What Is The Best Golf Ball Retriever To Buy In 2022?

Playing a game of golf can be very relaxing and challenging. Part of this challenge is getting the ball to stay on course, which does not happen always. When the ball does fall in difficult places, more often than not, you will need a specially designed golf ball retriever to get the ball out of water bodies, deep holes, bushes, etc.

Today, with this game gaining a lot of recognition and fame, it is not just the Golf Clubs that have many varieties for one to choose from. A variety of golf ball retrievers are also available for one to choose from. Of the many available in the market today, the top five are:

The Best Golf Ball Retriever: 5 Top Choices

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Now that you are aware of what to look for and consider while choosing the ball retriever, here is a detailed review of five of the best such golf ball retrievers in the market.

1. Callaway Ball Retriever

This tastefully designed retriever is not only good to look at but is good to hold and use too. It is comfortable and convenient to use in those tough spots where your ball tends to get stuck.

  • The retractable handle makes it easy to fit the rod in along with your other clubs. When there is a need to reach great heights or depths, it can be extended up to 15 inches.
  • The ergonomically designed grip allows you to use the retriever without having to worry about it slipping out of your hands. Also, maneuvering it in tight spots will not cause any aches.
  • The stainless steel retriever mechanism helps in easy retrieval of the lost ball. One need not twist and turn their hand to get the ball into a packet or cup.
  • The rod is made of high-quality aluminum alloy which will not only fight corrosion but will also be strong and not bend even when extended fully.
  • The dual zip headcover camouflages this retriever to look like any other iron in your kit bag.
  • It weighs 1.5lbs which can be a little too heavy when you have to hold it high to retrieve the ball from branches or hold it for a long time to get the ball out of bushes, water, etc.
  • When the pole is extended fully and the ball is retrieved, it tends to bend due to the weight as the joints are not too strong.
  • The ball tends to slip out of the retrieving mechanism, thus making you retrieve the ball again.
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2. I Gotcha Golf Ball Retriever

This brand is very well known for its reliable golf ball retrievers due to its usability and light weight. It is easy to use, convenient to carry and does not occupy much space in your kit.

  • The telescopic shaft makes it very portable and easy to carry around as it does not occupy much space in a bag.
  • It can be extended up to 14 feet, thus allowing you reach good heights and depths to retrieve the lost ball.
  • It is thin and can be conveniently placed in the side pocket of the golf bag, thus not disturbing when you are pulling out the clubs.
  • It is very light and weighs a mere12 oz, thus enabling you to carry it without any strain. You can even use it without hurting your arm.
  • It is retractable and measures a mere 20 inches in size. This makes it very convenient to carry and it does not stick out of the bag.
  • The material used does not seem to last very long. After a few uses, the ball catcher mechanism is sometimes faulty or even breaks at times.
  • It does not come with a head cover like in most other ball retrievers.
  • Though the spring mechanism works very well, it does not retrieve the ball effectively when used in places with debris and other particles that can come between the ball and the ball catcher.
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3. Search And Rescue Orange 2 Ball (24 Foot ) Retriever

When you play golf, more than one ball goes missing and when the day comes to an end, there will be quite a number of balls to be retrieved. With this retriever that can collect two balls the same time, the work is done faster and easier.

  • It is 24 feet in length and can be extended and locked when in use. This safety cam lock ensures the pole does not retract when in use.
  • The 2 golf ball retrievers enable you to retrieve more balls in a lesser time from various water bodies.
  • The head of the pole is bright orange in color and is visible even under water, thus making it easy for you to know where the retriever is when under water.
  • The tube is made of rust free stainless steel, which makes it last longer despite being used in various water bodies.
  • The safety catch system ensures the ball is safe and secure once retrieved and does not fall out to make you retrieve it again as you are maneuvering the pole towards you.
  • The pole and the head is designed in such a way that you will have to just place it over the ball and the ball will be caught within the orange head easily.
  • The extended part of the pole is not very sturdy and may break or bend after a few uses.
  • Removing the ball from the head of the pole is not very easy. Though this ensures the balls are secure once caught, it needs a little practice for one to remove it with ease.
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4. Range Golf Ball Shagger From Madewell

When you have to collect a whole lot of golf balls, a small retriever that can pick up just one ball at a time will not do. Also, one cannot keep carrying a bag along to put the retrieved balls in. it is in such situations that this ball shagger comes very handy.

