What Is The Best Golf Balls Beginners To Buy In 2022?

Shall we go for a round of Golf? When your friend or partner asks this question, the first thing you pack are your irons, what about the balls?

Do you play with any ball that is available? No! You need your own set of Golf Balls too as having the right ball can help your game to a great extent. The golf balls are as important as the Golf Clubs themselves.

These are the only consistent part of the game, as no matter what iron you use, the ball will remain the same. Hence using the right ball that suits your style is highly important.

Of the many Golf Balls available in the market, our top five picks are:

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Dimples In A Ball

If you look at a golf ball, you will see that despite a shiny surface, it is not smooth and even. A golf ball is full of dimples. Have you ever wondered why? The golf balls were initially dimple free, just like any other ball, but over time the dimples have become an integral part of the ball.

The 300 – 500 dimples that cover the surface of a golf ball are 0.01of an inch in depth. These dimples are what help the ball travel far. While some of the balls have round dimples, some have it hexagonal in shape.

Why Are The Dimples Important?

The dimples are very important in a golf ball. When the ball is hit up in the air, the air clings to the ball with the help of the dimples. The air passes from the front to the back and help increase the lift of the ball and also reducing the drag. This enables the ball to travel further. On the contrary, a smooth ball will not aid the air to cling to the ball and increase the lift. Balls with dimples experience half the drag by the balls that are smooth.

The lift is very important as more the lift, higher and farther is the distance covered by the ball. When there are dimples on the ball, the ball is lifted well at impact itself, and a good distance is covered. These dimples also help in enabling the ball to keep traveling after the initial effect of the impact.

How To Select A Ball

Though it is just a ball, how do you select the right golf balls for your game? What are the factors to be considered? Here are a few factors to keep in mind while selecting the golf ball.

1. Construction

The style of your game influences the type of ball you should choose. Basically, there are five different golf ball constructions.

  • One Piece – This type is made out of a solid sphere where the dimples are molded in. This type of a ball is best suited for areas where the ball need not travel long, like on a driving range. These balls are not as expensive as the other models, hence suits such areas of play, because the balls tend to get lost easily.
  • Two Piece – This model combines durability with distance. Though the ball can go the distance and is made of a solid core in the center, it is not easy to control this type of a ball.
  • Three Piece – Within the outer plastic cover is a layer of liquefied rubber. Within this layer lies a core made of solid rubber. This ball allows the player to have a better control when hit on the greens. It also enables the player to give the ball a good spin on impact.
  • Four Piece – This type combines the feel of a three piece construction with the distance of the two piece construction. The soft rubber core is covered in two different layers which provides for a good spin to the ball. This type of a ball has a soft feel and can go the distance when hit.
  • Five Piece – this is a new design where each of the five layers optimizes the performance of the ball in five key areas when it comes to golf. These areas are the long irons, short irons, mid irons, wedge shots as well as driving.
2. Dimples

As mentioned earlier, these dimples are what determine the speed of and the distance traveled by the ball. A ball with dimples is known to travel twice the distance of a ball without dimples. A slight change in the depth of these dimples can create a big change in the trajectory of the shot.

3. Compression

This is the measurement of how much the ball compresses against the clubface when hit. The higher the compression of the ball, the more is the distance traveled. This is because the rebound is more when it is hit with a club.

When the compression is lesser, the ball tends to be soft and compress easily. This type of a ball is best suited for new players and high handicappers who have a better control over their swing. This is suitable for a new player as well. The hard compressed balls are the ones preferred by and designed for the experienced players who have a good control over their shot and their swing.

4. Spin

The golf balls are designed to suit the “Spin” needs of a player. These wide categories are

  • Low spin – Decreases the spin created on impact and makes the ball go straighter and roll more once it lands on the ground. If your shot slices the ball and you want more distance, this ball could be suitable for you.
  • Mid Spin – This is a combination of the low spin and the high spin balls and can be used in all standard conditions.
  • High Spin – These balls spin the most and have better control than the other balls. However, they won’t travel the distance of the low spin balls.

The Most Recommended Golf Balls: Detailed Reviews 2021

Here is a detailed review of five of the best balls in the market today.

1. Callaway Super Soft Golf Balls

Made of surlyn, these golf balls are the softest of its kind. These soft balls compress very well when hit and also travel far. This is what any new player will require as they are yet to master the strokes and the swing.

When the ball can travel the distance without much effort from the players’ side, the player enjoys the game better.

The very low compression helps reduce the spin on the ball, thus giving a new player better control over the ball and eventually the game.

