 2022?

Golf is a game that requires meticulous planning and the ones who don’t understand or accept that often don’t make any significant progress regarding their skills.

In order to succeed, there are many rules you need to follow. One of those rules states that you are allowed to carry a set of 14 clubs for a game of golf.

If you prefer, you can bring less, but exceeding the number is strictly forbidden. Also, you are not allowed change the clubs out in the middle of a game.

This means you have to make a smart decision when you are choosing your clubs as they are the primary weapon (next to your skill, of course) you have against your competitors. At the same time, golf equipment manufacturers complicate the situation even further by launching new models every year.

This can get confusing even to an experienced or pro golfer, so I can only imagine how it seems to newbies who are just entering the world of golf.

So, here comes a comprehensive guide to the best golf clubs on the market, to help you sort them, decide which type do you need at given moment and at last, which one to purchase.

Our Top Clubs For 2022

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Different Types Of Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs are often sold in sets, but most commonly you can buy them separately, which is a better option because no one guarantees you that you will like a driver of a certain brand, just as much as you like their putter.

Even though some people like staying faithful to their favorite brands, the best advice there is is this – try as many types of golf clubs as possible until you figure out what suits your style the best.

The main types of golf clubs you will need are following:


Drivers are part of the woods group, but they are a bit different, so they will be explained separately. They have the lowest loft among all of the golf clubs.

When you need a club to kick-start your game, the driver is what you should choose. Still, they are not very versatile, as you can usually use them only from the tee area. Their main task is to send your ball through the air, across hundreds of yards of fairways, as far as possible.

If you are just a beginner or you have a high handicap, hybrid or fairway wood would probably serve you better for this purpose. They are easier to handle, much more versatile and cheaper. Operating a driver can be tricky due to their low loft, and you will probably notice that traditional, experienced golfers often choose the ones with the lowest lofts (ten and below) as they require the highest level of skill.

This is what you should take care of while choosing a driver for yourself:

  • Heads should be made of Titanium, and shouldn’t have a head size above 460c
  • In this case, graphite shafts are the better than steel.
  • Modern drivers offer many useful features as adjustable lofts or moveable weights, which makes them much more versatile

Fairway Woods

Fortunately for the beginner, manufacturers have been making a lot of effort to make traditional woods friendlier for inexperienced golfers, by adding various features and increasing club’s forgiveness. You can use fairway woods as driver replacements and second shot clubs you can count on from the fairway.

What makes them special in comparison to hybrids is the distance they can offer and their finesse. However, make sure you develop your shot consistency with hybrids first, before purchasing a fairway wood. Here are some useful advice:

  • If you want to achieve longer distance, you’ll need lower lofted wood. In best case scenario, it would be a three wood with a graphite shaft and titanium head.
  • Lofted 5 or 7 woods will work better for fairway use and hits from rough.
  • You don’t need more than two woods in your set. One 3 and one 5 wood are just enough.
  • Graphite shafts increase the distance.

Iron Sets And Hybrids

When you think about golf clubs, you often imagine a nice same colored set in a golf bag. Well, those are the iron sets, with some hybrids among them.They come in sets of up to 9 clubs, and they have an enormous impact on your final score.

They are fast in getting you on the greens, but getting you in trouble as well. They have the highest versatility of all golf club types as you can use them in all sorts of conditions. When choosing the irons, you should pay attention to following:

  • For a beginner, hybrids will work much better than long 2-4 irons.
  • In case your handicap is not a single digit, go with cavity back designs over the muscle back.
  • In this case, steel shafts are a better option as they offer better accuracy.
  • If you are aiming for consistency, don’t mix steel shafted irons with graphite ones in the same set.


When you are desperate, in trouble – it is time to pull out your wedge. They will get you out of a bunker, rough, hazard or any bad lie. You can also use them when you want to prevent landing on the hazards instead of green.

Even though you might find them in a regular set of irons, they are usually sold separately, and this is probably the best option. There are also sets of wedges, which include the pitching wedge (PW), the gap wedge (GW), the sand wedge (SW) and the lob wedge (LW). These are the main things you should remember:

  • Your swing style dictates the choice of the wedge with appropriate bounce angle.
  • Your local course surface conditions should play a significant role in your pick.
  • If you buy your wedges separately, maintain an average maximum loft spread of 4 degrees between each of them.


