What Is The Best Golf Balls For Seniors To Buy In 2022?

Choosing a Golf Ball on a normal scenario is very much different from choosing one for senior players. Golf remains one of the most popular games. This remains one of the most preferred games for the senior citizens as well. In senior years, playing golf might be very much different. To make the gameplay easier and more convenient, the key is to pick the right equipment. Each piece of equipment bought for the senior players should be chosen to keep in mind the comfort of the player.

Why does it really matter? Could you not simply get a normal golf ball? For senior players, the power of the Swing, as well as the timing, would differ. They might find it difficult to hit the ball as in their younger years. There are those golf balls that work great for those with a great swing. These might give a hard time for the senior players.

While choosing from the Best Golf Balls For Seniors, it is pivotal to find one that is light enough to go the distance. Again, like with the case of selecting a ball for the average golf players, it is important to also keep in mind the skill level of the senior golf player while picking the ball. There are those that are designed for lower swing speeds.

This is because extra distance might not be the only thing that a senior golfer would want. One of the other major aspects to look for is the spin of the ball. The balls that come with better spins might make better choices. These might cover the distance while also giving the benefit of consistent and measurable performance.

Best Senior Golf Balls Reviews 2021: Top 5+ Recommended

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Here is a list of 5 Golf Balls For Seniors. These are the most popular ones in various categories. Each comes with its own benefits.

The above golf balls all come in value packs, making them economical purchases as well. To help ease your decision making while buying senior golf balls, below is the review of the 5 golf balls in our list:

1. Titleist DT Solo Golf Balls (Best Overall)

No matter what your proficiency level is, you would be able to easily find a Titleist ball to suit you. The senior golf ball category is no exception. The DT solo golf balls are downright the best choices if you are looking for something that delivers all favorable features in a compact package.

If you are looking for a long distance golf ball, then this one can be bought without a second thought. This also comes with a softer feel on the ground. This makes them cover extra distance for every hit. To enhance the surface coverage, this ball comes with an improved dimple design.

Another great aspect about this ball is the impressive control it offers. This makes it a great choice for senior players of all skill levels. The responsive ball has been popular among the senior golfers mainly because of its consistent performance. The ball comes with a soft core that is also responsible for the speed it delivers.

  • Solid core that delivers greater speeds
  • Designed featuring 376 tetrahedral dimples that offer better coverage and control on the ground
  • The monomer cover of the ball makes it pretty responsive
  • The short game performance of the ball is one of the features that makes it popular
  • If you are looking for accuracy, there are other balls in this segment that perform better.

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls (Lowest Compression)

As the name goes, this is indeed one of the softest senior golf balls you’ll come across. Every time you hit the ball you can be assured of a long and straight delivery. The distance covered is also one of the best in the segment. To improve the distance on the ground for every hit, the ball has been designed with lower spin capacity and low compression.

Talking about the compression points, there are only 35 of them. The lower number of compression points make these balls the softest ones available. The low compression core is what causes the ball to achieve greater speeds even for lower swing speeds and intensity. And as the ball doesn’t spin much, you can also achieve a straight and accurate shot. The flight of the ball is responsive and focused to suit your aim every time.

  • For the skilled senior golfers looking for ultimate accuracy, this ball makes a great choice
  • The softness of the ball adds to the distance cover it can deliver
  • Even for the beginners, this ball can make a great choice as it comes with lower spins. This makes it easier to aim the hits. And once you have directed the ball on its trajectory, it is less likely to deviate as it would not be spinning too much during the flight.
  • The softness of the ball might make it feel a bit out of control for the skilled golfers.

3. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

The low compression, along with the Aerodynamic dimple design that is a signature of the Callaway brand, put this ball in our top list. Performance-wise, the ball can cover a large distance despite slower swings. The design is extremely efficient in limiting drag; thus, giving the ball a high trajectory.

The 2 main features of the Warbird Golf Balls are the signature HEX Aerodynamic dimples of the Callaway brand and the soft and large core that compresses to build up stored energy for release as you drive it forward with your swing

The overall design gives us a ball that can cover a great distance at high speeds, even with swing speeds below 90mphThe HEX dimples give it a good lift and effectively reduces drag, promoting a good ball flight trajectory. The thin cover does little to affect the compressibility of the ball and gives it a good soft feel.

