What Is The Best Indoor Putting Green To Buy In 2022?

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Are you serious about improving your Swing? Do you want to Practice a putt to relax in your home or at work? If you’ve said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it’s time to look at indoor putting greens. Sometimes the weather, time, and circumstances play a dampener on our golfing pursuits. Does that mean we can’t have fun? No, not at all. A well-designed indoor green putt mat is what one requires to play golf anytime, any day.

Any golf aficionado will tell you the importance of ‘putting’in a game of golf. Good putting skills increase the overall scores in golf. It is a tricky aspect of golf that needs to be mastered to be able to improve your game. And this is where an indoor putting green comes to the rescue. It not only allows you to practice anytime but also a great fun-filled activity to do with family and friends.

Indoor putting greens come in all shapes and sizes, in different budgets and specifications to suit the varied requirements of individual golfers.So, what is your turf requirement? Do you want to practice shots from different distances to hone your golfing abilities, or do you need a distraction to unwind during and after a stressful day at work? What is the space available for you to place your Putting Mat? Decide what you want out of an indoor putting green.

Here’s our review of the best indoor putting greens and a buyer’s guide to help you arrive at the most suitable choice.

Quick Comparison : Top 5 Best Indoor Putting Greens

Indoor Putting Green

Product Information


SKLZ Accelerator Pro

Product Dimensions: 18* 17* 5inches.

Item Weight: 3.5pounds

Portable: Yes

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

Product Dimensions: 108* 36* 2inches

Item Weight: 3.5pounds.

Portable: Yes

Big Moss Augusta Putting Green

Product Dimensions:1 * 1* 1inches.

Item Weight: 17.6pounds.

Portable: Yes

JEF World of Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat

Product Dimensions: 96* 12* 4inches.

Item Weight: 2.5inches.

Portable: Yes

Callaway Golf Executive Putting Mat

Product Dimensions: 24* 8* 8inches.

Item Weight: 3.8pounds.

Portable: Yes.

1. SKLZ Accelerator Pro – Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return -The Putting Mat Which Helps To Improve Consistency

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is a tried and tested indoor mat that is easy-to-roll. It is a good value-for-money product which is not only easy to lay out but also gives enough scope to practice different key putting lengths on a simulated turf. It helps the golfer to practice the correct swing for each shot and helps him to align the ball properly and control the distance.

The SKLZ comes with an automatic ball return which helps one to train continuously without any interruption. The golfer can pay attention to holding a steady strike and a stable tempo for each putt without having to fetch the ball after every putt.It is a good product which helps an avid golfer to build on his consistency and work on his abilities.


  • Plastic and rubber are the two main materials used to manufacture this indoor putting green.
  • The SKLZ comes with a continuous ball return.
  • It has an upslope at the cup with a true-roll surface which emulates the putts found on the actual golf greens that give a stimp reading similar to that of the actual greens.
  • This is a portable mat which is very easy-to-setup.
  • The design and surface of the mat improve the ability to align the ball at different lengths (3, 5 and 7feet).
  • This is a Made-in-USA product which comes with a one year warranty.

The price seems to be higher when compared to the features that it offers. The rolling surface is thicker and harder and may be prone to damage. The quickness of ball return may not be satisfactory for a few. The hill/upslope at the end of the mat cannot be adjusted and the plasticky feel does not help either.

  • It improves the game by helping the golfer to focus on his swing, ball alignment, and distance control.
  • It improves the consistency in performance by helping the golfer to maintain a steady tempo.
  • The indoor putting green is very easy to setup.
  • The hard surface is not easily prone to creases.
  • The gentle upslope helps to practice accelerating the ball.
  • The plastic tends to feel cheap.
  • The surface is harder than usual and may not be liked by a few.
  • The upslope at the end cannot be adjusted and made flat. Hence, the monotony of the putts may wear you down sometimes.

2. Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green – The Indoor Mat To Practice Variation In Targets

Indoor golfing may get repetitive after some time. Here’s a company that recognizes this and offers a kidney-shaped indoor putting green with 3 cups to practice on varying targets. This is a great indoor product to hone your golfing abilities. The Putt-A-Bout mat is smooth and of good quality. It comes with inbuilt sand trap cutouts that are designed to catch the shots that you missed.

This mat is made up of a polypropylene material which rolls flat and looks stylish.It is portable and makes for a good gifting option. It is long-lasting and a good choice because it regularly features the best-selling indoor putting greens. It is a good value for money product for golfers looking at a fairly decent indoor putting green to improve their target accuracy in the game.