You will often use a putter more than half the time during a game. Also, it will be responsible for deciding your final score on the score on the card. As you can see, choosing the right putter can be demanding and stressful, which is why you should read this article before you dive into your putter options. Long story short, this is what you should remember:

  • Don’t be overconfident and ask for the help of an expert or a professional club fitter. They will help you make the best choice that suits your style and needs.
  • Belly putters and any other long putters that require anchoring have been made illegal in 2016, so make sure to avoid them

The Most Recommended Golf Clubs: Detailed Reviews 2021

1. TaylorMade SLDR Golf Driver– Reliable Driver For Experienced Golfers

If you need a solid golf club that will improve your kick-start, TaylorMade’s SLDR driver might be just the thing you are looking for. For the money you invest in this product, you will get a lightweight driver with Fujikura Speeder 57 graphite shaft and an opportunity to adjust loft and angle as you like. Its low-forward CG should promote a high launch, low spin, and fastball speed.

What I liked about this driver, in particular, is the fact that it is so adjustable. This feature makes it extremely versatile.Also, in comparison to other clubs from this group,

TaylorMade’s model is reasonably affordable. Graphite shaft and modern design make it even more desirable.

However, if your handicap is over seven, or you just started playing, this driver might not be the best choice or you, as you probably won’t have enough control over it. At the same time, it is a bit lighter and less flexible than it should ideally be.

 Also, if you have some shafts from the older R series, you should be aware that they won’t fit this club.

  • It is affordable.
  • The angle and the loft can be adjusted.
  • You can use a power fade or a draw depending on the course you are playing.
  • It has a graphite shaft.
  • It can give you more distance.

2. Cobra Men's Bio Cell Golf Driver–Great For Beginners

If you asked around about reliable golf club brands, you surely heard of Cobra Golf. Their Bio Cell Golf Driver comes with MyFly8 Technology that provides eight loft adjustment settings to improve the distance. Forged E9 BiO Cell Face ensures longer and straighter hits. Also, its shift is made of high-quality graphite.

If you are a beginner or struggling with a high handicap, this is a driver for you. It will improve your hits, by increasing distance and give you more stability and consistency. The angle of club’s head can be adjusted, which is great because you can explore various angles until you find the ones that suit you the most. This model comes with a wrench for adjusting and a head cap.

On the other hand, you will still need some time before you get used to it and develop your hits to perfection. Also, this club is a bit fragile, so it is not recommended for heavy use.

  • It is recommended for high handicappers.
  • The angle of the head can be adjusted.
  • It increases distance and consistency.
  • It comes with wrench and head cover.
  • It is a bit fragile.
  • You will have to spend some time adjusting it.
  • It sounds a bit tinny on the impact.

3. Adams Tight Lies 2013 Fairway Wood – Fairest Fairway Wood There Is

If you are experienced golfers, you already know that the beginners rarely choose fairway woods as their go-to the club. However, from year to year, these models get better features which makes them easier to use. Beginners should dare to try Adams Tight Lies from 2013.

You can choose one of the three different loft degrees, and you will get a club with low profile upside down design for larger impact and sole tri-level design that reduces the amount of turf interaction.

This fairway wood has a graphite shaft, which means your balls will be fast and go far. It will give you a chance to take substantial hits with no slice or hook. This club is versatile as you can use it on any type of the lie. Also, the grip is comfortable and firm.

However, if you are a hard hitter there is a risk you will break the club, so try to be gentle. The general recommendation is to practice with hybrids first, and when you reach a good consistency proceed to this model. In the end, the club head is smaller than what the majority of golfers prefer, but you will get used to it.

  • It has graphite shaft.
  • The balls go straight with no slice or hook.
  • It is ideal for hitting from the fairway, rough and tight lies.
  • The grip is just right.
  • It might break if you are a hard hitter.
  • You shouldn’t use it before you get the consistency using regular hybrids.
  • The club head is smaller than expected.