  • Low spin and high distance performance
  • Heavier compared to other golf balls

4. Precept 2017 Laddie Extreme Golf Balls

These Extreme golf balls were made to achieve long distances even with slower swings. These balls from Precept are light yet sturdy, making these great for heavy use on the golf course. 

This set of golf balls offer a long-distance, soft feel, and great control at a really affordable price. When played on the tee or fairway, a good swing, despite being a slow one, can still send the ball flying at a high trajectory and over a long distance at a good speed. When on the green, control is also great because of the low spin of the ball. That makes it easier to get the ball on a straight path.

The quality of the materials gives the ball a soft but durable feel. Although it is not as aesthetically pleasing as others in the market, performance-wise, the ball offers a great deal at an affordable low cost.

  • Durable material
  • Low spin
  • Good control
  • Affordable price
  • Not as pretty as other golf balls
  • Not a high quality ball

5. Srixon AD333 Golf Balls (2nd Best Overall)

Much like the Titleist ball we earlier saw, this one also delivers an overall impressive performance. This makes it an easy choice for senior golfers, be it for yourself or to choose as a gift. This is also one of the most popular ones in terms of durability.

So buy a dozen pack and then forget about looking to refill your stash. The durability of the ball is mainly attributed to the resilience of the rabalon hr+ and pana-tetra cover of the ball. The material, though thin, is known for exceptional quality.

  • For a more directed and focused trajectory, this ball has been designed to deliver lower drag.
  • The “gradient growth core” of the ball offers a great launch response and flight.
  • The thin material cover of the ball gives it a soft feel on the outside thus resulting in longer flight times as well.
  • To make sharper and more accurate cuts during the flight, the balls have been designed with a new dimple design. The design also includes a lot of improvements in the overall aerodynamics of the ball.
  • Among the other golf balls, we have reviewed this one is the most expensive. But given the performance and long life, the price would be totally justified in the long run, for the hardcore golfers.

Attributes That Help Pick The Right Senior Golf Balls

Here are some of the aspects to keep in mind while choosing golf balls for senior golfers:

  • Finalize on your budget range first. This would help narrow down the list of the senior golf balls in the market.
  • The next criterion that can help is the proficiency of the golfer. This would help determine the attributes to look for. There is no single choice when it comes to picking the best senior golf balls. Each comes with a design to suit a separate type of golfer.
  • Swing speed is the other major parameter. As we discussed already, even the golfers with large swing speeds might find their speeds reducing with age. So choose a ball that can work with the average swing speed of the senior player.
  • How much distance would the player want? This is the next big question to ask. If distance is the only criteria to focus on, then the decision might be simpler to make. Most golfers would, besides the distance, also want a better control on the ball. This would ensure that the overall game performance remains good.
  • The handicap type is another factor that cannot be ignored.
  • Next, comes the material of the ball and the durability. For a casual golfer, if you are looking for a ball simply for a session or 2, this might not be a deciding factor. But for the regular golfers, balls that come with hardcovers might seem better. These are not just durable, but also offer better roll on the ground. But these would spin less than the ones with a soft cover. So if spin is your primary importance, this might not be a great choice. These balls also provide great distance cover.

Golf equipment technology has evolved leaps and bounds over the years. Unlike in the past, it is much easier to pick a ball to specifically suit a particular player. This has also lead to making golf better for the senior players.


As we have clearly seen, each ball in our list comes with its own share of benefits. So it is hard to pick the best one on the list.

If you're looking for a fuss-free choice of a senior golf ball, one that would deliver a decent performance every time, then Titleist might appear the easiest choice. On similar lines, if you are ready to spend a little extra, the Srixon balls are great as well.

But for the casual golfers looking for an economical purchase, Bridgestone Golf Balls are what you might need.

If you know well the swing speeds and the game performance of the golfer, then picking the right one from this list would be an easy shot. But remember that with every golf ball, it takes few games to get the knack of the performance of the ball.