  • The materials used in this product is imported from outside.
  • This is a 50 poly/ 20 foam based product.
  • There are 3 practice cup cutouts.
  • This putting green has a smooth high-quality true roll surface.
  • It is kidney shaped and has built-in sand traps to catch the missed shots.

The mat may develop creases or wrinkles when stowed away. It does not work uniformly well on all surfaces and the artificial turf is pretty thin, though it is smooth. A few people may prefer thicker and harder indoor green surfaces to the thinner ones. It does not come with a putter or a ball and the much-hyped 3 cups are only 3 cutouts which may be disappointing to a few.

  • It is useful to practice different target shots.
  • It helps to improve putting skills of the golfer when he’s unable to practice on a real golf course.
  • This is a long-lasting product.
  • The missed shots and the stray balls are easily caught in the traps.
  • It is easy to setup and works well on tiled or concrete surfaces.
  • It looks stylish.
  • This is a good value-for-money product.
  • The surface is smooth but is rather thin and looks cheap.
  • It is quite difficult to stow away and may develop creases when not used for a long time.
  • Does not give a great feel on carpeted surfaces.

3. Big Moss Augusta Putting Green – A Premium Indoor Product To Teach, Learn And Practice Golf

This is a versatile product suitable for setting up in both your office as well as your private space. The high-quality of the product makes it reliable and convenient for learning and practicing golf at your own pace. The true-roll smooth surface is portable, easy-to-install and works well when you have friends over to indulge in some indoor golfing session. The mat is designed to create different contours and hence the versatility. It is about an inch in thickness and gives a realistic feel to keep practicing golf.

If you are looking at a product which fits well in a big indoor space and helps you to improve putting, then the Big Moss Augusta is a good product to try. It has a great surface to chip the ball and give it adequate speed and spin. On the flipside, it is quite an expensive product. The break snakes that do not work very well and the mat tends to occupy a lot of space.


  • This product gives scope for unlimited contours.
  • The putting green is smooth and of excellent quality, that is long-lasting.
  • It measures 4 by 12feet and works well in an indoor space, where it can be set-up easily to practice putting whenever possible.
  • It features true roll down grain.
  • It is portable.
  • Works well on most surfaces including gravel.

This is an expensive product. It does not include the back stop. The chipping balls are plastic and do not feel great. The break snakes are not very satisfactory and it is rather difficult to arrange for a slope to chip the ball in.

  • This is a durable and reliable indoor green to practice and perfect your putting skills.
  • It is portable and easy to setup.
  • It gives scope for training on unlimited contours.
  • The Big Moss Augusta Putting Green is of very good quality and suitable for chipping and spinning the ball in different tempos.
  • The carpet rolls true gives good speed and comes with a nice finish.
  • It is very expensive and comes with regular features like any of the economical putting green mats.
  • For the price, the putting mat could very well include the back stop but does not.
  • The break snakes are not satisfactory.
  • The chipping balls are made of plastic and do not give a real feel to the play.
  • The mat is rather thin and could perform better with a firmer and more stable bottom surface.

4. JEF World Of Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat - The Budget-Friendly Turf To Practice All Year Long

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to practice your putting all year long, then JEF putting mat may just be the one for you. The JEF putting mat comes with an inclined ramp. This helps the golfer to improve his firmness and consistency in strokes. The inclined ramp helps the player to learn the nuances of putting and Controlling The Ball.

The return of the ball is uniquely designed to make it return immediately after you putt. This makes it convenient for continuous practice.This is a non-directional turf with a regulation sized cup, a bunker, and a water hazard at a great price. The JEF mat is what you need to develop your putting accuracy.


  • The JEF Golf Hazard Deluxe is a non-directional turf mat with a regulation sized cup, a bunker and a water hazard.
  • This is an indoor mat with an inclined ramp.
  • The mat comes with a unique ball return channel.

The mat is glued to a flimsy plastic material which sends the ball off the slope. The ball return is not designed to cover the entire length of 8-10feet and stops midway, leaving much to be desired. The material looks cheap similar to that of a scrubbing pad and sometimes does not lay entirely flat because it tends to develop cracks and crease over a period of use

  • It is very economical and makes a good gifting option for kids to nurture their interest in the sport.
  • The automatic ball return is useful for continued practice.
  • This is a good putting green to develop accuracy in hitting the ball correctly and learning to control the direction and speed of the ball.
  • It helps you to improve the firmness of your stroke.
  • The material seems flimsy almost similar to that of a scrubber pad. It tends to look cheap and worn out after continued use.
  • It may not be adequate for avid golfers looking to practice for the leagues.
  • The much-advertised unique ball return works only half-way. The return tray needs to be a little longer to give real convenience.
  • The felt of the mat does not roll out well and stay down to the surface as is expected.

