Best Sand Wedge Reviews 2019: Top 5+ Recommended

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It goes without saying that, if you want to master any sport, you need to practice!  Golf is no different, but not everyone can get to a golf green to practice their swings and putts.  Whether its lack of time or down to bad weather, you need to have something in place that lets you … Read more

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Let’s face it: The Global Recession has had an impact on both golfers and the golf industry as a whole.Although interest in the sport remains quite high, not all is well.Club sales are falling.Courses are steadily closing down all over the US.But as they say, every cloud has its silver lining. The “Game of Kings” has become … Read more

Best Golf Clubs For Seniors

Golf is a fantastic individual sport that is accessible to people of all ages. Though a physically demanding game in its own right, it doesn’t require the physicality of football or basketball. At its best, it is a serene and graceful sport. So it is no wonder that seniors constitute a significant part of the … Read more

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You’ve probably heard the old joke that golf stands for “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden” and for a good portion of golf’s history, it certainly felt this way. Companies that made golf clubs simply didn’t market to women or make women’s golf clubs at all because they didn’t feel they needed to, as women weren’t seen … Read more

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There’s a big difference between beginning and high handicap putters. For instance, as a high handicapper, you will most likely have played a lot more golf than new players. You have much more experience on the greens also meaning that you know more about the options out there for you in accordance with your preferences. What … Read more

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Enter 2019 and golfing gear is still evolving with each year producing the best golf clubs. This is a far cry from the bent stick Romans used eons ago, to hit a stuffed leather ball in paganica, an ancient game akin to golf. You may be no Jason Day but you are looking to improve your swing … Read more

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