4. TaylorMade Men's JetSpeed Golf Fairway Wood– Good Balance For A Great Price

TaylorMade’s models rarely let anyone down. This goes for their JetSpeed Fairway Wood too. This club is inexpensive, and it comes with an excellent value-for-price ratio. You will get a decent fairway wood with efficient Speed Pocket design which promotes ball’s speed and increases the distance. Matrix Velox T shaft, made of graphite will ensure optimal control at any swing speed.

If you are looking for great trajectory and need to increase your distance, this should be your go-to club. It is forgiving and has a solid balance. You can choose between 3 and 5woods, but I would recommend buying both because they are extremely versatile in a pair. As a golf enthusiast, you surely know what kind of ball hitting sound you like the best, and this fairway wood will produce excellent, crisp sound.

If you are expecting more distance from the club, but you are just a beginner, you might end up disappointed.

If you want to profit from using this model, you have to know how to handle it. Also, be aware that it is set up for a draw, which might not be your style.

  • It offers great trajectory and distance.
  • It has a great price.
  • When you hit the ball, it produces a crisp sound.
  • It has a good balance, and it is forgiving.
  • If you are inexperienced, you might not get the added distance as you expect.
  • It is set up for a draw.

5. Adams Golf Blue Combo Irons –Affordable And Forgiving Set

If you want to get a set of clubs all at once, instead of buying separate pieces of various brands, this is a good option to start with. Adams Golf iron set includes eight pieces, irons, and hybrids, all with graphite shafts. This is as affordable as you can go if you want to buy the high-quality product. Velocity Slot Technology TM offers more flex and speed, while SlimTech Shaft ensures easier launch.

These 3h, 4h, 5-Pwclubs are great for senior golfers, kids who use full-size clubs for the first time and the ones who have handicap 18 or above. This set, in particular, has all graphite shafts, but you can also choose to combine them with steel ones if you are aiming for accuracy over speed. The whole set is forgiving.

You will notice the shafts are too light for a typical iron set, which could affect your consistency. The flex could also be a little stiffer. If you want to improve sets quality, the recommendation is to change the grips.

  • It is extremely affordable.
  • It includes two hybrids and six iron sets.
  • The clubs are forgiving and ideal for 18 handicaps and above golfers.
  • Shafts are too light.
  • The flex could be a little stiffer.
  • It might be a good idea to change the grips.

6. TaylorMade Men's RSi1 Iron Set– Comfortable And Stable Set

At this point, another TaylorMade product on the list shouldn’t surprise you. RSi1 irons have a classic design with shiny chrome finish. These 3-8 irons offer competitive distance and speed, due to their new Face Slot technology. You can also expect increased launch angle while using them.

This set seems to be designed for mid-handicap golfers who are aiming to lower their score and increase the distance and accuracy. You will notice that the balls you hit don’t shank to the right or left, and the vibration is significantly increased due to steel shaft structure. At the same time, this set is lightweight and comfortable, but still hefty enough to provide solid strikes.

As you probably figured, this set costs more than twice as much as the previous one. So, you could say it is expensive, and it is one of its main drawbacks.

Also, the clubs are fragile, and they will break if not handled gently. At the same time, they are not as long as they should be, but once you get used to their length, this won’t be such a problem.

  • The ball won’t shank to the right or left.
  • The set is comfortable and sets up nicely.
  • The clubs are just the right weight.
  • Steel shaft significantly reduces club’s vibration.
  • It is expensive.
  • They are fragile.
  • They are not as long as advertised.

7. Pinemeadow Wedge– Tricky Club For Tricky Situations

Yes, a high-quality golf club for less than thirty bucks sounds like a joke, but you should take it into serious consideration. Pinemeadow’s wedge does exactly what it is supposed to do – gets your ball out of tricky situations and surfaces like sand or greens for example. Lightweight shaft is ideal for beginners and mid-golfers. Depending on your preferences, you can choose 52, 56, 60, 64 or 68 degrees wedges.

This club will surely surprise you with the consistency of its high and short hits. Beginners often buy it just to fool around, but golfers with a little experience know how to use it properly and take advantage of short distances it offers. As a bonus, the club head seems to be resistant to chipping, which is great because you will often hit the surface until you learn how to handle the mind-twisting angles.

However, you should be aware that this club is heavy and offers very little to no bounce. Also, the grip is not the most comfortable one, so you should consider replacing it when you get a chance.