5. Callaway Golf Executive Putting Mat – It's All About Continued Practice To Improve Putting Skill

If you are looking at an indoor putting green with very good quality materials that simulates an actual golfing turf, then the Callaway is likely to be a good choice. This mat comes with a good foam backing that is designed to reduce creases and folds.It lays firm and comes with a true roll surface with grains which help in developing speed variation skills of the golfer.

The putting cup is moveable and is designed that way to develop the target practice and aim of the golfer. This is a good mat for avid golfers looking to improve their putting skill and consistency.


  • The mat comes with a premium foam backing which reduces the scope for creases to enable a truer roll.
  • There is a moveable putting cup which is a 1/4th inch smaller than that of a regulation cup to help sharpen aim.
  • It is easy-to-install and looks stylish.

This is for serious golfers. If you are looking for recreational purposes you can always look at the other economical options.

  • The Callaway mat is excellent for continuous practice.
  • It improves accuracy in target shots and putting skills.
  • The smooth seamless surface of the mat is very simple to setup and store.
  • It has a true roll flat surface.
  • This is a great value-for-money product.
  • It works well for serious golf practitioners. You may consider spending less for an indoor putting mat if it is going to be merely used for recreation. There are other less expensive options that you can look at.

A Buyer’s Guide To Indoor Putting Greens

If you are a keen golfer, it is important that you practice improving your game. Whether you are looking for golf as a serious avocation or just a simple means of relaxation, an indoor putting mat helps to practice and unwind with a satisfying golfing session. This is probably the best way to hone your putting skills when you are not able to make it to the golf course outdoors.

Perfecting that putting the shot, working on the different types of swing, improving the consistency in performance and maintaining the tempo and rhythm during continuous play is possible only with training and a good quality mat with useful features is what you need to work on your golfing abilities when the weather plays truant.

There are many brands and models of indoor putting greens. They come in different dimensions and shapes to suit different styles and golfing requirements. From the miniature greens to really big mats and artificial turfs that are made of different materials, there is plenty to choose from.

Our recommendation would be to go for a lengthy mat that gives you the scope to practice different shots from various distances to improve your skill and work on your style and performance. Having said that there are a few other important factors that need to be considered before choosing an indoor putting turf.It helps if your indoor putting green resembles and simulates the one in a real golf course to give an actual feel of the game and all the practicing helps to perform well on a real golfing turf.

Here are some general guidelines which may be useful and help you choose the most suitable mat for all your indoor golfing requirements.

  • Determine the purpose of purchase: Do you want an indoor putting green to practice some serious golf, or is it simply for relaxation to beat the stress? Choose a mat accordingly.
  • Is the size of the putting green mat compliant with the indoor space you have designated for the purpose? Do the shape and size fit in the room and allow you to play comfortably. Look for a mat that gives you the scope to play a few versatile shots which break the monotony and helps you to improve your game.
  • Decide on a budget after looking at the top models and look for the best offers.
  • There are different types of turfs to choose from. Try to choose something that simulates the natural golfing surface to help you improve your game. It is good to have a smooth surface, but the artificial indoor turf must have flexible fake grass blades which closely imitate a natural golfing turf.
  • It is important that your putting green gives you the ability to control the speed, and gives you the look, and feel of a real golf course. It must have a firm anti-slip back surface and work well on various surfaces.
  • The durability and ease of maintenance are two important aspects to be considered.It's good to look for an indoor putting green that allows you to practice continuously and improvise. The mat must be simple to maintain. It should not develop wrinkles or creases and hold shape after prolonged use.
  • The mat must be easy to setup and lay flat and firm. A portable mat that is convenient to be moved anywhere works well.

Concluding Thoughts

An indoor mat is quintessential for practicing your short game, overcoming your handicaps in putting and prepare you for the real deal while you have fun. So, the cost, the size, and your golfing requirements are important as also choosing a product that is durable, feels good and natural to roll.

Your indoor golfing turf is your gateway to playing and practicing golf anytime, any day and learning at your own pace. It is important that you look for a mat that offers versatility in shots and improves your putting skills. A well-designed putting green may just be the solution for honing your skills and beating the blues away.