  • The shag bag enables you to pick up the golf balls without having to bend or strain your back. This enables you to pick up many balls at a stretch without much strain.
  • The strong canvas bag can hold up to 80 golf balls at a time and it does not stretch under the weight. This makes it perfect for collecting a large number of balls at once.
  • The rod and the other parts are made of solid durable steel and brass, thus enabling it to last longer.
  • The formed grip handle is very comfortable to hold and helps you use the rod with ease, as there is no strain on your wrist due to a wrong handle.
  • The steel plates on top and bottom of the bag to support the weight of the balls.
  • This product is very reliable when it comes to quality and is made in the USA.
  • It is available in four different colors too, to suit the shades of the other clubs in the bag.
  • Though the bag looks sturdy, it does not last more than a few months of continuous usage.
  • The retriever is very heavy owing to the steel plates and other parts, thus making it difficult to retrieve the balls.
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5. JP Lann Retrievers

These retrievers can be used on driving ranges where you cannot carry a heavy pole and need something that is not only light but also easy to use. The long telescopic shaft and the lightweight construction make it a perfect device to be carried while playing on such surfaces

  • The scoop is made of rubber, thus preventing instances of bent hoop or cups that eventually require you to either throw away the retriever or replace it.
  • The anodized steel used in constructing the pole is rust resistant, thus enabling you to use the pole even under water.
  • The locking mechanism is strong and will hold the extended pole in place without you having to worry about it retracting while in use.
  • The locking system can be a little tight and tend to take time to unlock when fully extended.
  • When the pole is fully extended and the lock gets stuck, you would end up spending a lot of your time trying to retract it, so that it can fit back into the bag, this makes it very embarrassing when this happens in the middle of the game and you are holding up the entire game.
Bottom Line

The Pinemeadow Golf set is one of the better ones for seniors that we have reviewed. Check out the many hybrids in the set and watch as your game improves over time. Take the time to work with each of the clubs in the set and use them to your advantage.

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Do You Really Need A Retriever

A good player knows which wedge to use to get the ball out of the tough spots and the sand bunkers. But when the ball falls into a water body or a big bush? Reaching down with your hand may be an option but not for a classy game like golf. Hence the need for a ball retriever

How To Choose A Golf Ball Retriever

Having a good quality ball retriever is very important as a low-quality one can cause more trouble than really help. While one may have enough knowledge about golf clubs, information about the irons are also available in plenty.

However, choosing the right ball retriever can be confusing. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right golf ball retriever to help you have a more comfortable game.

Factors To Consider

Length – The length of the pole is extremely important because a short pole will not help much when you have to retrieve the ball from a deep pond or a big bush. Hence the pole must be long and firm, not to forget lightweight too, as you don’t want to be carrying around a heavy pole. The ideal length recommended for a retriever is 18 feet, as it will help you reach great heights and depths without much hassle.

Material – Apart from being lightweight, the pole should also be durable. This pole will not be used as carefully as the irons; it will be put through water, bushes, and branches. Hence the material used must be sturdy enough to last through such retrieves. An aluminum pole will be perfect as aluminum is both lightweight and anti-corrosive. However, there are other material options too, in the market today.

Weight – The pole must be lightweight, with most of its weight concentrated on the front. This will make it easiest o retrieve the ball. If the pole is heavy or if the weight is near the handle, it will be tough to maneuver and get the ball out of tough spots.

Handle – Different handles work for different people, due to the difference in the build of the person and the size of their hands. There are different materials used in these handles, and one must try out various options before narrowing down on a particular handle. One can choose from silicon, rubber, metal or even plastic. It is advisable to hold the retriever and use it a couple of times before deciding on one material. This is important because a handle may be very comfortable to hold but may be slippery when actually retrieving the ball. Also, opt for a handle that attached to the pole firmly with screws rather than going in for one that is attached with adhesive. Handles glued on to the pole will not last long and may even come off at the most inconvenient time.

Type – There are different types of retrievers. One can opt for a suction model, the cup model or even the Grabber model. While the suction type is very popular and is also cheap, it may not be the best option to get the ball from a water body, as the suction will not work in water.

While the grabber model is more expensive, it is more effective to get the balls out of water or even from dusty areas where the ball can be coated with dust or debris. However, it is not very easy to use this model. While opting for this model, check if the mechanism is smooth and easy to use.

The cup model is gaining popularity due to its simplicity. It has no moving mechanism and solely depends on your motor skills to get the ball out. However, if the ball were to get stuck in a tricky place, this cup model may not well and require you to put in more effort.

Finish – Just like the golf irons, the look of the retriever should be considered too. This is going to go into the kit along with the other clubs. Hence it has to look the class and also have a good quality. While choosing a finish, ensure the material will not chip off easily, as retrieving a ball will require you to use it everywhere.


A good golf ball retriever is a must in every golf kit bag, as balls tend to get lost or stuck in tricky places. When you have a proper equipment to get the ball out, you not only save time but can even exhibit your professionalism in the game. However, care should be taken while selecting such retrievers. If the wrong type is selected, apart from making it hard to retrieve the ball, it also ends up ruining the rhythm of your game.

Of the five retrievers reviewed above, the I GOTCHA retriever is what we recommend. It is light, durable and can be extended long enough to get the ball out of tough spots. Though very handy, the only issue is when the ball is in a place filled with debris or dust. It is then this retriever finds it challenging to get the ball out successfully.

If you are looking for a good retriever with a mechanism to hold the ball in place and also require it to be light and good looking, this could be the one for you.