  • The reduced spin on the ball enables it to travel straight and far, thus requiring little effort from the player to exercise good control over the ball
  • The low compression results in the ball covering a longer distance
  • These balls have the perfect combination of all three elements – the feel, control and distance traveled
  • These perform very well and produce great results when hit with a Wedge
  • The cover on this ball is durable, thus making the ball last longer and reducing your expenses
  • There are different color options for one to choose from, which aids better visibility when the ball is up in the air
  • These balls are designed in such a way that you experience a rebound on the putter. Hence the chances if you missing a shot can be high when you are new and are yet to get a good control over your game
  • Even when you swing at a moderate speed, the shot is amplified and the ball gets hit harder
  • One of the important aspects of hitting a golf ball is the sound produced on impact. It helps you gauge if your shot was right or not. These balls make no sound whatsoever.

2. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

These balls are a good value for your money as they travel quite a distance when hit. If you are a person with a good swing speed ranging over 70 miles per hour, you need a ball that can take the impact and these are good for it. With a good number of dimples to help the flight of the ball, this ball feels soft and delivers well.

  • These are designed to launch high despite low launch conditions
  • With a low compressed core and a soft cover with a dual blend, this ball feels very soft to hold and the feel is very good when hitting
  • This ball is designed and is considered a very good option for those who are looking to improve their game
  • The design helps the ball have a higher lift and a penetrating trajectory, which helps it go the distance after a high launch
  • The low compression also helps the ball travel and offers better accuracy making up for the off-center hits
  • The hit straight arrow on the ball helps the player position and hit the ball in the right direction, thus helping the game
  • The cost of these balls is slightly on the higher side, thus making it a little expensive for a beginner who is yet to get a grip of the game
  • The spin is not enough to hold well on greens

3. Pinnacle Gold Golf Ball 15pk Yellow

When you are a beginner who is still trying to figure out your game style, swing speed, etc, you need a ball that can travel the distance no matter how good or light the shot is. These balls are suitable for a beginner as they go a good distance without much effort from the player.

  • The inbuilt power of the ball helps it go the distance without you having to hit very hard
  • The high optix technology used in the making of this ball aids better visibility, especially for the new players who are yet to get used to spotting the ball on the greens
  • For a beginner who wants to hit the distance and make the ball go straight, this could be a very good option
  • Even when the shots are short, the player get a good control over the ball
  • The construction of the ball reduces the spin and hence what you get in terms of a spin is not very impressive
  • The ball feels harder than other balls in the market that belong to this category

4. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Made of composite, this imported variety of golf balls are suitable for those beginners who are looking for a ball that can travel well. despite a shallow shot, the low dimples in this ball aid a good flight that helps new players cover a good distance.

  • The dimples in the ball are shallow and enable the air to cling well, thus giving the ball a better flight
  • The new aerodynamic features enable the ball to penetrate through the air and go fast
  • Made of rubber, the ball feels very soft and is, in fact, softer than the other balls in this category. This gives a good feel to the players
  • Though the ball has a very good feel, the distance covered is not compromised up on, for it covers a good distance. This is what a new player requires to gain more confidence in his game
  • The ball is made of tough quality, which makes it last long despite the wrong hits and hard hits
  • The spin produced is low, thus requiring you to have a better control over the ball. This is quite difficult for a beginner
  • When using the ball on the putter, it launches right off it, making it hard to get a good shot
  • When the ball gets stuck in sand bunkers, the hard hits tend to cause some damage to the hard surface of the ball

5. TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls

TaylorMade is one of the biggest and a well-reputed name in the golfing industry. Known for its reliable design and irons, the balls are very impressive too.

 A good ball of a high quality should feel soft to touch and go the distance when hit. These balls do exactly that and are hence highly recommended for beginners.

One can enjoy a good launch with a low spin, which is what every new player wants. They don’t have enough experience to give the ball a good spin but when the ball has the ability to spin well and go far, the players gets motivated and has more confidence to continue playing this challenging game.

  • It is suitable for low ball players who keep halting their shots
  • They play out well on the greens
  • When hit, the ball not only travels far but goes high too, something that is sure to encourage a new player
  • When used on the putting surface, they roll well, thus aiding soft and short shots
  • These balls are easier to spot too
  • The backspin on the ball is quite low
  • The material is too translucent, thus making it hard to see when it is up in the air
  • They don’t perform very well when hit with a wedge


A good golf ball should be good to hold and hit as well. For a beginner, a ball that can forgive the mishits and travel a good distance without a heavy swing is very suitable. This will increase the confidence of the player and make them hit better and try more variations, which is essential to find their gaming style.

Of the five balls reviewed above, the TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls are best suited for any beginner as it is good to hold and hit too. With a good number of dimples to hold the air and low drag that does not reduce the speed of the ball, this ball helps the player cover a good distance. It goes a good distance and performs well in the green areas. With a good launch and distance, a golf ball provides the confidence boost any newcomer is looking for.