  • It gives consistent, high and short hits.
  • The club head seems to resist chipping.
  • It is affordable.
  • It will get your ball out of sand or greens.
  • You might need to replace the grip.
  • It is heavier than expected.
  • It offers a little to no bounce.

8. Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge – Forgiving, Budget-Friendly Wedge

Another hero for unsolvable situations comes from Wilson. It’s True Temper steel iron guarantees high performance and reliability. Sole grind will provide you with high and accurate shots. Blade shape allows this club to be versatile and used in sand, rough or fairway.

What makes this wedge so precise is its high-quality steel shaft. At the same time, this club has a great balance, and it forgives your occasional bad hits. It has a perfect length, and in comparison to Pinemeadow’s wedge, it will offer you a solid bounce.

This club might be great for beginners and intermediate golfers to improve their scores, but it is not precise enough for golfers who have a handicap of 15 or lower. Also, this wedge is a bit heavy, while it has a slim grip, so it is a good idea to upgrade the grip to prevent unfortunate mistakes.

  • It is made out of high-quality materials.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is forgiving and has a nice balance.
  • It has a perfect length.
  • It offers a great bounce.
  • The grip is a little slim.
  • It is not made for experienced golfers with less than 15 handicap score.
  • It is a bit heavy.

9. Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter–Good Grip, Better Performance

As you already know, putters are probably the most important of all club types because you spend more than a half of your game using them. Pinemeadow’s PGX putter weighs about 420 g, and it is “tour-weighted” to suit the faster greens. Due to its white color, it is ideal for golfers who prefer evening game.

Pinemeadow’s putter design will be ideal for you if you prefer straight back, straightforward strokes. The white color contrasts the green surface, which makes the club “pop-up” and increases your focus. It is generally durable, well-balanced, has a good weight and grip. This is not just another club for beginners and intermediates, but it suits the needs of advanced golfers too.

If you are a tall person, this putter might be too short for you. Also, as the time passes you will notice the outcomes of your hits are inconsistent. At last, you should be aware of the fact that the head is only glued with silicone so that it might come off after some time.

  • It comes in attractive white color.
  • It seems to be durable, well-balanced and has a good weight.
  • The putter is forgiving.
  • It suits advanced golfers too.
  • It has a great grip.
  • The outcomes might be inconsistent.
  • It might be too short for you.
  • The head is glued with silicone so it might come off at some point.

10. Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter– Unique Design For Reasonable Price

Here comes something different – a square heel/toe putter from Wilson. The Large diameter of the head is supposed to improve the feel, while Harmonized Putters technology improves general accuracy. It has a comfortable, oversized grip, which prevents potential slipping. The best thing about this club is its balance.

In combination with previously mentioned oversized, soft grip, it increases the overall control you get over your hits. At the same time, Wilson’s putter will save you a few bucks and offer you a quality close to high-end brands. It will help you decrease your number of strokes.

Even though the grip is excellent, it is not installed with proper alignment which can affect your accuracy or the amount of time you’ll need to get used to this club. This alignment issue can be a major drawback for experienced golfers. Also, its paint chips off too easily which doesn’t really affect the quality of your game, but it tells a lot about the quality of the product.

  • The balance is incredible.
  • Soft, oversized grip increases control.
  • It is super affordable.
  • It will decrease your number of strokes.
  • The grip is not installed with proper alignment.
  • The black paint chips off easily.
  • It doesn’t have enough bounce.


You had an opportunity to take a look at the list of ten best golf clubs currently available on the market, sorted in five different categories. However, you should look at this guide as a set of friendly recommendations and not the definitive instructions. At last, you will have to be the one who makes the decision which club to purchase, and it has to suit your needs in the first place.

Still, don’t make any definitive judgments before you take the club in your hands and try it out on the terrain. Be aware that to a beginner, many clubs seem unfitting because they don’t know how to handle them. On the other hand, an advanced or pro golfers can be picky, but they usually know exactly what they want.Golfers with some experience and intermediate ones are the most likely to experiment as they are always striving to improve their game and lower their handicap.

However, even if you are in one of the first two groups, don’t be afraid to leave your go-to clubs and your comfort zone, and purchase something from this list. Maybe the best golf still hasn't touched your hands. You might be surprised with the outcome.